Crime Vs. Crime

What happens Friday night at a bar? Well if you are 17 years old and at a bar, then you should just turn around. Because we didn't. We were being stupid, and that got us in this stupid mess. So what happens at the bar stays at the bar. If you tell, then you better run. That was another mistake that we made. And now we are on the run. This is a silly game they have us in. Crime Vs. Crime.


3. Bar Games

"Mia, get your ass in the car." James said. I turned to him, feeling a little sick. "I had no idea we would have to drive this far, you know I have car sickness." I stated. James sighed, as I turned to throw up the rest of my beer. Yay me. "Don't worry girl take your time, James is just hungry and he can wait." Emma said. I threw up once more. How did we get into this mess you may be asking, well let me tell you, this is a stupid bar game. 

***Flashback to last night***

I walked out of my house and hoped into the car. James was driving, Emma in the passenger seat, and Kyle sitting in the back with me. I sighed when the car started. "Is it a long drive to the bar?" I asked, already sick of the car. Emma turned around and handed me some pills. "They help with car sickness, I doubt you need them why we drive half a mile, but you never know." she said. I popped the pills in my mouth. Kyle turned to me. "You took random pills that Em just gave to you?" he asked. 


To be fair, Kyle had a point. Don't trust anything Emma gives to you. She may be pretty, but she is deadly. Never, I repeat, Never take random pills that she hands to you. 


"Too late now." I pointed out. He nodded and turned to face the front again. "Hey Mia, was your mother okay with you going to the bar?" James asked. I froze. "Oh, yeah totally, she was fine with it." I laughed. Kyle, Emma and James, since we were at at a red light, turned to me. "You didn't tell her, did you?" Emma asked. I nodded. "Great, now the innocent one is lying." James yelled as he started driving again. We all laughed. 


We finally made it to the bar. We all got out and turned to face the loud booming building. My head starting ringing, like it always does when something bad is about to happen. "Oww." I said and touched my head in pain. "Mia you okay?" Kyle asked. Emma was staring at me. "Oh, come on, that has to be fake, nothing bad is going to happen." She snapped. 


What she didn't know was that she was wrong. We walked into the bar. My head still ringing in pain. There were man and woman of all ages here. There were creepy men, hot ones, and even nerdy ones. The women here were only here because of the men, I could tell by the swimming suits they were wearing. Well they are wearing cloths, but so little of it that it looked like they were going to a five year old swimming party. 


We sat down, got some drinks and went to talking. "See, I told you nothing bad will happen." Em said. Her red lips in a smile. Just then three really creepy men sat down with us. James and Kyle glared at them. Emma and I just scooted back a little to keep our distance. "Can we help you?" Kyle asked. "If you are looking for the ice cream truck then I am afraid that you missed it." James said. Emma gave me a really look, and I tried not to laugh. 


The three men glared and snarled at us. "Aren't you four a little young to be in a place like this?" One man asked. Of course, James was the one to shoot back. "Aren't you a little old to be looking for the ice cream truck?" He asked. I faced palmed myself. Kyle looked ready to slap James. Great. 


"How about we play a game then?" Then man went on. "A game? What kind of game?" I asked. The man turned to his friends. "Told you the girly talks." he said. James stood up, about ready to punch. "Why are you over here because of her?" He said, pointing at me. The men laughed. "The game is easy, if you are willing to play." The man went on. "Hey, boss, don't they have to play the game anyway?" The other man asked. The 'boss' nodded. James sat back down and let out a sigh. "Fine, what is this game?" He asked. "Glad you asked, all you have to do is top the crime chart." The man said. 


I looked at Emma and she looked at me. "The crime chart?" she asked. The man nodded with a big smile. "As in..." Kyle went on. "As in you start by doing a small crime, and you slowly work your way to a deadly one, if you refuse or fail, then you are taken out of the game, as in you are killed." The man said. Then with that he stood up and left with his friends. 

***End of Flashback***

So that is how we ended up driving all night out of town and into the middle of no where. I threw up once more then walked back to the car and sat down on the hood. "Need a mint?" Em asked and I nodded. She handed me one and I took it. Then she handed my the car sickness pills. I took those as well. "Can we go get food now?" James asked. Kyle smacked him on the back of the head. "You are evil when you are hungry." he said to James. James just smiled. "I guess I need a snickers bar." He said. Then we all got back into the car, and drove off. 

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