We're On Lockdown

Everything was fine with Alec's life, even with the city on lock down. But what happens one night after city curfew when someone is breaking into his apartment....


2. 2

The clock turned 10:00 and the bells went off outside. 10:00 was city-wide curfew. "Shit, I'm still here. Mom's going to kick my ass." Jace muttered and I looked at him. "Don't worry, I've talked to her already." Jace nodded and lied down on the couch. I threw a blanket and a pillow at him, locked the door and walked into my room. I changed into my sweats and then saw the napkin sitting on my dresser. I should call that guy. I dialled the number that was written on it and it rung five times before I heard his voice. 



"Who is this?"

"I danced with you at the club. You told me to call you." 

"Oh yeah, sorry. Did you get out alright? Home safe?"

"Yeah, I got out just fine. You okay?" 

"That's good, but yeah I'm okay. Also, I never asked you for your name."

"Oh, my name's Alexander Lightwood, but everyone calls me Alec."

"Hmm, I'd prefer to call you Alexander if you don't mind."

"Oh, well, I don't mind at all. What's your name?"

"Magnus Bane."

"Unique, I like it."

"Unique? Never heard someone describe it that way before but thank you."

"People should say it's unique more often. I've never met a Magnus in my life."

I heard a chuckle. "Again, thank you. Also I'm giving you a compliment, you're very skilled with your tongue."

I blushed. "Th-Thanks."

He laughed. "You're welcome." he paused for a moment. "Is there a chance I could see you again?"

"Um, tomorrow actually. I'm off so we can just go to the mall or something."

"Sounds nice. I'll come get you if you like?"

"That sounds fine. Um, I live at Perry's Apartments, Block C." 

"I'll be there say 12?" 


"Alright." There was yelling in the background. "I have to go Alexander. See you tomorrow."

Magnus's P.O.V

"You almost jeopardized our mission! You might as well have been fucking him!" Raphael yelled as I set down my phone. I smirked, looking him in the eye. "I'll get to that point eventually." He exhaled in frustration and stormed out of my room and into his. I heard his door slam and I grinned in victory. 


Alec's P.O.V

I've never been this nervous in my life. I wasn't even this nervous when that Lydia girl asked me out and I had to tell her right then and there in front of my parents that I was gay. I wasn't this nervous when I went for my job interview. That's when a big black SUV pulled into a parking space and the drivers door opened and Magnus poked his head out and looked up at me.

"Hey there Alexander, get your sexy ass down here so we can go." 


a/n: i swear this is one of my favorites out of all the stories im writing (whether it be on paper, Wattpad, FictionPad..)

Thanks to all of you who read this ^~^


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