Wanderer IV

Entry for the 'Create Your Own World' competition. A brief introduction to this world, plus pictures and sketches. I hope you like it!


7. Relics


   The Island


   (this is just a drawing I did of St. Micheal's Mount on a beach in Cornwall tbh)


  Sat undiscovered, too far off the coat for boats to reach , sits the mysterious island - on it is a library of books, but not fiction books, written with strange archaic words and phrasing. Not only of books but genetic codes, and astronomy equipment, hooked up to a quantum computer beneath the crust - no-one in this world has ever seen anything like it.

   This is also used to monitor the accellerator, Sun, and Moon - the somputer is at the helm of the ship.


   The Two Kings


   The Two Kings is the very tallest of the mountains in the range, pointing straight up towards the sun - it's so named because of its shape, that of two peaks leaning slightly towards each other, and because of the myth surrounding it, undoubtedly one of the most popular to be retold in this world.


  The mountain wasn't always this shape - in fact, on its peak used to be the secondary helm of the ship, twinned with that on the Island, which was used for monitoring the sun engine and broadcasting course adjustments to it; thankfully, these functions were backed up in the central helm's database, not that today's Captain would know what to do - the computer inside the mountain was mostly unharmed in the explosion that destroyed the observatory and split the tip of this great mountain.


   The Moon

    If you trekked to a particularly dark part of the uninhabitable forests with a telescope and looked very hard at the stars with a telescope you had happened to invent (or, if you felt like cheating, if you had access to information and equipment in the observatory) you might catch a dim glimpse of a star that appeared to be moving a lot faster than the other stars and galaxies overhead - this is the moon, an artificial satellite in a self-adjusting orbit around our wandering planet. It monitors the course of the world silently for threats and data and reports back to the computers on board, who respond as necessary - the moon and planet working together silently to protect their delicate charges.


   The Temple


   On the tip of a hill deep in the wild jungle, is an untouched time capsule.



   In it, in the same archaic language, are mysterious inscriptions with important messages from deep time:


'Most expensive craft in history + we're on minimum wage! We deserve a temple!'


'Good luck with the aliens! :P'


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