The Unknown

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2. Magic Drain


"Careful, Cody might come up and grab you" I smirked while my friend laughed for longer than I expected.

"Why you still laughing" I giggled at her.

"You said come"

I rolled my eyes at her and her dirty mind.

Casey and I were best friends, we connected in a way nobody else would. We just fit perfectly. If soul mates exist I knew that she was mine.

"What you on about he's going to come up and grab me, Rose why would he be down the drain" I looked at her and knew she thought I was crazy but we both just burst out laughing and I attempted to explain my craziness. The thing is once I'm comfortable with someone this is the side they get to meet, my imagination and thoughtful insane side that not everybody understands, but Case did.

We said our goodbyes like always and made our separate ways home. Once I was home I opened the door to loud bangs. It was my brother Oscar don't worry, nothing dirty here.. He plays the drums.

"Hey Roseee"

"Hey, I thought you were out with the guys" I walked over to him sweat already wreaking from his shirt.

"No change of plans, I guess we found it boring without you and Case" his cheeky grin showed.

"Oh whatever tell me the truth what happened" I shoved him making him giggle.

"We all went off in the woods, except Tyler... He locked us out, but yeah they were all running off and weren't answering me when I shouted so I just walked home"

"Aww Oscieee"

"So how was your three hour talk with Case"

"Okay no with the sarcasm, she's my bestie I do what I want-"

"NO and that wasn't sarcasm that was a fact"

"I can't help it, we talk a lot"

"I know but like...Three hours after school everyday. I think you have a problem"

I rolled my eyes walking away from him while he was still talking.. He just giggled and carried on playing. He had a point but we just grew so attached we couldn't help it. After all it wasn't our fault we became friends.. it was more his.

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