The Unknown

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7. Party

It was the new day and I didn't see Dave until Lunch.

"DAVE" I ran up to him and we hugged.

"Missed me that much huh" he laughed hugging me back.

"Where were you this morning?"

"My car broke down"

"Already" I laughed at him and looked around.

"Where's Scott"

"I don't know I haven't seen him today" Dave said as we made our way to our table joining the other guys.

Shortly after I spotted Casey walking in the Canteen with her boys following behind. Only this time I couldn't believe my eyes. Scott was with them.

"Is that who I think it is" I asked the other boys as they all turned to see him. He looked completely different and confident, he wasn't the Scott I knew. His long curly hair had gone and had been cut short to match the style of Casey's boys. He had a more muscular body and seemed taller. His down to earth side had completely vanished as had girls staring after him and gossiping.

"What the hell happened to him" Oscar screeched.

"Must of hit puberty overnight" Tyler added uninterested.

"Oh my god Pubeeerty" Cody laughed. I turned back around as me and the boys discussed and watched what was going on. As we carried on staring dumbfound at Scott, Dave had a message come through.

"Scott's invited us to a party later tonight"

"Where" Lewis questioned.

"Some dudes house, it starts at seven"

"Sounds cool, I'm In" Cody stated. "Scott's going to be my new best friend, I mean I want some of whatever he's got"

"Thanks Cody, replacing me for another" Tyler uttered.

"No, I could never replace you Ty" Cody turned looking at him. "Scott would never be able to play guitar like you" Tyler's face lit up to the compliment.

The bell went signalling the end of Lunch. We'd arranged to meet up at my house before going to the party. Lets just hope tonight is fun. It would be a nice end to the week.



 I came downstairs to the sight of dressed up boys with a strong scent of cologne filling the room. Damn they looked good. They all turn and looked at me as I joined the room.

"what you guys talking about" I asked while eyeing Lewis.

"how long girls take to get ready" Cody said sarcastically.

"well it takes time to look that good" Lewis stuck up for me while I caught sight of Oscar smirking. I blushed and turned to the floor.

"Are we going to this party or what?" Dave asked impatiently.

"Yes lets go" we all piled into Dave's car and made our way to the party.

"This better not be a shit party" Tyler complained.

"Everybody is going so I doubt it"

After about ten minutes Dave turned the corner and you could already hear the music from down street. Bright lights illuminating from the house and cars pulled up everywhere.

"Woo Party!" Dave shouted out the window at some girls walking by. I laughed at him as he pulled up on the pavement.

We all got out the car and followed the crowd inside. We all split in different directions but me and Dave stayed close and walked into the lounge filled with people dancing.

"This place is huge" I shouted over the music.

"What" Dave shouted back. I repeated what I said and he nodded. We stood there awkwardly looking around when I saw Scott in the corner surrounded by a group of girls. I was about to tell Dave but saw Casey walking over to us.

"Hey guys, you seen Tyler?"

"He was with us when we got here but don't know where he went" Dave replied.

"okay thanks, you enjoying the party?"

"yeah seems goods far, you?"

"I don't know what party you're at but this is shit" Casey laughed. Soon after a boy I didn't recognise joined us and put his arm around Casey.

"Hey Babe, what's going on?"

"Oh I just bumped into these two and thought I'd say hi"

"How's it going Dave?" the boy asked.

Dave nervously nodded his head. I looked confused between the two.

"How's the stuttering?" the boy smirked.

Casey hit his chest and whispered something to him.

"Sorry this is Cameron" Casey said turning to me.

"Her boyfriend" Cameron added.

"I'm Rose" I smiled at them awkwardly.

"Okay hope you enjoy the rest of the party see you later" Casey said dragging Cameron with her.

I turned back to Dave suspicious of what just happened.

"Since when do you talk to them?"

"I don't"

I raised an eyebrow.

"I'm going to get a drink" Dave rushed off leaving me standing alone. He could be less obvious trying to avoid the subject.

I looked around trying to find one of the boys when a guy stumbled up to me, drink in his hand and stinking of beer.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing alone" he leaned against the wall almost falling into me.

"I'm n-not alone" I stuttered taking a step back.

"Well I don't see you standing with anybody" he stumbled closer. I stayed quiet and was unsure what to do.

"How about you and me go outside?" I shook my head at him. "N-no thanks"

"Come on, I've got some friends you can meet" he laughed taking another drink.

I shook my head again and turned to walk away when he took hold of my arm. "Where do you think you're going"

I struggled out of his grip "Let me go!"

He started getting angry and tightened his grip on my arm when he got pulled back and slammed against the wall held up by his shirt.

"Touch her again ill break your neck" the guy holding him threatened. "You hear me" he ruffed him up. The drunk guy nodded fear filled in his eyes. Releasing him he hurried away.

"Are you okay" the guy turned to me with a more gentle voice while checking me over. "Did he hurt you" his hands shockingly warm began smoothly running over my arm.

"No, I'm okay... Thank you" I smiled up at him. He had tanned skin and short black hair. His right arm inked with a tribal tattoo. His dark brown eyes connected with mine and he smiled back at me.

"Don't mention it" his voice sweet and sincere. "I'm Mason" he let go of my arm making me miss the heat.

"Rose" I blushed at him.

"Rose" he repeated as if testing it on his tongue. I held back my giggle and looked at the floor.

"Well Rose, if you need me just give me a call" we smiled at each other again. I nodded and watched him walk away. He glanced at me one last time before turning the corner while I zoomed back into reality and the music got louder.

About an hour later I'd had one too many drinks and was dancing with the guys.

"Lewieeeee" I called him over and hung onto his neck. "Dance with meee" I pleaded.

He laughed and held me closer. I was clinging too him as he shook his head not wanting to dance.

"Lewiee pleaseee" he stumbled backwards as he struggled to hold me up.

"Nooooo" he laughed at me.

"But" i pouted at him.

"Don't pull the sad face" He started tickling me making me laugh.

"Lewisss ssstop" I tried to escape but he grabbed hold of me trapping me between him and the wall. I was still smiling when I turned to look up at him. His dark blue eyes dilated as he leaned closer. His hands fell loosely on my waist as his breath hit mine. He looked to my lips the back to my eyes. Impatiently I closed the distance between us and our lips touched. My hands wrapped around his neck and ran through his hair as he kissed me back and pushing me against the wall. Before things got too heated he pulled away leaving me wanting more.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for that" he smiled down at me. I leaned into his chest giving him a hug. My eyes started closing as I felt myself getting weaker.

"Rose, do you want to go home" I hummed in reply already half asleep. I felt the weight lift from my feet as Lewis picked me up. I snuggled closer into his chest and fell fast asleep smiling at our first kiss.




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