Crime Vs. Crime

What happens Friday night at a bar? Well if you are 17 years old and at a bar, then you should just turn around. Because we didn't. We were being stupid, and that got us in this stupid mess. So what happens at the bar stays at the bar. If you tell, then you better run. That was another mistake that we made. And now we are on the run. This is a silly game they have us in. Crime Vs. Crime.


5. James POV for play #1

"All you have to do is get us free food." Emma said, as I was trying to put gas in my car. "How does this work again?" I asked staring at the hose and my car. She sighed and told me to take the hose thingy and put it into the hole. Ooops. Hehe, dirty minded. I looked around my car. "I mean you just have to find a way to steal food..." Emma said thinking. "Where is the hole?" I asked. Emma stopped thinking and glared at me. "Isn't it on the other side of your car?" she said. The light bulb clicked. "Maybe you can act homeless or something like that?" Emma went on. I turned to look in the window of the cafe. Mia and Kyle were talking. "Or maybe you can cause a distraction and Kyle can steal the food..." she went on. I tried walking the hose around my car, but it didn't reach that far. So, I went back. "I just think that stealing food is a good way to start this game..." she kept talking, her back now turned on me. "Umm...? Emma, how do I do this?" I asked again. She sighed and took the hose and did it her self. The hole was on this side of the car. 


After we were done with that, we went into the cafe and sat with Kyle and Mia. Mia seemed to be in her own little world. She was staring out the window, watching something. I turned to see what was there, but there was nothing. I turned back to Em and Ky. "So you want us to steal food?" Ky asked, Em nodded. "Got any ideas Unicorn?" I asked. Kyle turned to me. "Don't call me that...and yes this unicorn has and idea, come on." he said and stood up. I stood up as well and fallowed him to the bathroom. "What were you and Mia talking about?" I asked him. He turned to me. "Nothing, really, she just seemed a little out of it, so I asked if she was okay." He said. I started at him. "What?" He asked. I sighed. Our little flower must be sitting out there with Emma wondering how we got in this mess. "What did she say?" I asked. "That she was fine." he answered. 


The most perfect idea popped in my head right at that moment. "How are we gonna do this?" Ky asked. I smiled. "Leave that to me." I said. He looked mortified. I couldn't figure out why he was though. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a black fake mustache and put it on. "Hello, I am El Jameso." I said with an Spanish accent. Ky face palmed himself. I smiled and pulled out a mustache for him. "Put it on." I said still in a Spanish accent. "Do you just carry these things around with you?" He asked. What, a man should always have emergency mustaches at all times.  "Yes, yes I do." I said. He stopped for a minute. "That doesn't surprise me." he said. 


Just then, we hears to voices coming to the bathroom door. Kyle sighed and slipped the black mustache on. Then two men, wearing blue and white stripped uniforms, walked in. The stopped in front of us. "Did you guys like dye you mustaches or something?" He asked and both laughed. I turned to Ky. "Oh, El Kyleo, did you here what they said about our manly facial hair?" I asked back in the Spanish accent. "Um...yeah, El Jameso, I heard, get them." Kyle said in a horrible accent. I rolled my eyes at his bad acting skills. And in fast motions, I grabbed a trash can and threw it at one of the men and knocked him out. Kyle took hold of the other man, slamming his head into the bathroom wall. \


Making sure they weren't dead, which they weren't, we took there uniforms and put them on. Then I grabbed one of the bodies and dragged it into a stall. "El Kyleo, grab his body and bring him here." I said still acting. Ky rolled his eyes and grabbed the other body. He dragged him in the same stall. I closed the stall with a sigh. "Let us go." Ky said. I nodded in agreement. 


Just as we were leaving, another man was entering. I stopped him from going past me. "If I were you, I would stay out of stall one." I whispered in his ear. He gave me a look, then I let him go. I hopped he would take my advise. 


I made my way into the kitchen. Okay, free food, free food. "Oh, Mark there you are, I need you to work Cashier." A big man said pulling me to the cashier. I turned to see Kyle. "And you Billy, take out the trash." The big man said to him. Ky nodded and did has told. 


I stood at the front counter and saw Emma and Mia still sitting there. Em looked over at me and her eyes went big. I smiled back at her. Her smile grew as she said something to Mia. Mia wasn't paying attention, so Em snapped her out of her thoughts. They said something to one another, then stood up and made there way over to me. Emma stepped up to the counter and ordered. "Can I have a frappuccino and a donut please." She said. Mia laughed at her, which I found cute. Our little fairy laughing. Em turned to her. "What do you want?" She asked Mia. Mia thought for minute. "I don't want anything, but thanks." She finally said. The big boss man coughed and glared at me. Oh yeah. "Is that all miss?" I asked. I saw Mia freeze and turn to me. "James?" she asked. 


I turned to her with a big smile. "Yep Miss Mia, it;s me, hey trust me on this one." I told her. Emma went on laughing. The small pixie was in her own little world why we were talking over at the table. "Trust you on what?" Mia sort of snapped in a whispering tone. I sighed. "We need free food somehow, so I can give it to you for free." I said. She looked me up and down. Yep, Mia I am sexy. "Where did you get that uniform?" She asked. I smiled even bigger, if possible, making the mustache sort of fall off. "Did you know they have these bad boys just laying around back here?" I asked, not wanting to tell her I threw a trash can at a man. Just then Kyle was standing behind me. "Actually, we knock out two men in the back bathroom, don't go back there." He said. Really, he just told her. Mia turned to Em, who was still laughing, I don't know why though. "What all did I miss?" Mi asked Em. Emma shrugged. "You remember the game, well, while we were getting gas I got a text saying make your first move, well stealing food is our first move." Emma explained. 


The day went by, we ate, and then everything went back to normal, except I kept El Jameso in my pocket. 

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