For the heart broken competition I do not own the cover just the poem itself


1. HeartBroken


Well it started at school on valentine's day February 14th.

And It was also the Valentine's day dance and you where.

there you walked in the room I look to my right I saw you.

Standing there in the door way I blushed red  he said "hi" I said

"Hi" back he stares at me in the eye's. I wrote would you be

my valentine on a piece of paper and I put the note in your

locker. You open your locker door the note fell on the floor.

I pick it up off the floor and hand it back to you I blush when.

I hand it back to you. You read the note you circle the word or.

I made you another note and you circle No. You Broke my heart.

I told my friend she said "I'm so sorry "he broke your heart do you still like "valentine day". "no" I said

"I'm going home" so I went home but instead took a turn in the wood's

And I saw the blood river and a wolf howling and than I want home with a broken heart.

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