The Unknown

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4. Scott's Confession

It was the end of the day and i was back home lying on my bed. Dave had messaged me telling me he was on his way here in his car.

Oscar was downstairs with Cody. I wondered if Lewis was coming over. I Liked listening to his voice when he sang. It calmed me. Oscar never lets me sit and watch them though because I 'get in the way'.

I really need to ask Scott what's going on with those boys. I can sense something is wrong and I need to know what it is. After all he is my friend so I'm going to be here for him. Speaking of I hear the door knock. I race downstairs to answer.


Two tall boys stared down at me. Yes did I mention I'm very small compared to the other boys. It was Lewis and Tyler.

"Hi" I smiled at Lewis. I let them in following them into the living room where all there instruments were set up.

"Finally" Oscar spoke up impatiently.

"Hello to you too" Lewis took out his guitar and adjusted the strap. I realised I was just staring at him and looked away hoping no one noticed.

"What song do you want to play" Tyler asked.

"We haven't played American idiot for a while" Oscar started testing out his drums. Cody was setting up his bass as Lewis strummed on his guitar.

"I know I've probably asked you this before but how did you learn to play" I looked at Lewis.

"I self taught" he smiled up at me still playing lightly. "I could teach you if you wanted"

I nodded to him with excitement in my eyes. His smile spread wider and all I could think was how amazing he was.

"I could teach you better" Tyler said. I snapped out of my thoughts just as Oscar began telling me to leave. "Okay jeez I was only waiting for Dave, he's here now"

I went to let them in and led them upstairs. I'm a good girl before you get any ideas. Just because I live in my brothers house doesn't mean I get away with shit. Besides, I like Lewis.

"Make yourself at home" I said as they tossed themselves on my bed and I shut the door to drown the loud music from downstairs.

"Ooo panties, are they used"

"Omg DAVE" I grabbed them out his hands.

They both laughed at me and started joking around. At least Scott was being himself despite me being here. That reminds me.

"Scott what happened at lunch" He turned his head to look at me.

"what do you mean" "I saw those two boys push past you and tell you to watch it" his smile dropped from his face "you got beef with them?" I asked.

"No.. I mean.. I don't know" I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Recently I've been getting weird looks from them... And every time I see them they're always watching me" Dave sat up "what do you mean watching you"

"Watching me Dave, you know two eyes following you" Scott snapped and I held back my laugh. This was serious I shouldn't be laughing.

"Have you ever spoken to them?"

"No, I don't know what it is with them. I've seen them hanging out with this older dude... He creeps me out the most"


"By the woods near my house, I've been seeing him the last week or so... Just watching me and giving me this look as if to say he's out to get me"

"Okay that's just weird" I stated

"Maybe he has a crush on you" Dave joked and got hit with a pillow.

"Shut up this isn't funny"

"I know I'm sorry" Dave said still laughing "well if it helps you can stay at my house tonight and I'll drive you to school in the morning" Scott nodded.

Music started blaring in the background and Lewis voice rang in my ears. For the rest of the evening me and the boys just hung out until end of band practice and then they all left to go home.

"Byeee" I was waving to Dave and Scott in the car as they drove off. I hoped he would be okay. That guy he told me about sounded scary. I mean if I was in his shoes I wouldn't be able to sleep. The band was just about to leave too so I went and gave them all a hug.

"See you tomorrow" Cody said to me as he stepped out.

"Hey where's my hug" Tyler pulled me into him and I giggled. I turned my head and saw Lewis and smiled as he got closer and wrapped me in a long warm hug. He got a longer hug than the others. After they'd gone I turned to face Oscar who was looking at me as if I had something on my face.


"Don't act stupid, I know what's going on"

"What are you on about"

"You Like Lewis"

"As a friend yes"

"No more than a friend and don't deny it" I stayed silent and felt my cheeks burning.

"See it's written all over your face don't think I haven't noticed Rose"

"Okay so what yeah I like him, what you going to do say I can't see him"

"No actually I just wanted to hear you say it"

"Oscar I swear to god that's not funny" he laughed at me "It is aww but bless my little sissy has a crush"

"Shut up"

"Do you want to order Pizza?"


"Okay here's the phone" I rolled my eyes at him as I knew he tricked me.

"But Oscar don't tell him okay" He looked at me with a considerate smile.

"I won't... I Promise"


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