A Zalfie Baby

Zoe and Alfie just found out that they are pregnant.
Zoe is so happy, but Alfie is not sure he is ready for such a big chance.

Zoe and Alfie have to tell their parents, their friends and most importantly, they have to tell all their fans and all of Youtube....


3. A baby?

When does power couple Zoë and Alfie also know as Zalfie get engaged? Are Zoë Sugg and Alfie Deyes pregnant? 

All the questions about why Zoë and Alfie haven’t been on social medias in a week is all over the news this morning.    

‘Why can’t they just leave us alone' Zoë moans.

‘Yea I know’ Alfie say ‘Our management have been calling all morning to see if we were okay with it all, and I just said we were fine, even though we aren’t, but I didn’t want to make any more drama that there already is.’

'Maybe we should just tell them and all of YouTube?’ Zoë asks  

‘Maybe.. I just don't think that we have to tell them everything.. Just for now.. It’s new and exiting for us, and I know that they are a big part of our life’s, but do we really have to tell them now?’ Alfie mutters.     

Exactly a week ago, Zoë and Alfie found out that they were pregnant. Zoë was extremely happy, and so was Alfie but he said he wasn’t just ready for such a big thing now.  


Zoë’s POV:   

Zoë: 'He doesn’t have a choice. He is going to be the best dad in the world. I just know it. I know that he say he isn’t ready, but as soon as the baby comes out of my tummy i know he is going to love it.’   

Louise: ‘Don’t you worry Zoë. I know Alfie, and he is going to be a great dad. I have seen him both with Darcy but also with other babies. He is soooo good with children. I promise you!’  

Zoë: Thank you Chummy! I don't know what I would do without you. I really do love you.. And I know I can go through this..  

Louise: YES you can! And I love you too Chummy! We are going to go through this together! Just call me anytime!   

Zoë: Kay, Byee..   

Louise: Byyeee <3   


Alfies POV:  

Zoë has been on the phone to Louise for 2 hours now. How long can they talk? They’re taking forever Alfie moans to himself.  

How can I let such thing happen? A freaking baby? I’m not ready for that. I mean in the future yes. Definitely. But now? It’s never going to work.

I know Zoë is going to be a good mom, but I’m not sure about me. She deserves someone who can take care of her AND the child…   I just know that Zoë wants to get engaged too. I have the ring and all, but I am not sure it’s the right time now. Well I can always just wait with the proposal. I know she is ready, but I am definitely not... I love her, but she is way more grown up than I am. I just can't imagine me as a dad, as an adult. I still feel 17. Even though I’m already 23. 

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