Valley of the Dolls

A very short essay on dolls in the new Millinnieum


1. Introduction

Valley of the Dolls

By Katherine Kelly Lang

The world is a much changed place. Children are a thing of the last Millennium. All those who wanted children have already had them. The kids here take care of themselves since day one.  Parenting is not required. Such are the marvels of technology.  Everyone is part Doll, some more than others  and live for ever.  You specify what kind of a family you want and you get that.  There are no hospitals here.  Since no one falls sick. As a result of being part Doll.  There is no such thing as mating. All that is old millennium stuff.  Some change families on a regular basis. I am one of them. Everyone who lives on the street are family. They have been chosen for me and I have known them for years.  There are those who still love the idea of kids and so they get manufactured dolls, made to specification which closely resemble the real thing.  No one can tell them apart, so no body misses out on anything..

The Dolls outnumber people. For that reason this place is called the Valley of the Dolls.   Only about a 1000 people live in this place and so everyone has met everyone some time or the other. A newbie is introduced to everyone.  

Dolls are everywhere and they are really nice to you. I for one live with dolls. It gives some sense of stability as I have no family here and I live in a Project home. That means a home provided by the company I work for.  My dolls are not tempermental. They change as I change and are ever so nice to me.  What more can I ask for. I am not afraid of living alone.  As far as I can remember i have lived with dolls. I started out with stuffed toys and now have Dolls that live with me.  When I get a tad lonely I see my Doll friends.  So I don’t worry about a thing in the world.  The working dolls only say Hi but they always have a huge smile on their face.  They make our life easier.  My dolls are my family.  Soon they will bring grand children into the family. That is no mean feat given that I am only 32 this year (2016).  That is my official age but I am much older. Since I am part Doll, I don’t age.I may get tired but my Dolls are never tired.  When I can’t be bothered or when I am sick, my Dolls take care of me.  The Hospitals are glorified Malls here.  It is a place where Dolls are manufactured.  I miss some of my Doll friends but they have just moved to my neighbours place.  My needs have changed so they are no longer in my life.  I am still however attached to them. Each Doll is unique. 

I have asked for a permanent Guy friend and I have one. We married in 1984 but he is more Guy friend than Husband.  He is also part Doll and lives in the neighboring suburb.  I have known him for as long as I can remember.  Being part human , he is not as tall as I would live, but he is very handsome.  I email him every day and express my love for him. I go to the Hospital once a year and I am changed. All a matter of taking a few pills.  I recently romanced a Doll as I needed to understand love in a different way. My Guy friend Matt understood.  Only because he is part Doll and is secure in the love I feel for him. He is an expert at relationships and non contact sex.  He is a busy man and I wish I sometimes had opted for a Doll instead.  I miss him terribly as he is a busy man. 

  I am feeling a little out of sorts.  Why do I feel that way ? I miss a man in my life. So life is imperfect though it is perfect. I am told that it is not loneliness. It’s creative emotional energy. True.  Creativity does not come naturally to me. It is something I have learnt. But it is loneliness. I long for a man whom I can snuggle up to at bedtime. But I don’t want to marry. Been there done that. I am my man’s Doll.  He comes from a very different world from mine, one where there were plenty of people. He does not understand the Doll world as well as I do. He is 11 years older than me. I like an older man.  We get along so well and he understands my needs.  He enjoys my company and I make sure he adores me. What’s there not to love. He is rich so I don’t have to work for a living.  He likes keeping me in style.  As long as I get my yearly holiday I am Ok.  My needs are simple.  There are times I am the only person on this island.  

There are Doll dogs, doll sea creatures, doll birds, doll children. You can't tell them apart. They appear so real. You must visit the Valley of the Dolls some day.

**************The End*****************

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