Daughter of the Dragons

A girl who's been brought up in the world of humans is finding out more than she bargained for in three days. Trying to balance school and he new knowledge is starting to become impossible. What will she do when she gets to her home land to start a new adventure?


1. Just Another Unusual Day

          "Oh no! I'm late! I need to get to school!" I hurriedly got out of bed my heart pounding, threw the quilt back on it, grabbed some clothes, and ran to the bathroom to jump into the shower. As I came out of the shower I yelled, "Grams can you make me some toast so I can grab it and run to school."

          As I rushed into the kitchen after searching for my bag I don't see Grams or smell anything that's been toasted. "Grams? Where are you?" I screeched from the kitchen with no reply, so I go to her room and see her lying in her bed. The sight reminded me of when I was younger and it was just me and her in the house at night when a thunderstorm came rolling in, waking me up so I would come to her room and crawl up in bed with her to sleep. A low, constant beeping slapped me out of my thoughts and had me look at the time which was three minutes past eight o'clock.

          I quickly, but quietly leave the room and run to school with a speed that I can feel the wind carrying me almost as if I was flying in the wind with great wings. I pass by wildflower patches, apple trees, a boy sitting on a log watching me. Waits a boy watching me from a log? I make a sudden stop and fall over, but before I can get up the boy with hair as black at a midnight sky, eyes as blue as the ocean, wearing a white fitting shirt and jeans offers me his hand. I gladly accept his offer in helping me up, he is the nicest person other than my grams in this whole community that I have to stay in for another year two months and three days. So, I have a job at the only decent place in this town, Brahms,  trying to save every penny I get, so I can put it toward a cheap car and go as far away from here as I can. Prying me out of my thoughts, "Hello."

          "Hey, do I know you? You don't look like anyone from around here. Or are you new?" I interrogated him, "What is your name?"

          "My name is Hunter and no you do not know me. I am living here for a short time, so I am not attending anything," Hunter answered kindly, "And before you ask me any more questions I have some for you. What is your name and what are you doing out here?" he asked with a very curiously tone.

          "I am Kylie, and I am trying to get to school. But at this point, I would have better luck at making up my work than going in late. So, if you aren't staying what are you doing here?"

          Laughing he says, "You never stop asking question's do you? Anyway, would you like to sit and talk, since I doubt you can head home during school hours? It's a nice time killer."

          "Yah I can stay for now. I have to go to work later, but I can stay."

          "Awesome. So what do you like to do, as a hobby?"

          Pulling out some of my charcoal drawings I showed him some dragons, wolves, people, building, and posters talking about each one and answering his every question about my choice of art. As hours past we talked about my home, school, art, and job. Along with his hobbies, family, and what he was doing in Fallen Shadows, Texas. We had fun, laughed, ran around the clearing, laid down to watch the clouds roll by, and had a nice lunch under the pecan tree while forming a one of a kind friendship that neither of us has known before, it's one of the most unbeatable bonds of trust I have ever known. It even beats the one I have with my Grams. When it came time for me to leave Hunter offered, "If you would like I can keep you company till you go home for the night."

          "That would be great, but I don't think my boss would like you hanging around till eleven when I get off."

          "Well, I can wait till close to eleven then walk you home?"

          "That would be fine with me," and with that, we walked to my house.


          "Grams? Are you here?" the house was silent for a minute before my grandma walked into the sitting room with us.

          "Welcome home Kylie," she looked at Hunter, "And, who might this be?"

          "Grams this is Hunter. Hunter this is my Grams. We met today," I stopped before I accidentally said too much.

          "Oh, that's why we never met before. Well, what are you two waiting for come in? Kylie, you need to go get changed for work. Hunter come with me to the kitchen so you both can have a nice bite to eat before you leave," with that she shuffled into the kitchen with Hunter leaving me to get everything I need to do before I was late to work again.




          "So, Hunter is it?" Kylie's grandmother looked at me till I nodded my confirmation, "Well you do know you are one of her first friends in all of her 17 years? If not you should take care of the friends you have and try not to let them go or betray them," her words sounded like she knew why I was here and making friends with Kylie. Why? "Anyway, what would you like on your sandwich? Any condiments, meat, vegetables, jellies, peanut butter preference, or would you like me to make you the same one I make Kylie?"

          "What you make Kylie would be fine with me," I might as well start to learn everything I can before I have to follow out why I was sent here.

          "Okay, two turkey, lettuce , and tomato sandwich on fancy bread with ranch and chips of your choice coming right up. And if you would like and apple they are in that bowl over there and the chips in that cabinet," she said while pointing the knife to her left.

          "Thank you for the sandwich and apple ma'am."

         "Your welcome. And, there is no need for the politeness, we are all equal," she said. If only you knew my truth, and why I suddenly showed up in this town. You would demand my polite gestures and speak the truth at all times with no secrets.




          As Grams and Hunter walked into the kitchen I went down the dark, wood-walled, green carpeted hall to my old oak door to get changed for work. I opened the polish door the familiar white walls, charcoal pictures, twin sized bed, and hardwood floored room with enough light coming through the five large windows, covered by a light blue curtain with my blue shirt with red lettering of the logo across the back and black pants of my uniform. I quickly changed from my blue and black plaid school shirt and blue jeans into my uniform and went to the kitchen where Hunter and Grams were talking about what was to be put on the sandwiches and where all of the other food was. I started laughing when Grams told Hunter the rule of ma'am and sir, which in turn made them jump and look at me with startled looks on their faces. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe and they just smiled at me.

          "Nice to see you're done and ready to eat, before you go to work today," Grams laughed at me. And, I could only put up my thumbs and nod as I sucked in huge breaths of air trying to replace the lost oxygen in my brain. Hunter was putting both sandwiches wrapped in paper towels with apples and chips in a big, brown, paper bag for us both. "Well if you have recovered from your laughing, it is time for you to get to work. Hunter, you may stay here or go with Kylie. The choice is for you."

          "Thank you ma'am, but I think I will walk Kylie to work."

          "What have I said about the word ma'am!" she scolded him, "If you must then call me Leah. Also, if you would like you can come for dinner and stay in the guest bedroom tonight if you wish."

          "Thank you, ma-. Um, Leah for the offer, but I can't answer that at this moment. I shall let you know after we get back tonight."

          "Okay. Well, what are you both standing here for? Get going! You are going to be late," she pointed at me with her small bony finger. With that, we left the kitchen for the sitting room, before exiting the small brick home with a small garden in the front yard surrounded by the medium sized white picket fence and a gate to match.

          We walked out of the yard and down the dirt road a little till we got to the clearing before he said something, that pried me out of my thoughts, "You have a nice home. And Leah is really nice as well, you are lucky to have her as your mother."

          "So, I guess your time with her in the kitchen won both of you. And, yeah I guess I am, She was the one who raised me my whole life since my parents gave me over to her when I was born."

          "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring that up."

          "No, it's fine, you only stated the luckiness I have with my Grams. It's fine. I promise."

          "No, it's not. It was not my place to speak about that. I am sorry for that and for you."


          "I'm sorry."

          "It is one hundred percent fine. Seriously. Let's just drop that conversation, please?"

          "Okay. Hey, we still have the food," He rattled the bag, which made me realize just how hungry I was.

          Grabbing the bag he held out I shifted through it till I found the sandwiches. I gave one to him and sank my teeth into the other one after I took the towel off of  the first half. "Bone apatite," I said around a giant bite.

          After swallowing his first bite, "This is a really good sandwich. It's one of the best I have ever had!" is what he exclaimed at a louder than normal tone.

           I started laughing again, "Glad you like it so much. You should thank Grams tonight at dinner. We are having potatoes and chicken fried steak, I think you should stay for dinner at least. And, it's really good too."

          "I just might have to take up that offer," he smiled before biting into the sandwich again.

          "So you will stay?" I finished the last bite of my food, and he nodded with a mouth full, "Yay!" I exclaimed in his ear as I hugged him. He patted my arm in return before I released him.


          All of a sudden we hear the sound of people yelling and a constant rhythm of thunder, but it was a clear day no rain in sight. He stops panic written all over his face, he grabs my arm and makes me face him, "Run! Run Kylie!" his voice is getting deeper and eyes are turning more golden in color. He shoves me away as he starts to curl in upon himself in paint withering around, now his eyes are like pure gold, "Run! Now! Go! Kylie run! Please! Run!" I run away in fear of what was happening, I let my full speed take over and my feet are barely touching the soft dirt. I look behind me and there is a great, majestic, solid black wolf chasing me and catching up really fast. Just when I think I won't make it to my house it appears in my view. I push myself to run faster than I thought I could go, so I could get inside before I became a meal myself. I didn't dare look behind me I just pushed myself, willed myself to get home fast and that what I did.

          I could see the house getting closer and closer til I was at the door trying to open it. I did it just in time for when I was in the house with the door safely shut  when I felt the wolf slam its body into the door, making Grams scream from the back of the house and run up front to see what the commotion was. As I turned the corner Grams was about to go into the sitting room when the wolf slammed against the door again, this time cracking it down the center. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled he behind me toward the back door. Just as we reached it you could hear the sound of the door breaking in from the last slam the wolf made. Facing Gram toward me, "Grams! Run! You need to run! Go! Now! Call 9-1-1! Don't come out till you hear the police out front!" I shoved her out the back door and locked it as the wolf walked into the hall, trapping me behind the door. Next to me we had a stack of old metal pipes I grabbed on and prepared for the worst, thinking the end was near.

          Just as quickly as the wolf came upon me a sudden realization came to me, the wolf's fur was the same color as Hunter's hair and the eyes are the same gold from when I last looked him in the eyes. "Hunter! Is that you?" A growl was my answer. All I did is kneel down at throwing the pipe behind him. He seemed confused at first then stopped and looked at me in relief before he jumped at me knocking me into the door. I took notice that he was wagging his tail, and I couldn't help but wonder if it was in happiness at my understanding or something else. All of a sudden he tensed up and started growling. I shoved him as far away as I could, but he was still too close for comfort I could see the fur on his neck start standing on end and his muscles preparing for a pounce. When I thought he was going to attack me he turned around instead attacking one of two people, knocking them down before he was shot down off them. I saw Hunter fall to the ground unconscious, but breathing meaning he has a sleeping dart in him. The one who he attacked was a woman who looked to be in her mid twenty's with silver hair, bright green eyes, and a shadow of freckles under her eyes. The other, a man stepped into view seeming to be in his thirty's with red hair, honey colored eyes, and a distinct freckle on his left cheek. While he was helping up the other person I turned around and yanked the back door open running out of it before they could stop me. I ran around the house and hid behind the rose bushes holding my breath as they ran by yelling, "Look for her! We can't lose her again!" Again, I thought as they ran around the corner.

          When I could no longer hear them I ran to the cellar and went in to find my grams unconscious on the dirt ground, "Grams! Grams answer me! Grams!" I shook her shoulders and quietly exclaimed trying to not be found, "Grams! Grams wake up!" I start to pace to room when the doors open and I see the two people at the top of the stairs. I look around for some place for me to hide, but there isn't one in this empty storm cellar. I hear them walking down the stairs and I know they would have seen me by now so my only hope is that they will leave me alone. I walk back over to Grams  and kneeled down beside her just as the two people reached me, "What is your name?" they questioned me.

          "Kylie. And who are you?"

          "We are the Fair siblings. I am Zane. And, this is Fang, my sister," the man answered.

          "Hello," I waved my hand at them, "Now can either of you tell me, what do you guys want with me?" I yelled at them.

         "We are here to bring you home, to your parents."

         "What do you mean my parents are dead. They died when I was a year old. They crashed into the lake."

         They looked at each other then back at me, "What do you mean? You aren't from this world," looking at my Grams, "Who is this person? And could they give you any answers?"

         "This is my grandmother. And she is a little... um... I don't know... unconscious right now!" 

         The sister, Fang, Pulls out a syringe full of a reddish liquid. She bends down and gives half of it to her. Grams starts to move around some more and draw in a big, quick, heavy breath as she rolls over onto her back, "What happened? Who are you? Where is Kylie?" she looks around and sees me beside her and pulls me into a big air stopping hug. 

         I break the embrace and look her dead in the eyes, "Grams are you my real family? Or was I adopted?"

         She breaks into tears and says, "Come inside, I want to show you something." Standing up she goes inside with all of us following her, "Sit in the kitchen, I will be in there in just a second." We obeyed her.

         I lead the siblings into the kitchen and had them sit at the table. It felt like I had been pacing for an hour when grams came in the kitchen with a small wooden box in the left hand and a blanket that looked like it cost a fortune with gold embroidery, an intricate flower design, with reds and oranges around the edges, and various shades of bright yellows in her right. "What is this Grams?"

         "This? This is what I found you with. And wouldn't you know it was in the clearing you are always at."

         "What do you mean? Are you confirming what they were saying? Did you adopted me?"

         "Let me tell you the story first. I was walking home from the graveyard after visiting my daughters grave. It was a full moon so when I heard you crying I was able to find you rather easy in the bright warm blanket you had been wrapped in. It was almost destined that I find you that winter night. I picked you up and brought you home, call the sheriff to have him come out to see if he could find your parents. He took pictures of you, this box, and blanket to see if anyone in town knew where you came from three weeks past and nobody recognized you, so he came and asked if I would like to give you to the state or bring you into my family. And, you know me I could never put you in the hands of the state. So, two months later you were registered as my daughter and the age difference was too much for me to be your mom, so I wanted you to think of me ask your grandmother, not your mother. I put these things away so I could tell you when I felt you were ready."

         "Oh! Grams!" I pull her into a big strong hug as she started crying with big shaking sobs, "It's okay. I understand why you didn't tell me then, I just wish you told me sooner." 

         "I know I should have, I just didn't want to lose you. I raised you, I couldn't loose two daughters in my life! It would have broken me for sure."

         "I never would have left you. You would still be my Grams," I looked in her pleading eyes as I said that, so she knew it was true.

          Someone was clearing their throats. I look over and see Zane was watching us, "Sorry to interrupt, but we need to go. The werewolf will only be out for another hour. So pack a change of clothes and let's go. I am going to put the werewolf in the cell, Fang will wait for you to finish and bring you up," he said as he walked into the living room where Hunter still lay unconscious. I and Grams walked to our rooms and grabbed a change of clothes, a bag to share, and two bottles of water each before meeting up with Fang, so they could leave for whatever place they were going to. I finished and went to Grams's room to see what she was doing when I walked in she was on her bed staring at the little wooden box with a gold finish of K.T. on the top.

          "So, what's in there? You never showed us." Opening the box she started to weep a little more at my boldness of the question. As the lid opened silently I could start to see a gold chain holding a gold dragon wrapped around the big tear shaped, polished, see through black and green marble stone the size of a small fist. "Was I found with this as well?" I asked as she put it over my head. It fell perfectly in the hollow of my collarbone with its smooth gem fitting perfectly. I stroke the cool surface and it seems to pulse under my fingers.

          She nodded her head in the answer of, "Yes you were."

          "Well, we need to go."

          Walking out to meet Fang before we head on our way I can see the shadow of something large above the house. It appears to be a ship, but I couldn't tell for sure. Fang is waiting for us in the doorway, "Are both of you ready? I only see one bad-" cutting herself off short she comes over to me in a few quick strides, "Where did you get this?"

          "Grams said she found it with me. Why?"

          "We will continue this conversation on our way. Now, are both of you ready?"

          I nod, and Grams continues to weep to the box. Fang walks out the door as we follow her to a rope ladder which leads up to what I can only describe as a ship, a floating ship. When I look back in front of me Grams is already climbing the ladder and Fang is at the top waiting for us with her watchful glare on me the most. I follow in line behind Grams when she is up high enough for me to get on the wooden steps without making her unstable and fall. I went up step by step while looking down at how far up I was climbing. When I finally heard Fang's voice near me I almost fell to my doom if it wasn't for her quick actions and strength pulling me up onto the deck.

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