Poetry Book

Various poems about pretty much anything


3. Hold on


Hold on- take a breath

Take a moment to breathe

We’re all still looking for something to believe

It seems so hard- but at least we’re still free

You are still you, and I am still me

Anger and hate try to drive us apart

We’re breaking to pieces like a boat made of bark

Hold on just a minute, step back from the scene

In a forest of black there’s still a little green

This world’s full of hate, but it’s also full of love

The darkest of clouds have blue sky above

Clouds with silver lining hide behind a black storm

But when I stop rhyming you and I will still be warm

Loss and pain make us suffer, we wish we were dead

Our hearts torn to pieces by words made of lead

But hold on, take a breath

Take a moment to breathe

There’s hope and there’s love, you just have to believe

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