Tragedy: two teenagers. One boy. One girl. Each has their fair share of hardships. They are attracted to each other and both have high hopes for more. What will become of them? READ ON! -EmelxKira


3. Party pt.1


It was finally Friday, and I managed to avoid Luke since yesterday’s Lunch period.

“Samantha!” I turned to see my older brother, Connor, running towards me. “Sam. Here,” Connor handed me a folded flyer. “My friend is having a party tonight. We’re going. Okay?” He said and ran off.

“Uh, Okay.” I turned back towards my classroom it was third period, the period before history. I took a deep breath before entering the room. Since the bell hadn’t rung yet, a lot of the students were standing in their groups, talking. I was relieved to find out that Luke wasn’t there yet. I searched for an open seat. I sat in the second to last seat closest to the wall.

I opened the flyer Connor gave me to check the times. “Nine to one: come when you want, with who you want.” Seriously? “What’s that?” I jumped at the question and turned to see Luke beaming down at me.

I quickly folded it and put it away. “It’s nothing.” I replied. Luke sighed heavily shoving his fists into his pockets.

“You gonna avoid me from now on?” He asked.

“No.” I replied.

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t know” I said quietly.

“Well. Sorry about yesterday. Let’s just forget it ever happened. Okay?” He questioned.

I nodded. That’s easy for you to say.

“So was that a party flyer you were looking at?” I nodded.

“Eric’s party? Yeah. I got one too.” He took out a paper from his pocket and held it up as proof. I nodded again.

“Are you going?” He asked. I nodded once more. “My brother asked me to go.” I mentioned.

“Wait. You have a brother?”

“Yes, Connor White, he’s a senior.”

“You mean the football player. Six foot something tall. That’s your brother?”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Yes.”

The bell began to ring and Luke sat down behind me.


It’s now 8:37p.m.

“Samantha! Come on! Please, put on a dress or something, and let’s go!” Connor yelled at me while I was eating the last of the chips and watching TV.

“Fine.” I grunted. I ran upstairs, threw open my closet, and picked the first thing I saw.

I happened to have picked a knee-length, skinny strapped, black dress. I put it on. I quickly fixed my hair to a braid and put on my black high-tops (Converse).

I quickly ran downstairs to find my brother already in the car. “Hurry up, Sam!” He yelled.

I ran and yelled back at him. “You know this’ll count as early, right?” He rolled his eyes. “I know. But Eric wanted me to help out with some stuff, and I don’t want all the food to be gone before I get there.” He laughed as I sat down and buckled the seatbelt. “Okay. Let’s go.” I sighed.

We drove to the house and made it with two minutes to spare before nine.

The house was actually pretty big. It was two stories, had a pool, a porch, and was all really well spaced out. We went inside to find that there were only about five people at the moment.

“Connor, Samantha! Welcome to mi casa!” Eric gave Connor a “bro hug” and smiled at me. Connor followed Eric into the kitchen and they began to talk about something. I decided to walk around a bit. I first went to the living room to sit down, but there was already a couple hogging it. So I decided to go to the back and sit on a lawn chair by the pool. Honestly, I hate pools. I hate the ocean. I hate open water. I wish I could’ve just stayed home.


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