The Unknown

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3. Beginning

Third year in school. You can do this Rose. I glanced in the mirror one last time at my stupid uniform and grabbed my bag. Stumbling down stairs to see my brother waiting for me in his. It's funny, me and Oscar are in the same year yet he is two years older. He had to re do years because he skipped school so many times.

"You ready" he asked


We walked to school and met up with our friends on the way. I was the only girl, yes I made friends with my brothers friends and we all hang out together. Let me introduce.

We have my brothers so called band who has Tyler, Lewis and Cody. They have band practice at my house all the time. They called themselves Jet Black. Then we have Dave and Scott my friends, well Dave is my friend and then Scott is a friend of friend who I don't mind but I just find him weird and never know what to say. So what I go to school and eat lunch with six boys who cares.

They're actually really awesome and funny and all the girls are jealous of me haha. So here we were back at school sitting at the same table at lunch we always do.

"Rose you have my sandwiches again"

"Oh my god why do you always pick up the wrong ones" we swapped and began eating.

"Yoooo Davee" Tyler tried to fist pump him but Dave high fived instead not realising. I smiled at how awkward and cute he was. Call me whatever you want but I actually like all of the boys, they all have their own amazing qualities and manage to make me smile. I don't really see them as anything more than friends but they are definitely attractive.

Except there is this one boy, Lewis, part of my brothers band. His Blonde locks and blue eyes leave me weak at the knees and he doesn't know I have a crush on him. I don't plan on telling him either.

"Fuck Sake, Casey what the hell you do that for" That was Tyler's little sister, she hit his head as she walked past and Tyler got glares from teachers for swearing. Casey just laughed though and went and sat at her usual table... It's funny, she only hung with boys too. They are all in my year and yet I've never spoken to any of them. Neither have they to us.

"I swear down she's so fucking annoying" Tyler told us "Why can't I have a sweet and innocent sister like Rose that will do anything for me and I don't know be a good girl, unlike that naughty little shit over there"

"You kidding Rose is just as bad" Oscar jumped in and my jaw dropped "She sits there all day, I have to do the cooking and cleaning and everything because she's too lazy to do it herself" He smirked at me with a wink as he could see I was annoyed.

"Shut up, i do what I want-"

"NO, Rose you need to stop saying that"

"No she doesn't she gets it from me" Tyler smirked at me.

"Just because you dye your hair and listen to rock music, doesn't mean you can do what you want Ty" Cody exclaimed.

"Yes it does"

"No, no it doesn't"

"Yes it does Cody"


"Cody shut the fuck up"

"Language" Oscar nudged Tyler.

"Sorry Dad"

Me and Lewis attempted to hold in our laughs but failed. We looked at each other being the only ones laughing. He was so adorable.

"What the Fuck Ty" Oscar snapped.

"If I hear another swear word from this table you're going to have to leave the canteen" the teacher told us while we smirked.

We heard a group of ooo's coming from across the canteen. It was Casey and her boys laughing at us for getting in trouble.

Tyler stuck is finger up and Casey did in return.

The bell rang for end of lunch.

"We having band practice later?" Cody asked.

"Yeah yeah meet up after school" Oscar told them.

"Wait I have to ask my mom first" Lewis stated.

Tyler started laughing. "Aww Is little mommy's boy Lewiee not allowed out of his play pen" everyone laughed but I just smiled seeing that he was embarrassed.

"Leave him alone guys, come on we're going to be late."

We left the canteen when Dave caught up to me.

"Is it okay if we tag alone and come hang at your house too"


"Yeah.. Me and Scott" I glanced back to see Scott following behind like a lost puppy. He had really curly long hair covering his eyes. His clothes all distorted and crooked and a sad smile pressed to his lips as he looked up from the ground at me. I never really had a proper conversation with him because he's only really comfortable with Dave. Feeling bad I nodded and said they could.

"I'll See you later" I waved.

"Bye" they walked off and I caught a glimpse of two of the boys sitting with Casey. They pushed past Scott and told him to watch where he was going. Scott just carried on walking catching up to Dave. They were walking my way so I acted like I wasn't watching when I overheard them say.

"Was that him"

"Yeah that was him"

"When is Sam going to-"

"Rose!" Oscar shouted me from down the corridor.

I walked towards him glancing back at the two boys still talking. I wondered what they were on about. I'll ask Scott later if he knows anything.

"You okay"

"Yeah just lost in thought"

"Okay well let's get to class" I smiled and nodded in agreement.

Could today go any slower.



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