Daughter of the Dragons

A girl who's been brought up in the world of humans is finding out more than she bargained for in three days. Trying to balance school and he new knowledge is starting to become impossible. What will she do when she gets to her home land to start a new adventure?


2. On The Ship

          Fang pulled me up onto the deck after she caught me with her strong and firm grip before I fell to my doom four stories down. "Thank you," I panted. Looking around I see Fang is already across the polished, white oak deck. Their is at least fourteen men working on here besides the siblings. Their is enormous white sails holding a crest upon the largest in black, blue, red, and green.

          "Its a great site to see," a gruff voice makes me jump, "Its only me," Zane puts his hand out in front of me in a friendly gesture. His eyes go to the necklace at my throat, "Where did you get this?" it was a demand more than a question, grabbing the necklace, "Again! Where did you get this? Answer me!"

          "Grams said she found it with me!"

          "You better hope that's right," with that he stormed off into the depths of the ship.



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