What he didn't expect.....<3

Hi this is my first ever story! This is part one of twenty-two that I have already written, please tell me what I should add in! Let me know if I should continue this series! ;)
Luna has always felt something for the pale, blond haired, Slytherin, but with girls wanting him left and right will she ever get her chance?

Draco is the Slytherin prince, so when he meets Luna his world is turned upside down! Will Draco ever see her for who she really is or will he always see as the crazy Looney Lovegood?


15. Unicorns

She woke up to the soft whispering of people around her. Luna blinked slowly catching sight of lots of white and black. She groaned as the pain of everything flooded back to her.

She clutched her pounding head as somebody shouted out, "Madam Pomfrey! She's awake!"

Luna realized that someone was grasping her hand tightly. Looking up she saw Draco, tears of relief rolling down his face. Madam Pomfrey gave Luna a spoon full of disgusting medicine that made Luna wrinkle her nose when she drank it. Sitting up she saw asking with Draco, Hermione, Ron, Harry, Neville, and Ginny were also sitting next to her bed.

"you do realize that this is all your fault, Malfoy?" Harry spat.

"Yeah, if you hadn't been snogging Cho none of this would have happened," Ron joined in.

"How could you do this to her?" Ginny finished.

Tears flooded Luna's eyes threatening to spill over as she remembered what happened.

"Not this again," Draco muttered going over to them and whispering hurriedly to them.

"Oh Luna, please don't cry," Neville said using his thumb to wipe away stray tears.

Draco sat back down and glared at Neville, who stopped comforting Luna at once. Luna swung her legs over the bed pushing back the covers and revealed her ripped jeans, rumpled white blouse, and loose tie. Just as she started to get up, but Draco grabbed her wrist playfully and pulled her back down.

"Not so fast!" He said teasingly.

She groaned.

"Why I'm perfectly fine!" I assured him.

Many hours later Madam Pomfrey finally let Luna go. She exited the Hospital Wing alone. (She had asked everyone else to let her go by herself) Luna wondered through the corridors till she got to the grounds. She smiled as she ran through the doors and into the forest. She stripped off her shoes and socks, stuffing them into her bag. She trudged barefoot through the forest clucking her tongue every so often. Soon enough she found out she was not as alone as she thought. Hearing a twig snap behind her she spun around, whiplashing herself with her hair as she did. She saw a fluffy golden head peek out from behind a tree than dart back behind it. Laughing she snuck up to the tree. Going around the opposite way she saw the backside of the baby unicorn as it peeked out again.

She tapped its side whispering "boo!" in his ear as she did so.

The golden baby squeaked as it spun towards her.

"Ha! I got you Dallas! Admit it!" Luna said laughing.

Dallas hung his head as if admitting defeat.

Dallas had been a friend of hers since she had first wondered into the forest. He had saved her from getting lost and they had been good friends ever since. Out of nowhere two other unicorns came up the path. The bigger one was a silvery white and the other one was a shimmering gold. The white one tossed its mane and the baby bounced playfully.

"Hello Astria," Luna said politely addressing the mother unicorn.

"And hello to you too bubbles," she said sliding down to her knees to address the baby unicorn now headbutting her calf.

After a while she skipped happily to the castle to eat her lunch.

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