What he didn't expect.....<3

Hi this is my first ever story! This is part one of twenty-two that I have already written, please tell me what I should add in! Let me know if I should continue this series! ;)
Luna has always felt something for the pale, blond haired, Slytherin, but with girls wanting him left and right will she ever get her chance?

Draco is the Slytherin prince, so when he meets Luna his world is turned upside down! Will Draco ever see her for who she really is or will he always see as the crazy Looney Lovegood?


3. A small accident can lead to happy things!

Luna woke up that morning feeling happier than she ever remembered and she had no idea why. Until......WHAM! It hit her like a punch in the stomach! Draco, taking her hand, looking in her eyes--

"No!" She told herself sternly, "You cannot think about him in that way... He certainly doesn't."

Luna sighed and started getting dressed with the morning sunlight streaming in through the windows. She skipped through the halls humming merrily to herself as she headed towards the Great Hall, thinking hard. Luna was so distracted that she didn't see the person in front of her until she ran directly into their chest falling backwards until..... They caught her. She looked up and saw the person she had run into had been none other than Draco Malfoy! Luna felt her face flush as her arms dangled awkwardly. She tried to speak but all she could manage was to open and close her mouth a few times before giving up. He helped her to regain her footing.

"I'm so sorry!" Luna exclaimed when she could speak again.

"you should really watch where your going, Lovegood" Draco replied with a smirk.

Luna looked at her feet, her face reddening again, and realized all the contents of her bag had fallen to the ground. Sighing she bent down and started picking all of it up. Draco joined her seconds later. When he turned to face her, both of them still on their knees, he shifted all the stuff he was carrying to one arm. He used his free hand to gently push Luna's bangs behind her left ear. Luna had an unfamiliar, yet wonderful sensation in her stomach.

"You should really do something about your hair, it's always in your face..... Then I can't see how beautiful your eyes are," Draco said softly.

"Your only saying that because my eyes look like yours!" Replied Luna teasingly.

Draco laughed before saying, "Maybe, maybe not, what truly matters is, Luna Lovegood.... are you flirting with me?"

Luna smiled wickedly before taking her stuff gently from his arms. She knelt on the ground to put it all back in and felt his warm breath hit the back of her neck. When she looked back up his face was mere inches from hers. He stood up and offered her his hand. This time she didn't hesitate before taking it. As soon as Luna was on her feet she felt electricity run up her arm, and apparently Draco did to because he jerked his hand away just as she was. Luna turned around and was about to leave when he grabbed her wrist. Her eyes widened to the size of gallons as he spun her around to face him.

"I almost forgot something," he said cheekily, pulling something out of his bag.

Luna gasped. It was her charms book!

"I've been looking for that everywhere!" Luna cried out

"I saw that you had left it yesterday and thought I'd be courteous and bring it to you," Draco replied.

She reached for it, but he held it high in the air out of her reach.

"You don't get it that easy!" Draco laughed.

Luna raised an eyebrow at him.

"What do I have to do?" She asked curiously.

Draco blushed.

"Go out with me?" He replied quickly, "Unless you don't want to of course than-"

"Are you kidding me!?!" Luna shrieked jumping into his arms and accidentally pushing him into a wall.

"Oops!" Luna said giggling, "I mean yes"

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