Crime Vs. Crime

What happens Friday night at a bar? Well if you are 17 years old and at a bar, then you should just turn around. Because we didn't. We were being stupid, and that got us in this stupid mess. So what happens at the bar stays at the bar. If you tell, then you better run. That was another mistake that we made. And now we are on the run. This is a silly game they have us in. Crime Vs. Crime.


6. Car Ride


This is back to Mia's POV


I was sitting in the passenger seat, watching the trees and the grass go by. Emma was in the back seat sleeping, James was sitting beside her doing something on his phone, Kyle was driving. I sighed and Ky looked over at me, then back to the road. "You okay?" He asked me. I turned to face him and smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine, where are we heading again?" I asked. "New York, we are just about 5 hours away now." He said. I was about to say something when James's head popped between mine and Kyle's. "You two flirting?" He asks. I shoved his head back into the back seat. I turn, still trying to hold James in the back, and see Ky blushing. 


I was going to say something again, when James pulls me into the back seat by my arm. "What the hell guys! I am driving!" Ky snapped. Him snapping woke Emma up with a start. I was now in the back seat on James's lap. "What the flipping pancakes is going on?" She asked. Then she saw me punching and trying to get away from Mr.Creepy, aka James. "James s-stop." I say laughing as he tickles my side. I fall to the floor of the van. "Put on seat belts!" Ky snapped. "Ouch that's my foot!" Em screamed. "Help me." I laughed out. "This unicorn is ticklish." James says. 


"That's it." Em said climbing over me. She climbs all the way into the front passenger seat, where I once was. Kyle looked back for a short moment glaring at Jammy. I laughed even harder, if possible. I tried to hit Jammy in the chest to get him to stop, but I needed more air to be stronger then him. "James let her breath, she isn't a fish." Em says. James stops and climbs back into his seat. "Seat belt!" Ky snapped at him. By the time he was belted in, I was able to breath again. 


I climbed into the seat next to Jammy and snapped my belt into place. Then I turned to face Em. "Fish also need oxygen." I state. She groans. "Ugh, you are such a nerd Mia, You need to be more like me." She says. "I think I will pass on that." I giggle. She glares at me. "What is that suppose to mean?" She cries. Kyle, James, and I all laugh, then Em joins. Then the moment was ruined by the idiot. "I don't get it." James says. The three of us go back to laughing at him. "What, I am being honest, I don't get it." He states. 


The car ride became quite once more. Emma was now driving, Kyle was now asleep, and James was string out the window. I smiled as I looked at all three of them. My three best friends, forever and always. Even if they are a bunch of idiots that get me into trouble, when I did nothing. I still love all three of them. 

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