Smoke & Mirrors || Larry Stylinson AU

Smoke and Mirrors: a metaphor for a deceptive, fraudulent or insubstantial explanation or description.
Every time anyone joked about Louis and Harry’s close bond, calling them ‘boyfriends’ or whatnot, it caused a fluttering feeling in the pit of Harry’s stomach. He wasn’t sure what it meant. He hadn’t really thought of Louis too much in a romantic sense. They were mates – really good mates. But there was something about it. Harry loved Louis almost more than he loved any other human being on the planet. He loved him so much. They were the best of friends. Harry supposed the feeling derived from that. He wasn’t sure. He just knew he probably wouldn’t make it in life without Louis in it.


4. 04

As the band and their handlers road in up in the hotel elevator after a particularly wild night out, Harry leaned against the wall trying his damndest to not let the jolt of the elevator car make him lose his balance. He was never particularly steady on his feet, and well, after the amount of drinks he consumed that night, his blood-alcohol level wasn’t helping any.

Harry let the conversations of the other lads fade out until it was just background noise all around him. He was exhausted. He could feel it in his bones. Sleep would be welcomed like an old friend. But from across the lift, Harry’s eyes caught the blue stare that was zeroed in on him. He swallowed hard, knowing exactly what was on Louis’ mind from just that one look.

It had been going on for a couple weeks now, yet neither of them spoke of it. Once the morning came, it all became a dirty little secret. In the light of day, Louis Tomlinson was straight as an arrow. But on nights like these, nights where Louis’ blood was swimming in alcohol, Harry was all he could see. The look in Louis’ eyes both excited him, and scared the ever-loving shit out of him at the same time.

He never knew which Louis he’d get. Would it be the gentle boy who just wanted to kiss and cuddle? Or would he get a Louis from the other end of the spectrum – aggressive and wild? Harry bit at his lip as the question was quickly answered without another thought. Louis’ eyes were almost feral as he stared across at the other boy, and Harry knew what he was in for.

The ding of the elevator broke Harry out of his thoughts, his head turning to watch as the doors opened slowly. He hung back trying to regain his composure as the rest of the group shuffled out of the small vessel, but it was of no use, not when he knew what was about to happen the second he was alone with the boy who occupied his mind more often than not.

He and Louis were the last to exit, his body tingling with unprecedented excitement the closer he got to the boy. Louis was quiet, but Harry could see the lust already swimming in his eyes, and he knew the last thing he would be doing was sleeping once he reached the hotel room.

All of the other boys disappeared into their respective room with a chorus of “goodnight’s” and “see you in the morning’s”. And as soon as Harry slipped into his and Louis’ hotel room, he heard the door shut tight with the unmistakable click of the lock. He wasn’t able to take more than five steps before Louis caught his arm, pulling him back before pressing him firmly against the adjacent wall. Louis pressed his lips against Harry’s in a hardened kiss, their chests slamming together, nearly knocking the wind out of Harry. But he didn’t let it deter them. He kissed back with as much ferocity as Louis, their tongues tangling immediately. The front of Harry’s shirt was pulled and stretched as Louis’ fists balled around it. Harry didn’t know what to do with his own hands, so he rested them on the other boy’s hips, his fingers digging into the flesh of Louis’ love handles. Harry loved when they were this close. As a matter of fact, he lived for it. He just wished Louis didn’t need to be drunk to participate.

Jesus Christ, Lou,” Harry panted breathlessly, finally breaking the abrasive kiss.

Louis pulled back to look at the younger boy, both their chests heaving, fighting for air. Harry quietly studied Louis’ sharp features. He looked like he wanted to eat him alive and it sent a pleasing tingle up Harry’s spine before shooting a jolt right through to his dick.

It was Harry who connected the kiss again, wrapping his long fingers around the back of Louis’ neck as he pressed in harder and harder. He wanted to taste every inch of Louis’ mouth, and he was almost certain Louis’ would let him with the mood he was in. But the clumsy shuffling of Harry’s feet had him stumbling back into the wall, breaking the kiss again.

Louis didn’t let it sour the mood though, tugging Harry’s blazer off his shoulders, almost stringing him up helplessly as the sleeves caught around his arms.

“Bugger!” Harry grumbled as he tried to wiggle out of the garment. Louis pushed up his thin t-shirt, not stopping for a second in his quest to get the younger boy undressed.

Harry finally dropped the jacket to the floor before immediately lifting his arms as Louis pulled the shirt up and off of him.

Their mouths connected again as Louis’ fingers fumbled against the front of Harry’s tight black jeans. With one swift flick of his fingers, Harry’s pants were popped open and Louis’ hands were sliding around Harry’s hips before dipping down into the seat of his pants, grabbing a handful of Harry’s ass. Harry moaned against Louis’ mouth as their fronts pressed together from the force of Louis’ tug on him. He could feel Louis’ arousal against his thigh and it took his dazed mind to very pleasurable places.

Harry’s head spun as his perception of the room began to sway and contort until he realized it was just Louis’ leading him away from the wall to the nearest bed. It wasn’t his drunken mind playing tricks on him.

A goofy grin tugged up the younger boy’s lips as his body fell backwards and bounced against the mattress. He heard the hint of a laugh out of Louis before he felt his boots being pulled off, followed by his pants. When his eyes roamed over Louis’ frame, his brow immediately marred together at the sight of him. It wasn’t fair that he was laid out in just his striped underwear, whereas Louis was fully dressed having all the fun.

“No fair,” Harry whined as he sat up, tugging at the bottom hem of Louis’ jumper.

He hoped his fruitless attempt was enough to convey what he wanted, which was for Louis to be as naked as he was, if not more. He was thoroughly pleased when Louis lifted his top in one fell swoop, discarding it onto the floor. Harry’s eyes washed down Louis’ bare chest, wanting nothing more than to connect his lips to the warm skin. He wanted to hear the breathless whimpers escape Louis throat as his kisses tickled a trail across the flesh. But Louis was standing too far a distance away.


Harry desperately thrust out his arms, wiggling his fingers at the older boy. He probably looked more like a child begging for candy than a grown man trying to lure in the object of his desire. But he paid it no mind, and watched as Louis took a step into his grasp, silently begging to be touched.

Harry tugged the older boy forward until he was standing between his open thighs. His hands gripped around the back of Louis’ own thick, athletic thighs, pressing a chaste kiss to his navel. He was rewarded with the hitching of Lou’s breathing, and smiled into his next kiss that landed just a bit lower than the last.

Harry’s slender fingers fumbled to undo Louis’ pants as he continued kissing across his stomach, and as the frustration built up inside of him, he was forced to focus solely on undressing the boy. Apparently alcohol and multi-tasking did not mix well in Harry’s world. But soon Louis’ trousers were at his ankles and he was kicking out of them before he leaned down, connecting his mouth to Harry’s again.

Seconds later, they were both tumbling down against the mattress, Louis landing on top of Harry as their kisses heated up significantly. Alcohol flowed through their veins as their limbs and tongues tangled together. A satisfied moan escaped unabashedly from Harry’s mouth as Louis bucked his hips against Harry’s. There were starbursts in his eyes as the pleasure engulfed him. He wanted more. And as Louis thrust forward once again, Harry almost couldn’t contain himself.

Christ,” he gasped as his hands slid shamelessly over Louis’ fit bum.

Louis bit at Harry’s bottom lip before his tongue slid back in to move with his. Harry took the kiss greedily, even though it was increasingly hard to catch his breath. Louis’ lower body rutted against Harry’s once again, pleasure spiking in both of their bodies, causing Harry to whimper against the older boy’s mouth. He knew he was close. It had been pent up inside of him for a while, and he was certain if Louis kept it up, he was going to make a mess out of his boxer briefs. A part of him absolutely didn’t mind, just as long as Louis would follow.

Harry’s heart hammered against his rib cage as the two continued their romp above bed sheets. His mind buzzed with thoughts of only Louis; thoughts of what was, what is, and what could be. He’d never push Louis to do anything he didn’t want to do, but he sure hoped they were at least running down the same path together.

As the air filled with the weathered sound of their breathing, Louis’ thrusts picked up a steady pace against Harry’s. The younger boy soon felt the pulling deep in his stomach; the quiet tingling in his lower half; the dryness on the tip of his tongue – all the makings of a perfect orgasm.

Louis’ face pressed into the crook of Harry’s neck, his breathing whirring past his ear, sending goose bumps cascading down his flesh. The moment was perfect. Everything about it. And as Harry’s orgasm built inside of him, he let out a choked moan in response.

“I’m gonna—” He managed to say in sort of a breathy whisper. Just enough to give Louis a heads-up.

And in perfect fucking form, Louis pressed harder against Harry, his hips explicitly rolled against the younger boys in the most sensual and heart-stopping of ways that it threw Harry completely over the edge. He came in a white hot blaze, groaning loudly as he did.

Louis’ rhythm lasted only one, two, three more thrusts before he was moaning Harry’s name in his ear, coming only seconds after.

Louis lay atop Harry, both boys fighting to catch their breath, not moving a muscle. Harry was certain he couldn’t move even if he wanted to. His bones felt like jelly, his muscles completely liquid. He was entirely spent in the best kind of way.

Louis broke away only after their breathing evened out, after Harry’s eyes closed and he felt so content in the older boy’s arms that he was okay with falling asleep in his soiled undergarment. Louis rolled off of Harry onto his back, letting out a pleased sigh in the process.

“We’re a mess,” he breathed, letting a light laugh slither out with it.

Harry wasn’t sure exactly what Lou meant by his statement, because it could have been construed in many ways – and it was, in Harry’s mind.

“Yeah,” Harry replied quietly in his deep drawl.

“I’m too tired to make it to the loo,” Louis chuckled through the dimness.

“Here,” Harry said, leaning toward the night stand to pull a few tissues out of the awaiting box.

“Thanks,” Louis said as he took them from Harry’s grasp.

Harry grabbed a few for himself before his eyes fell back on his mate who was pushing down the sides of his underwear to clean himself up. It wasn’t as if Harry hadn’t seen Louis’ cock before. He had many times. Just not under these pretenses. In all the nights they’d been fooling around, they never got completely naked with one another. The farthest they went was snogging and frotting above and between the sheets.

Harry almost felt like a voyeur as he watched his friend clean himself up, so he used up all his self-control to peel his eyes away and begin the tedious task of cleaning himself up.

Minutes later when Louis finished his business, he discarded his soiled underwear onto the floor before climbing naked underneath the sheets. Harry followed suit, doing the same, and felt the excitement race through him at the thought of them sleeping naked with one another.

As soon as the lights were put out, Harry’s eyes slipped shut, and he fell asleep with a smile on his face, comfortable and sound with the only person he wanted to be with in that moment.

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