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The 5sos visit Luke Hemmming's hometown for his brother's wedding but what happens after the wedding?


1. Invitation

Luke's POV:

I wake up and go down stairs and see a whole heap of fan mail and a fancy letter on top of the pile. I pull it out because I have never seen a fan mail letter this fancy. I see that it is from my mom and open it. "Why would she send something this fancy?" I think. I open it and see that it is the invite to my brothers wedding. Oh duh right he's getting married. I quickly read the details and put it on the counter. I live with the guys pretty much. I mean they all have there own places but they usually stay here because my house is so big. But right now no one was here. I decided on just taking a nap because we had practice later. 


~ No one knew that in a different town a girl named Victoria had just gotten the same invite.~


Victoria's POV: I walk to the mail box at my apartment and open it. I see this fancy looking letter. I have never seen a letter like this before. I open it right away not checking the return address. I was a wedding invitation to someone named Ben Hemmings and Zara Harris. Oh I know that name I babysit her sister for a while. Why would I be invited to her wedding? I guess its a big wedding. I know I know that name Hemmings but I cant place how. I decide to just google it. I put Hemmings in the search and and hit enter. Yep there he is Ben Hemmings. But, wait he is Luke Hemming brother?!?! No way. I am not some crazed fan but he is a good singer. I wonder if I will get to meet him at the wedding I am so excited.




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