Cool For the Summer

**This story is HEAVILY based off of Demi Lovato's, "Cool For the Summer," hence the title. I will be featuring the song's lyrics in the chapters.** Veronica and Lilly are two teenage girls who meet each other at summer camp. Veronica is bold, courageous, and known to be a troublemaker. Lilly is quiet, shy, and doesn't like to step out of line. Despite their obvious differences, both girls are hiding the exact same secret. After a game of Truth or Dare with their cabin mates, Veronica and Lilly find themselves faced with the unexpected.


2. Chapter 2

The group of rowdy skater kids from earlier passed by Lilly as she made her way towards the cabins. They all stopped outside of the main office, hopped off of their boards, kicked them facing up, and held them under their arms. They all walked inside and asked about their cabins.

"They really need to start sending out letters or something to tell campers their cabin numbers before the camp opens." said a girl with short blonde hair to the brunette girl from earlier. The brunette shrugged before responding.
"Whatever. Either way, we're finding out, right?"
"Yeah, but things would run a lot smoother with letters."
"You're such a priss!" said the brunette, teasing her blonde friend, and grinning at her friend's annoyed reaction.

"Next!" said the woman behind the desk.
"That's my cue." the brunette said before giving her blonde friend a playful wink and making her way towards the front desk. 
The lady gave an exasperated sigh, "You again."
"It's so nice to see you too, Janet." replied the brunette in a kind, yet smart-ass, tone of voice. She smiled as the woman glared at her. 
"You're in Cabin twenty-two, Veronica." she said, then her voice became more stern and warning, "And try not to break anything this year.
"No promises!" Veronica said excitedly, giggling as she moved away to let her friends find out their cabin numbers, too.

"Looks like we're not bunking in the same cabin this year, V!" said the skater girl from earlier. 
"No twenty-two for you, boo?" Veronica replied with a smirk. Her friends rolled their eyes at her dorky rhyming as they got back on their boards and started heading separate ways to their cabins.
"See you losers later at orientation!" Veronica yelled out as her and a couple of her friends headed for Cabin Twenty-Two.


Veronica and their friends stepped off their boards again and walked inside. There was one blonde girl in there, wearing a white sundress with a flower pattern and white flats, who was lying down blankets and pillows on the bed she claimed. She looked over and smiled shyly at the three new people who had just walked into the cabin. She recognized Veronica from earlier.

Lilly brushed her dress off nervously, even though there was nothing on it to brush off. She smiled as well as she could to the three girls, trying to not look too scared.
"Hi, I'm Lilly," she said as she stuck her hand out to them politely, "and you are?" Veronica grabbed Lilly's hand and shook it politely.
"I'm Veronica. This is Alex and Katie." she said, pointing to her two friends behind her. Alex and Katie also shook Lilly's hand and said hello. 

There was a short pause, with an awkward silence filling the cabin. Without saying anything else, Veronica and her friends each claimed a bed. Lilly returned to her own and finished setting her things up. While Lilly's back was turned, Alex came up to Veronica and whispered in her ear,
"She seems way too girly to hang out with us. Maybe we should ask for a different cabin..."
"Alex, shut up!" Veronica whispered back, a bit more harshly than she had meant, "We just met her a few minutes ago, give her a chance."
Alex sighed and shrugged before returning to putting her own things away. Veronica looked over at Lilly for a moment and smiled. 
'I think it'll be nice to have someone a little different with us...' Veronica thought, but then her smile quickly turned into a devious smirk, 'but, oh, this girl is going to get so corrupted after being with us.'


After a little while, two more girls (Claire and Trinity), settled into the cabin, taking the last two beds. There were five other people in the cabin, and Lilly knew none of them.
'Veronica, Alex, and Katie all seem like good friends...Claire and Trinity don't seem to know each other...So maybe I'm not completely alone...' Lilly thought as she observed the girls around her. Veronica noticed her looking around, and was about to walk over and say something, but a voice started speaking through the intercoms outside of every cabin before Veronica could say anything.

"All campers are needed in the cafeteria for orientation immediately. Once again, all campers are needed in the cafeteria for orientation immediately." said the voice on the intercoms. 

"Ready for the best part of being at this camp?" Alex said sarcastically to everyone, but it was more targeted towards Veronica. Veronica chuckled without any other response. Her, Alex, and Katie led Lilly, Claire, and Trinity to the cafeteria, where hundreds of other kids, around their ages and younger, were all filing inside. 

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