What he didn't expect.....<3

Hi this is my first ever story! This is part one of twenty-two that I have already written, please tell me what I should add in! Let me know if I should continue this series! ;)
Luna has always felt something for the pale, blond haired, Slytherin, but with girls wanting him left and right will she ever get her chance?

Draco is the Slytherin prince, so when he meets Luna his world is turned upside down! Will Draco ever see her for who she really is or will he always see as the crazy Looney Lovegood?


24. Caught

Luna peeked over her shoulder as she opened to door to the room of requirement. The corridor was deserted. Today was the day she had been waiting for, Patronuses!

Luna called greetings out to a few people and than took a place in between Hermione and Seamus. She waved her wand muttering 'expecto patronum' under her breath. On her fourth attempt a shining rabbit appeared. It glided through the air. Everyone stared in awe at the new Patronus. So far only she, Hermione, and Cho had produced one that took a visible form.

"Great job, Luna!" Harry said catching her rabbit out of the corner of his eye.

Luna beamed than jumped as the door to the room opened and a small creature scurried along in front of her. Luna's Patronus flickered and disappeared. Harry began talking to the creature. Everyone had stopped practicing and looked at the creature, Luna now recognized as a house elf, that Harry was speaking with.

"Dobby! What are you-- what's wrong?"

"Harry Potter, sir....... Dobby has come to warn you.......but the house-elves have been warned not to tell...." The elf squeaked before running at the wall. Harry tried to grab him, but missed. Harry's voice lowered and Luna could no longer hear what they were saying.

Suddenly Harry yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! RUN!"

Everyone except for Luna raced to get to the door. Harry scooped up Dobby bringing him along. Luna made sure everyone was out of the room before making her way to the exit. She ran out of the room and turned a random corner.

Luna ran, but something caught her ankles. She let out a squeal of surprise and collapsed on the floor.

"Trip Jinx!" Sang a voice. A familiar voice.

"Let's see who I've got! L-Luna?" The voice said

Luna rolled over and saw Draco. She gasped.

"Draco!" She said starting to panic.

"Y-you're in Potter's group?" He asked quietly.

Luna nodded. In these situations it was best not to lie. Draco frowned.

"I'm gonna let you go. You are my girlfriend after all," Draco started

Luna shot him a grateful smile.

"But this isn't over. You've got some talking to do," He finished

"Okay, will do. See you later," Luna said standing up

"See you. Meet me in the Room of Requirement at nine," Draco whispered in her ear.

Luna smiled, waved goodbye, and left for her common room. She collapsed I her bed, relived. Nine couldn't come fast enough.


Luna tiptoed to the Room of Requirement. She cursed the leather, gem encrusted, sandals she was wearing, pulled them off, and slipped them on two of her fingers. She was in a black mini skirt and baby blue crop-top. As she approached the door, a figure walked out of the shadows. He was wearing a dark grey t-shirt, and black jeans, his hair was sticking up in places and silky looking.

"Hey Love, right on time," Draco said smiling.

"Hi baby, are you ready?" Luna asked hugging him.

"Yep. Now come on let's go in before somebody sees us," Draco said taking her hand and walking into the room.

It had taken form of a gigantic library! Luna turned in circles trying to take in every inch of the incredible room. Draco laughed and motioned to a couch placed in the middle of the room. She took a place next to Draco. She looked him right in the eye before beginning her story.

Draco leaned forward slightly and paid attention throughout her explanation. He looked like he had something he wanted to say, but he kept quiet. With a breath Luna finished her story by saying 'I'm sorry'. Draco eyed her.

"What?" Luna asked running her fingers through her bangs.

"Nothing," Draco replied airily.

"Well than, I'm going to check out this room," Luna retorted jumping up and running into an isle at the back of the room.

Draco ran a hand through his hair sighing happily. When Luna returned, she had her nose buried deep in a black book with a faded gold title. It read 'Willows peak' Luna turned to sit, but Draco pulled her into his lap before she could place herself onto the couch. She made no objection. Draco sighed, placing his chin on the top of her head, and played with her hair.

Finally, when he could stand it no longer he snuck his hands under her book and snapped it shut.

"Draco!!" Luna cried in protest

"Yes, Love?" Draco cooed pulling the book away from her and throwing it onto a nearby table.

She glared at him and tried to get up but he held her close to his chest.

"Draco! Let me go!" Luna shouted

"Nope. As of right now, this is a date," Draco replied lovingly.

Luna relaxed in his grip, feeling extremely guilty. She turned around so that she was facing him and buried her head into his shirt. Draco hooked a finger under her chin so that she would look at him. Luna's face was bright red.

"Are you embarrassed about choosing a book over me?" He asked teasingly.

"I didn't choose it over you!" Luna protested.

"Prove it," Draco demanded

Luna leaned forward a few inches and kissed him passionately. She felt his hands reach under her shirt on her back and press her closer. She smiled. Luna's hand snaked through Draco's hair landing on the back of his neck. She moved her finger along the hair at the nape of his neck while her other hand rested on his chest. After a few minutes, Luna sat up and leaned back against the other side of the couch. Draco smirked at her. She smiled wearily.

Together they walked down the silent corridors until they reached the turn. Draco kissed her forehead before turning and walking towards the Slytherin dorms. Luna skipped happily to Ravenclaw tower.

Luna shrugged of her clothes and put on her pajamas. She lay in bed fantasizing. A sudden though struck her. The Easter holidays were approaching! Luna decided that she would make Draco come to her house. She snuggled into the comforter as sleep crashed over her. Her dreams were filled with her one and only.

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