Hannah Rose is your average 19 year old. Her bestfriend is Niall Horan. She misses him deeply. Niall misses her so much. Little do they know they have crushes on eachother. What will happen next?


1. "Taste the friggen rainbow!"

Hannah's Pov

Cassie and I looked at the tempting pack of skittles Kayla left earlier to get food and it's been 5 hours since she left, okay... 5 minutes since she left but I am starving. People call me weird but that is how I roll. 


"3 Lovely girls will be coming up onstage with us." Harry says pointing at Cassie, Kayla and I. We go up onstage and I see Niall "Nialler!" I exclaim running into his arms "Hazzie!" He exclaims, I hug him and he wraps his arm around me. "I missed you." I say burying my head in his neck. "I missed you way more." He smiles, I chuckle pulling out skittles that I stole from Cassie's bed. She literally has her whole drawer filled with candy, she calls it her candy time snack. 

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