Daughter of the Dragons

A girl who's been brought up in the world of humans is finding out more than she bargained for in three days. Trying to balance school and he new knowledge is starting to become impossible. What will she do when she gets to her home land to start a new adventure?


2. On The Ship

          Fang pulled me up onto the deck after she caught me with her strong and firm grip before I fell to my doom four stories down. "Thank you," I panted. Looking around I see Fang is already across the polished, white oak deck. There are at least fourteen men working on here besides the siblings. There are enormous white sails holding a crest upon the largest in black, blue, red, and green.

          "It's a great site to see," a gruff voice makes me jump, "It's only me," Zane puts his hand out in front of me in a friendly gesture. His eyes go to the necklace at my throat, "Where did you get this?" it was a demand more than a question, grabbing the necklace, "Again! Where did you get this? Answer me!"

          "Grams said she found it with me!"

          "You better hope that's right," with that he stormed off into the depths of the ship's underbelly before I could say another word.




          As the boat floated to some place Grams and I was sitting our room talking about how she found me, and how I found out I was adopted before bed.

          "Here's what I have been wondering, how did Hunter know you were adopted if I never told either of you?"

          "I don't know. I was thinking that you told Hunter the truth."

          "No! Why would you think that! Who would be more important than you that I tell them your truth before you! Who! Kylie think!" she exclaimed at me with an expression saying she was flabbergasted by the thought.

          "I don't know. That's the only reasonable thought I can come up with since there were fifteen minutes where you two were together. That's fifteen minutes that you could have told him, Grams! I don't know what else to think!"

          Wrapping me into a big crying hug, "Now why would I do that to you. Tell someone your truth before you, who I raised for seventeen years," she pulled away and looked into my eyes searching for an answer, "Why would I tell someone you just met your whole life story that I hid from you. What kind of person would that make me?"

         Pulling into her shoulder I start to cry away the day, we fell asleep in that position for a long time. When I woke up Grams was still sound asleep on the bed, so I got up and left the room for the cold hall. I walked down the long, dark, cluttered, narrow corridor to the moonlit steps that led up onto the main deck. Up above it was a nippy, star-filled, cloud-free night that had me walking back over to the front of the ship so that I could look down at the earth when I noticed Zane standing at the front watching what we were coming upon. He had the look as if he had been up here for hours in that very spot with the wind blowing his darkish hair back and shirt tight around this front. I walked up to him calmly from behind, "Good evening, Zane."

          He jumped a little in his skin and turned to meet me in the eyes, "Hello. I didn't hear you come above deck," taking a quick glance at my feet and checking, "I guess that would be why. You should put on some shoes before you get sick."

          Looking at my own feet, "I never wear shoes except when I have to be at work, school, or track practice."

          "Well, I guess if you are fine then I can't make you do anything about it."

          "What are you doing up here at this time of night?"

          "I should be asking you that question, but I am thinking about the best path for us to take once we get to our destination. Now your turn, what are you doing up here the early in the morning?"

          "Thinking about how my life is changing so fast all at once. Wondering about how I can accept the changes when I don't even want them right now."

          A warm heavy hand was put on my shoulder, "You know I thought my life was going to be a tough challenge once, now look at me. All you have to do is be strong and accept the changes with an open heart," Zane gave a reassuring squeeze of my shoulder before he walked down below once again. Turning towards the railing I see that there is no land or water below us only stars. I run after Zane to ask him what's going on with the ship when I see him come back up with two cups and a blanket in his arms.

          Looking at me he chuckles and gives me one of the cups while putting the blanket around my shoulders, "I should have explained where we were at, but I suppose you now know. "

          "I have a guess, but I didn't think that was possible!"

          "Outside of this ship its not. We have something special on board, and that's what allows us to breathe outside of a life holding planet."

          "Well, I guess that makes, no sense what so ever!"

          From somewhere behind us, "If you to get any louder you are going to wake up the crew and some others," Fang's voice makes us jump with a startle.

          "Hello, Fang. Nice to see you awake this morning."

          "Well, it's hard to sleep when both of you are yapping about at three in the morning," that would mean that if Fang is awake that the rest of the crew between us and the captain's room would also be awake because of us.

          Interjecting them, "Wait. So its three in the morning? How can you tell?"

          "Kylie, we have a clock. Now, Zane what are you doing up so early?"

          "I haven't slept yet. Not since last night before we narrowly found Kylie."

          "Zane! Why? Why do you sleep once every three days? Why? You need to get some sleep! Now! So go!'' pointing at the stairs to the captain's rooms, "Go down there and get some sleep. Don't make me put you to sleep! If I have to do that you will not like it when you wake up! Go! Now! Go!"

          "Fine," with that he went sulking off down the stairs at the opposite end of the boat that leads all the way down to the third level. Turning back to look at Fang, "Sorry about how my brother treated you earlier," I met her eyes and nodded, "I can vouch on my life that my brother doesn't act like that all of the time. He's just a hard head."

          "That I can see, but thank you for that. And, this is not to mean of offense to you or him, but this doesn't seem possible. You and he are like something you act about," gesturing around the boat, "and this is like a dream or movie."

           Chuckling, "I can see how you would think that being as how you grew up."

          "Wait! What does that mean," she says as stone-faced as she can while hiding a huge smile and laugh.

          "I mean that you grew up in a way different place than us. This is normal," grinning big, "and if you think this is a shock wait till you meet your real parents. That will be much more of a shock than this mere tiny ship."

          Starting with big eyes, "What do you mean? This isn't even the beginning. Does that mean I should keep an open mind about all of this and expect everything?"

          "Yes. That is exactly what I mean."

          "Wow! Now I really can't wait to see them. And Fang," she interrogates Fang out of curiosity, "How does this ship work exactly?"

             "Funny you should ask me, but I can't explain it the way mister I build everything I can. You should ask him about that when he gets up," looking at me very sternly, "Now, I think that you need to get some sleep. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow when we get to where we are going. So, I bid you a good night."

           Answering with a kind smile, "Thank you Fang, but I am not sure I can sleep," she looked at me with the eyes of someone who wanted a specific answer, "But I will try. Have a good night." After the goodnights and smiles, I walked back over to the stairs on the left side of the ship toward the front and descended them into the dark and narrow corridor. Walking to my room I noticed a lot of lights in the crew's various room were on, making the small corridor seem like it had the light of day in it. As I got closer to my room the boxes became more and more prominent making in hard to get to my room. When I emerged to the small oak door of my room it was still slightly ajar to reveal that Grams was still asleep. I walked in and drifted back into sleep beside Grams.

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