Crime Vs. Crime

What happens Friday night at a bar? Well if you are 17 years old and at a bar, then you should just turn around. Because we didn't. We were being stupid, and that got us in this stupid mess. So what happens at the bar stays at the bar. If you tell, then you better run. That was another mistake that we made. And now we are on the run. This is a silly game they have us in. Crime Vs. Crime.


7. Why am I in an Asylum?

New York City, the place were you go to get away from it all. Where broken hearts go to be fixed. Where run away's come to live. Where about anyone wants to be. Ha, that's a lie. It's nothing but a big city full of the same. Rich, poor,,the lucky, the homeless,,the loved, the hated,,the have done's, the have yet to do's. This is New York City, this is where the full game will take place. 


I sighed and stepped out of the car. Jame, Kyle, and Emma right behind me. "What do we do now?" Em asked. Ky shrugged. "Play the damn game until we when." He said. I felt a pain. "But what if this game goes as far as murdering someone?" I asked. James wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Don't sweat it Mia, we will handle this and it won't go that far." He said. I smiled at the three of them. I followed them into the hotel, but I never dared to say another word. I sat down in the lobby as Em and Ky went to get us two rooms. James sat down next to me. 


"You know I would never let it go that far." He said. I turned and smiled at him. "I know, but I just think this whole thing is a bad idea." I state. He let out a long sigh. "If we could go back home and live our normal lives again, then I would, but you know we can't." He said. "I know, but what happens if we fail?" I asked. He shrugged at me and I frowned. This isn't what I wanted my life to come too, but hey, here I am. "I don't know Mia, I just don't, and there is nothing I can do if something bad happens." He said. I didn't say anything, instead I nodded and looked down at my feet. 


"Mia, James, we have a room come on." Emma said. I looked at her. "Am I bunking with Mia?" James asked. I shot him a glare. "No, you are bunking with Ky, and I am bunking with Mia." Em said with a big smile. Kyle gave her a playful glare. "But I don't want to bunk with El Jameso." He said. James chuckled and wrapped his arm around Ky's shoulders. "Oh, but man you are stuck with me." He said. Kyle let out a sigh and side stepped, making James take a header into the floor. We all laughed at him as he stood up. "That was not funny." He said taking the key from Emma. "Whatever you say." She said to him. 


Me and Emma finally were making our way to our room. We stopped at room 103 and unlocked it with the key card. "Mia, what do you think about all of this?" She asked as we sat down on the beds. I shrugged. "I don't know, I think we should just go back home." I state.  Which is a good idea. "But we can't and you know that." She cried. I let out a groan and fell back into the bed. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, because if we go back to our families then they die then we die, whatever." I say. She turned to me and gave me a worried look. I ignored her and rolled over in the bed. 


"Yeah, whatever Mia." She said softly. I closed my eyes wanting sleep to take over. They last thing I felt and heard before drifting off to sleep was Emma signing a song and pulling the covers over me. I smiled one last time, then drifted off into the darkness we call sleep. 


"All I am saying is that we kill them, they are going to ruin our plains." I rough voice said. "No, they must live, I have plains for them." A light female voice said. It was dark, cold and wet were I was sitting. I let out a small crying sound. "Oh shut up, your friends will come for you soon." The rough voice laughs. I felt his cold, dry hand on my bare shoulder. "Ray, leave the poor girl alone, we don't want her to be scared of us, now do we?" The female  asked. The hand was removed from my shoulder. "No ma'am." He said in a whinny voice. 


They went on making sounds that sounded like jars clinking together. "Okay, dear, this is only going to lot." The female voice said right and front of me. I felt my heart beat pick up. I shook my head back and forth letting out a cry. "Hold still." She said. "P-please d-don't." I finally manged to say. The woman let out a sigh. "Roy, could you please hold miss Mia still." She said. "Yes ma'am." Roy said back. 


I felt his arms garb me and hold me. But, I kicked and punched and cried. I didn't want to die, not today. "No, Please! No! Stop! Don't do it!" I cried out. The man who was holding me lost his grip. I ran. As I ran I reached up and took the blind fold off. It looked like I was in some kind of lab. I ran through the two big white doors and out into a white hallway. A man standing out there looking at a clip bored looked up. "Hey, you aren't supposed to be out here, come here." He said. 


I freaked out again and ran away. Where was I going? I had no idea. I ran through another pair of white door. Five people, that looked like the got hit by a bus, turned and looked at me. They all looked insane. "She went this way!" A voice yelled. Shit! I saw a window behind the people. I ran for it. I opened the window just when the three people in white jackets came in. I turned to face them. "Now, Mia, please come with us, we are trying to help." The short blonde woman said. I held up my middle finger to them and jumped out the window and down two stories. 


The last thing on my mind was: Why am I in an Asylum?  

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