~Rule of Lore: Create Your Own Worlds Competition entry~


1. Trophet

The baron wasteland that is Tophet is laid ridden with the skeletons of its victims. Being one of the creatures unlucky enough to be sent there is a death sentence.

Tophet has no food, not water; nothing. It’s a never-ending desert. The three suns that circle the planet do not allow anything to grow, no life is sustainable. There is no shade, no darkness, no buildings, just the suns and sand. Nothing can habitate this planet for long.

No one is born on Tophet, it is a place of punishment. A place where you’re sent to suffer and die. People get dropped off with a gallon of water, and five pounds of food. Each person rations it differently, but no one survives for long.

The governments of the universe call it a prison planet, but everyone else calls it by it’s most obvious name.


It is all planets’ Hell.

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