What he didn't expect.....<3

Hi this is my first ever story! This is part one of twenty-two that I have already written, please tell me what I should add in! Let me know if I should continue this series! ;)
Luna has always felt something for the pale, blond haired, Slytherin, but with girls wanting him left and right will she ever get her chance?

Draco is the Slytherin prince, so when he meets Luna his world is turned upside down! Will Draco ever see her for who she really is or will he always see as the crazy Looney Lovegood?


9. Muahaha!

Muahahaha! I'm so evil I will leave you at a cliffhanger! Muahahahah!

Hey guys I really need some ideas I want to change up some of the previously written parts. I will try to use most ideas where I can. If yours doesn't show up by the end of the series (which will be quite a while) then all that means is I couldn't find a place to work it in. I heart you guys! Keep reading even though I'm more evil than Voldemort because of the cliffhanger! Chow for now!

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