~The Sequel to 'Little British Girl~
- Decide which side your on -
Three and a half month after Luci kidnapped her birth father, Xander Moore, Elia and her friends are on the run. Both north and south are engulfed in complete and utter chaos, and the resistance and the rebellium are gaining power through an alliance. Both sides want them out of the way, and they have nowhere to be, nowhere where they belong. The four friends must choose a side, the alliance, or the government, a decision that will forever haunt them all.
Nothing is certain, nothing is safe, nothing is lucid.


25. Chapter 25

“Here are the fake files, the first and final two are photocopies, the rest is useless gibberish. Charles won’t suspect a thing...I wish I could be around to see his face when he realises what’s really going on.” Elda grins, handing Annabeth a stack of paper.

“Beverly’s held up, but she’ll be there in time.” Max tells us, his arms folded across his chest, “Grace is with her, they’re both really intrigued about this apparent betrayal.”

“Perfect.” Elda slurs, “There’s no way this plan can fail now. The evidence will be right in front of their eyes.”

“Yes, well if that’s all we’d better pack up what we need and head over to the meeting-place.” Annabeth hurries us, passing the fake files over to Daniel and giving Max a gentle shove towards the stairs. “We’d better pack our bags too, you know, just in case.” Daniel sighs, walking over to me.

“Always the optimist my cousin,” he whispers in my ear, “But she’s right you know. We should get packed, I have a flight to New York booked for us at four am. New lives together, remember? Watson & Jackson?”

“How could I forget?” I smile, linking my arm inside his and standing on my tip toes to kiss him on the forehead. “But isn’t New York a bit busy for a quiet life in hiding?”

“We’re getting a connecting flight to Florida afterwards, don’t worry, I’ve got this all planned out. I spoke to your dad last night, he leant me some money to help keep you safe.”

“You spoke to my dad about us running away? Daniel-”

“He was fine about it, in fact, he was really happy for you,” he cuts me off, placing his free hand on my shoulder, “He just wants you to feel safe and loved.”

“Okay...but what if he tells the others?” I can’t help but worry.

He won’t,” Daniel assures me, “Just relax. Come on, didn’t you hear Annabeth? We need to pack.”

“I’ll be up there in a minute,” I promise him, “I just want to talk to my dad first. You know, say my goodbyes.”

“Of course.” He smiles warmly, turning around and heading upstairs to start packing his things.

I find my father in the kitchen, washing up the plates from breakfast this morning. I move to stand beside him, picking up a cloth and beginning to scrub them dry for him. For a minute or two neither one of us say anything, we just focus on our work, but before long the silence becomes too much for me, and I break.

“I know Daniel told you we’re leaving.” I state, biting my lip as I wait for a response.

“He certainly loves you very much, it’s the sort of relationship I never could find.” He sighs, not looking me in the eye, still staring down at the dirty dishes.

“Are you- are you upset? It feels like I’ve only been here five minutes and now I’m leaving again and we’ve barely had a chance to really bond and-”

“We’ve spent most of our lives apart.” My father reminds me, interrupting my mindless rambling, “Finding each other so late on in life means that we’ll always be making up for lost time, it will always feel like we’re parting too soon. Besides, we’ve bonded, haven’t we? I got to meet my daughter, my beautiful, brave, stunning daughter who was better than I ever imagined,” he takes my face in his hands, meeting my eyes with his own, “And as long as your happy, and as long as your safe, then I don’t really care where you are...I’ve already spent more time with you than I ever thought I would.” I can’t help it. Listening to his words...hearing his ode to me, staring into his eyes- it all just gets too much for me, and before I know it, I’m in tears.

“I-I I really love you dad…” I bawl, unable to make it to the end of my sentence.

“I love you too my beautiful girl.” He murmurs, pulling me closer to him, encasing me firmly in his arms. I cry into his shirt, still not in control of my emotions. I feel his body shaking, and I know that he’s in tears now too. We’re both standing still together, hugging, a father and his daughter, two emotional wrecks.

After what feels like a lifetime we eventually force ourselves apart, standing back, both of us blushing intensively. I cast him one last smile then turn to head upstairs, ready at last to pack up my things and leave. Before I make it to the stairs however, I notice Annabeth stood quietly by the window, gazing out, her expression unreadable. I take one look at her and automatically know that something is wrong, that something is bothering her, and I know what I have to do. Turning around, I head on over to stand next to her, gently placing my hand on her shoulder.

“You okay?” I ask casually, trying to sound supportive without being patronising.

“In all” Annabeth shakes her head, still staring out of the window.

“Are you nervous about the meet-up?” I guess, “Look I know it feels like we’re just going around in circles at the moment but I really think with Elda on our side that this might actually work and-”

“I’m not nervous about failing, I-I’m nervous about...about winning.” Annabeth confesses, grimacing, “I’ve spent most of my life working for these people, trying to bring the system down, and know what? I’m essentially working to save it. I just feel like five seconds ago everything was fine and I knew where I stood, where I belonged, but I don’t have a clue, and the worst part is I have no idea really how it came to this.” I can see tears brimming in the corners of her eyes as she tries to hold it all together. The rebel destroying the rebellion.

“You’re not destroying any hope of a new system without zoning though, are you? You’re just trying to take down the alliance because their methods are unethical and wrong.” I remind her, “I’m sure once Grace realises what Charles is up to she’ll work on making the resistance stronger, without the rebellium's influence. Things might even return to a close-to-normal state after a few months, who knows?” I know the reasoning well, because I’ve been reciting it to myself for weeks on end. Xander Moore killed my mother, and now I’m working to take down a team of people who want to see him suffer, surely I should be on there side? And yet, here I am, working to destroy the alliance. The vague hope of some form of normality in the distant future is my only motivation to keep on going on these missions, even after they all seem to fail. I look up to Annabeth and try to read her expression as she thinks about what I have just said, wondering if the look in her eye is one of confusion or disbelief.

“I-I suppose you’re right,” Annabeth nods slowly, “I’m just standing by my morals.”

“Exactly.” I grin, glad to hear some energy returning to her voice. “Now how about we both head upstairs and get packing, hm?”

“Sure, I suppose it would be wrong to defy my own orders.” Annabeth smiles, even managing a small laugh. I laugh with her and we move upstairs, parting at the doorways to our rooms. I’m slightly surprised to see Daniel stood over my suitcase when I enter.

“Sorry, you were taking a while so I started packing your bag for you.” He explains, moving out the way to reveal the first few stages.

“That’s absolutely fine, thank you for helping.” I grin, walking over and starting to fold up my tops and jeans. He gives me a hand, brushing the dirt of the bottoms of my shoes and placing them neatly down into my bag.
“How did things go with your dad?” He asks, making conversation.

“Really really well, we had a good talk.” I sigh, reliving the conversation over in my head. Daniel smiles, glad to see me happy. He gets up and stands behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck softly.

“I can’t wait to run away with you…” He trails off. I place my final top down into my suitcase,  turning around to face him so I can look him in the way.

“Me neither,” I promise him, “I love you Daniel.”

“I love you too Elia.” He says, leaning in to kiss me. We’re interrupted a couple of seconds later by the sound of the clock striking two. “It’s time.” He sighs, as we both realise what the noise means.

“Let’s go take down the alliance.”

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