Cool For the Summer

**This story is HEAVILY based off of Demi Lovato's, "Cool For the Summer," hence the title. I will be featuring the song's lyrics in the chapters.** Veronica and Lilly are two teenage girls who meet each other at summer camp. Veronica is bold, courageous, and known to be a troublemaker. Lilly is quiet, shy, and doesn't like to step out of line. Despite their obvious differences, both girls are hiding the exact same secret. After a game of Truth or Dare with their cabin mates, Veronica and Lilly find themselves faced with the unexpected.


1. Chapter 1

It was the twenty-first of June, a bright sunny day in beautiful California, and the first day at Camp Starfall. Teenagers of all ages were flooding onto the grounds, all with different variations of emotion. Most of the kids were elated, and excitedly greeting their friends that they usually only see once a year for three months. The rest of the kids were newer this year, and looked more scared than excited.

Lilly, a beautiful blonde wearing a white sundress patterned with roses, and white flats, stepped out of her mother's white Honda car. As her mother popped open the trunk, Lilly reached in and pulled out a lavender suitcase, and a mint-green Jansport backpack. Her mother walked up to her and rested a loving hand on her shoulder.

"You'll be fine, sweetheart. This will be good for you." She said with a smile. Lilly was able to muster a small smile, even though she was screaming fearfully on the inside. Lilly was the shy and quiet type, and only had a small group of friends at school. During the summer, she usually sat in her room and read, or spent time on her laptop on social media websites, like Tumblr. The only reason she was at Camp Starfall was because her mother wanted her to socialize more and not be so lonely. She noticed how nervous Lilly looked.

"I mean it, Lilly. You'll be okay! You're going to make lots of friends, I'm sure of it...Maybe you'll even meet a boy, too." Her mother grinned and winked, adding a little playful nudge at the end of her sentence. Lilly laughed softly and rolled her eyes at her mother's remark.

"Yeah...maybe..." she said in response, blushing and averting her eyes. Her mother smiled brightly, placed a hand on the small of Lilly's back, and coaxed her forward.
"Come on, let's get you to the office to find your cabin." she said.


Just as they started walking, a small ragtag group of skater kids passed by on their boards, all chatting and yelling at each other while making gusts of wind as they rode past people. Though Lilly's mother rolled her eyes, Lilly watched them pass by and listened to what they were all saying to each other, intrigued by their energy.

"How sick would it be if we got a cabin together again?!" a tall, brunette girl, wearing denim shorts, a black tank-top, a red flannel tied around her waist, and a pair of black converse said to one of the other skaters rolling beside her.
"Another year in the same cabin as you?! Yeah, that'll make me sick!" the other replied jokingly to the girl, before kicking her foot off the ground, causing her to accelerate farther and more ahead of the brunette girl. 
"You're gonna pay for that!" yelled out the brunette, and she too kicked off the ground, gaining more speed to chase after her friend.

Lilly was so interested in the people around her, that she nearly ran face-first into the main office door before her mother stopped her.
"Pay attention, Lilly! You could've been hurt..." Her mother said to her worriedly. Lilly recollected herself and gave her mother an apologetic look.
"I..I'm sorry, mom. I'll be more careful..." she responded softly. Her mother sighed and led Lilly inside.

"Welcome to Camp Starfall! How may I help you?" said an ash-blonde woman at the front desk, who was sporting a light blue shirt with the camp's name in forest-green letters across her breasts. 
"My daughter needs to find her cabin so she can get settled in." Lilly's mother replied. Lilly hardly listened and was paying more attention to the decorations around the office.
"Alright, I just need her first and last name." said the woman as she grabbed a clipboard that held a small stack of papers under the metal clip.
"Lilly Hart." replied her mother. The woman looked through the paper's until she found Lilly's name. 
"Lilly is in cabin twenty-two." she responded.
"Did you hear that, Lilly?" her mother said a bit sternly, turning to look at her distracted daughter.
"Yeah, room forty-two." Lilly said as she gazed at a painting of a sunset that was hung on the wall. Her mother walked over and grabbed her by her arm, pulling her out of the office.
"No, twenty-two, Lilly!" she snapped. Lilly squirmed uncomfortably, tugging her arm out of her mother's grasp.

"I'm sorry..." Lilly said quietly once they were out of the office. Her mother sighed and looked at her sadly, then cupped Lilly's face into her aging hands.
"No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you...You should be having fun on your first day of summer camp, not apologizing at your old mother for yelling at you."
"But I should have been paying attention..." Lilly replied, looking down at her feet sadly, her face sliding out of her mother's hands as she did so. Her mother moved her hand onto Lilly's shoulder, in the same loving fashion as earlier when they had first arrived. 
"Darling, don't worry," she said in a reassuring voice, "you'll be okay. And just think of this: you won't have to worry about cranky old mom for the next three months!" Lilly looked up at her mom and the two of them chuckled together. Then, Lilly suddenly wrapped her arms around her in a hug.

"I love you, mom..."
"I love you, too...Stay safe, okay?" her mother said, lifting her daughter's chin so they could see each other's eyes. Lilly gave her mother a small smile and nod. They hugged one last time before saying their final goodbyes, and Lilly grabbed her bags and headed for her cabin. She had a feeling there would probably already be some people there. She wasn't too keen on meeting people she has never seen before in her life, but she knew her mother would be disappointed if she didn't at least try.

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