Poetry Book

Various poems about pretty much anything


2. Excuse Me


Excuse me- yes, you, with your head held high

I saw you walk past without batting an eye

I know I’m not much, but I have to ask- why?

Did I do something wrong that makes you sigh?


Kid, back off, you don’t mess with me

I’m a ten on the top, and you’re down at three

I’m the popular chick, you’re as small as a flea

Don’t say anything- your words are too weak


Hey, calm down, I wasn’t trying to talk back

I just noticed that you’re glaring and talking some smack

Those things that you just said are so out of whack…

I was just asking a question- it’s not an attack


I don’t care what you’re saying, your words are weak

You think I want to hear you when you start to speak?

I think that my tolerance has already reached its peak

Back off and stop talking, you little pesky freak



Whoa, that was harsh, but I won’t see red

You want to take back the rude things you just said?

I’m a good person- I won’t lose my head

But putting others down won’t push you ahead


What, you won’t stop? Well fine, okay

I guess it doesn’t matter what you do or say

If it doesn’t matter I’ll just walk away

I guess I’ll se you later- some other day





Hey, it’s you again, you don’t look so tall

Who messed with your head to make you feel small?

Did someone trip your ego trip and make you fall?


Shut up kid, you know nothing, nothing at all.


Hey, calm down, and give me a go

You might find out what I do and don’t know. 

I’m just trying to help- don’t put on a show

It looks like someone dealt you a low blow


Hey- back off and go away

I know you don’t care what I have to say

I’d take talking to a wall over you any day

I don’t need you or your help, will you just-



Just listen for a second- I know what it’s like

Being picked on isn’t fun, and I know it isn’t right

I really want to help- I don’t want to pick a fight

Let me try and help- it could not work, but it might


Why are you being nice when all I did was make you mad?

Why are you trying to help when I just made you sad?

Why do you still want to care when I hurt you and felt glad?

What made you think I deserved the kindness you had?


I’m trying because I want to help you

It might seem small- it’s the best I can do

I could give you a hand- or you could refuse

Forgive and forget- it’s the best I can do


Everyone deserves a second chance

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