1. Tom

I Watched Harry dreamily from the other side of the grand hall. We would be perfect together! If only he would notice me. He turned his head in my direction and my face blushed bright red. I turned my head away. But not before I saw Ron smirking at me from the seat next to Harry. How I wish I could have that seat!

After dinner I headed up to my dorm to write in my diary.

Dear Tom,

I am at despair over my feelings for Harry. I feel I cannot live without him in my life. Do you have any ideas of what I can do? I would do anything! Ginny x

You would do anything for me if it means you get Potter...

Yes! Do you have a plan?

I do. Let me think...

I closed my diary to let Tom ponder over his plan. I really hope this works! I would trust Tom with my life. He has been a trustworthy companion for me for many weeks now and don't intend on ever leaving him again.

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