2. My Wrist

I sat at the stands cheering. Harry was playing another Quidditch match for Gryfindoor against Ravenclaw. He was by far the best player ever. Harry even scored the golden snitch! Afterwards I went on a walk to find a nice place to write in my diary.

I sat down on a nearby bench and started to write.

Dear Tom,

Have you thought of a plan yet?

Why yes Ginny Weasley I have...

I squealed in delight and a few slitherins glared at me. I blushed and went back to my diary.

What is it Tom? Tell me!

Okay. So all I need you to do is cut your wrist and put a drop of your blood in here then I can do whatever I want. Including helping you get Harry.

I gasped but found my self reaching for a thorn on the ground. I sliced my wrist slowly, wincing in agony and the dropped some blood on the page.

All good, Ginny. Mmmmm, very good.

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