12AM || Harry Styles AU

“It’s almost twelve,” Harry breathed quietly in Maya’s ear, despite the fact that all of their friends were mere feet away from them. Maya’s breathing hitched. It was never spoken out loud that 12 am was a thing between them. It was just something she’d noticed – like a coincidence. She looked at Harry questioningly, wondering if it was planned that way all along. Like it was his master plan for all these years. 12 am. It was their time. “You…” She breathed, unable to finish the sentence. “I covet this time of night,” he whispered, leaving a kiss on her forehead before walking away, silently begging her to follow him.


2. Part Two


{October 2015}

Maya lay there breathless with Harry’s chest pressed to hers as they lay in her bed. His face rested in the nape of her neck and she could hear every ragged breath he took, causing goosebumps to ravage her skin. She wasn’t sure why she was so hyperaware of him. Maybe because he’d just given her the fucking of her life. Or maybe it was something else.

She looked over at the clock. It was nearing one in the morning and she knew he was about to leave, walking out of her life again. She knew she’d probably see him soon in the daylight hours – they shared the same group of friends. But nothing compared to their secret rendezvouses. Maybe it was because she had Harry all to herself. She didn’t have to share him with the rest of them. He was hers and nobody else’s and maybe she liked that a little too much.

Harry rolled off of her and then out of the bed completely. She didn’t want him to go, but knew he would anyway. Maya pulled her silk robe over her bare shoulders and sat down at the end of her bed, watching as Harry dressed himself. She watched every single muscle in his back ripple as he reached down and stepped into his jeans. She admired every single tattoo in her sight, every single etching with its very own story. She loved the way his hair was pulled up into a perfectly done bun at the back of his head. He was absolutely beautiful.

“Are you sure you have to go? I’m thinking maybe we could go again,” she suggested as she stood up, sliding her fingers across his bare stomach before he could button his shirt up.

Mm, I’d love to, but I’ve got an early morning,” Harry told her.

She tried not to let out the little whine she was holding back, but it fell from her lips anyway, giving away the disappointment she felt.

“Next time,” he said, leaning down to kiss her as he began to button his shirt. Maya held back a sigh and instead nodded her head in response.

“Are you going to Zayn’s Halloween thing?” Harry asked as he finished buttoning his shirt, covering up every inch of ink from her view.

“You mean the party?” She asked, quirking her eyebrow at him.

“Thing. Party. What’s the difference? We all do the same old stupid shit,” Harry smirked at her.

“Yeah. I was thinking about going,” she said casually as she followed him out of her bedroom.

“You better be there. You know how bummed I get when you don’t show up for stuff,” he told her as he stepped into his shoes. Yes, she knew all too well how bummed he got. Her not showing up to a party was literally the reason they began sleeping together.

Harry slipped his jacket over his shoulder and leaned in to kiss her again.

“Wear something sexy,” he breathed against her lips and pulled away with a sly smirk.

“Mm-hmm,” she breathed, trying to fight off the smile that tugged at her mouth.

“G’night, My,” Harry said finally as he opened her front door.

“Night, Harry,” she said quietly, watching him disappear out of her life again.

She locked the door behind him and walked back to her bedroom that smelt of sex and Harry. Slipping off her robe, she crawled underneath the still warm sheets and thought about the first time they were together.



{June 2013}

Maya turned nineteen in June and decided once and for all to move out of her parent’s house. Unfortunately for her, it proved to be a feat packing up her bedroom that she spent most of her life in. She even sacrificed going to a party just so she could pack – which didn’t go over so well with her group of friends. She got text after text from them wondering where she was and why she decided not to hang out. But to her, the most important text she got was from Harry.

Where are you? Drinking isn’t as fun without you here to make me laugh.

Maya re-read the message a hundred times, contemplating how she should respond. In the end she didn’t, deciding it was best if she just left it alone. It was a slow form of torture being in love with Harry from afar.

Maya was packing up her shelf of books when she heard a tap on her window. It was after eleven at night and she wondered who or what the hell it could be outside her window. When she heard another tap and then a rapid succession of taps, she knew it was a someone rather than a something. She crossed her bedroom quickly, and pulled back her curtains. Standing outside her window with a smile plastered on his face was none other than Harry Styles. She quickly opened her window to let him in.

“Harry?” She questioned quickly.

“Hi, My,” Harry said with his big toothy grin.

“Harry, what are you doing here?” Maya whispered, watching as he, less than gracefully, crawled through her window. She quickly hushed him, realizing that all the commotion he was making could easily wake up her sleeping parents.

“You weren’t at Liam’s,” he pointed out a little too loudly.

Shh, Harry. You’re going to wake up my Mum and Dad,” Maya shushed him quickly.

“Oh, sorry,” he whispered, giving her an apologetic look as he walked deeper into her room, avoiding all the piled up boxes she was packing.

Harry walked over to her bed and picked up her cell phone curiously. She gave the back of his head an odd look, wondering what he was doing.

“I text you. Didn’t you get my text?” He asked, looking at her phone like it was the most complicated thing he’d ever seen.

“Yes, I got it,” she said, snatching the device out of his hand.

“And you didn’t reply!?” He scoffed, looking appalled.

“Sorry,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“I think you need to make it up to me,” he told her, giving her a smug look.

“Oh, really?” She asked, eyeing him skeptically.

“Yes,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Have you never ignored a text before?” She countered.

“Ignored!? What am I to you? Chopped liver?” He asked, exaggerating the words in a loud whisper. It was only then that she realized how drunk he was.

“Harry, be real,” she laughed.

“Fine, fine. Okay, so how should you make it up to me?” He asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“I don’t know. What do you want?” She asked, looking at him oddly.

Hmm,” he hummed, tapping his index finger against his chin, really giving it a good thought.

“Did you really come over here for this? You could have called,” she said, breaking him out of his thoughts.

“I wanted to see you,” he said, looking quite serious. Maya’s heart sped up instantaneously.

“Why?” She asked, her mouth going dry.

“Why not?” He replied. Maya stared at him, her mouth dropped open slightly. She probably looked like an idiot, but she couldn’t even think straight enough to care.

“You’re drunk,” she pointed out, changing the subject because their conversation made her uncomfortable.

“A little,” he said, gesturing with his index and thumb held minutely apart.

“How’d you even get here?” She asked, looking toward the window.

“A cab,” he said with a shrug.

“You took a cab here?” She asked incredulously.

“What? I couldn’t drive. I’m drunk, Maya,” he laughed lightly.

“Yeah,” she said quietly.

Her head was spinning. He took a cab all the way across town to her house just because she didn’t text him back. He was either crazy or stupid. She wasn’t sure which yet.

“Are you going to call another cab to get back or what?” She asked.

“I’ll figure it out,” he told her, his eyes staring into hers.

“Harry,” she whispered, wondering what the hell she was going to do with a half-drunk Harry Styles in her childhood bedroom.

“So this is your room, huh?” Harry asked, looking around.

“Yeah. How did you even know which window to tap on?” She questioned.

“Um, the one time I was here, I remember you walking into this room to get your bag before we left,” he told her. The butterflies in her stomach wouldn’t allow her to let the fact that he remembered a simple detail from a day months ago slip her mind.

“Wow,” she said quietly.

“And it was the only room with a light on. I took my chances,” he smiled at her. She let out a laugh in response.

“I think you’re wrong, Styles…” she said, watching as his eyebrows furrowed in question.

“You’re the one who makes me laugh,” she told him, finally giving a reply to his text, causing a wide smile to form on his lips.

“It’s a mutual thing we’ve got going on,” he added.

The pair of them stared at each other for a few moments, the room going silent. Maya could feel the sexual tension between them – which may have been only one sided, but it was there.

“So…” Maya said, letting the word trail off.

“So…” Harry replied immediately as they continued to stare at each other.

“What do you want to do?” She asked, feeling more than a little awkward that he was in her room, standing so close to her bed.

“I have a few thoughts…” He offered, but didn’t elaborate.

Yes, definite sexual tension felt by both parties.

Maya hadn’t even noticed that Harry moved closer to her. She was so caught up in her own head thinking about what his ‘few thoughts’ could possibly be that she hadn’t noticed him advancing toward her.

“Your eyes are so blue,” Harry breathed. Maya’s stomach turned with anticipation. For what, she was not quite sure.

“Mm-hmm,” she said, nodding her head lightly, unsure of how to respond to something like that.

“Do you remember the night we met?” He whispered as he stood in front of her, looking at her with evaluative eyes.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly, anticipating so much in those moments. How could she ever forget that night?

“Remember my hidden talent?” He smirked at her.

Of course she remembered his hidden talent. How could she forget it? Memories of that night played on a loop in her head when she tried to sleep at night. Harry kissed her. She was a perfect stranger and he kissed her. Maya always wondered why he chose her. Weren’t there girls at that party who would have sold their souls to be his kiss at midnight? Maya was sure of it. Yet, he chose her over all of them.

“Your not-so surprising talent?” She smirked back at him, her eyes dropping down to his lips involuntarily.

His smile widened as both his hands came up to cup her face. Was her life just a series of off-beat extraordinary moments? Was this really happening again? Was he really going to kiss her?

“It’s almost midnight,” he purred. And all she could do was let out a choked back moan in response. Harry’s lips turned up into a pleased smile.

“Promise me you’ll never skip out on a party again. Especially if I’m there,” Harry whispered against her lips.

“I promise,” Maya breathed the words without even thinking, like she was in Harry’s magical spell again.

“Good,” Harry whispered. When he smiled his lips lightly brushed hers and sent a shockwave through her system. Maya’s stomach twisted with anticipation.

She realized months ago that nothing more would happen between her and Harry after their New Year’s kiss, but now here he was holding her so closely, implying that he wanted to kiss her again. She was in for it. She was certain of it.

Harry’s lips finally found hers and pressed them together, moving antagonizingly slow, until he opened his mouth to hers. She went along with it, knowing she didn’t want to stop him or slow him down. Harry’s tongue licked into Maya’s, exploring the slope of hers and she was lost in him.

She could feel him inching her back toward her bed the more they stood there kissing, causing her stomach to turn – in a very good way. Harry’s body laying atop hers was something she didn’t know she’d always wanted until it happened.

Her heart was hammering against her rib cage. She wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t in a dream. For all she knew, she could have fallen asleep alone in her bedroom and all of this was in her subconscious. But she wasn’t even sure if her subconscious wanted something like this to happen – to give herself to Harry so willingly. She did quite fancy him, but she wasn’t sure if she were ready to do something like this with him. But he smelt so good and his body felt absolutely wonderful atop hers; his hips cradled perfectly between her legs.

The fact that her parents could walk in on them at any minute was right there in the back of her mind, but to her it only made it more adventurous.

Harry’s hands pushed up her shirt as he continued to kiss her and her skin filled with goose bumps every single time his flesh met with hers. She felt like she might catch on fire and be consumed by Harry’s heat.

Harry’s fingertips coaxed her shirt off, leaving her in an over-worn grey bra she wished she wasn’t wearing at a time like this. She had a whole drawer full of matching bras and panties for just such occasion, but no, this wasn’t supposed to happen tonight. She was supposed to spend the evening alone, packing up her childhood bedroom. Oh, God. She didn’t even know what panties she was wearing. She made a habit of recycling out her underwear every few months or so, buying new ones and such, but she couldn’t remember the last time she’d done that. She’d been so busy. She just hoped she wasn’t wearing an old ratty pair.

While all off this was happening in her mind, Harry’s kisses traveled down her jawline, down her neck, across her clavicle, bypassing her breast altogether, working his way down the long expanse of her stomach. Her fingertips gripped loosely into the wild curls atop his head. As Harry’s tongue swirls around her navel, his fingers gathered the sides of her sweatpants in them, tugging them down.

Maya’s heart hammered in her chest. Was this really happening? Her mind couldn’t ever comprehend it. Harry Styles was in her bed with her, worshiping her body. It was almost too much. It made her head spin.

As Harry pulled off her pants, Maya looked down to see she had a blue pair of silky panties on and breathed a sigh of relief. It was a newer pair, which she was grateful for, even though she wished she were wearing one of her matching lacy numbers.

Mm,” she heard Harry moan and looked down her body to see him taking a good look at her half naked frame. It almost made her feel self-conscious. Almost. She could see the lust swirling in his eyes and she knew he liked what he saw.

His lips came back down against her flesh, kissing her hip before leaving a trail of kisses across to the other hip. His kisses climbed her frame gradually, causing her whole body to shake with tremors. She was certain she’d dreamt this once or twice, but it was never this good.

Harry’s lips found hers again, kissing her deeply, leaving her breathless. Her whole head spun from lack of oxygen. But in a split second he pulled up and pulled away. As Maya’s vision came back into focus, she realized he was only pulling off his t-shirt, revealing more of his skin than she’d ever seen. She knew he had tattoos – she’d seen them poking out from the shirts he wore, but she never had a bird’s eye view of them. Without even thinking, Maya reached up and slid her fingertips across the black ink peppering his chest and left arm.

“You have a lot…” Maya said wondrously.

“I know,” Harry said, his voice sounding husky as he leaned in to kiss her again.

Maya’s mind was in deep thought about all of his tattoos and what they meant. How did he come to the conclusion to get all of them? Did they hold deep meaning or were they just spur-of-the-moment? Just something he did to document the life he was leading?

As her mind was on auto-pilot, she didn’t even realize that Harry nearly undressed completely. When she slid her hand down his back, down his bum, she noticed he was no longer wearing his trousers. When did that happen? She really needed to stop letting her mind run off. She wanted to remember everything – every moment she was there with Harry, because who knows if it was ever going to happen again. This might be her only shot with him.

When Harry pressed against her, a spark of pleasure shot through her and she let out a deep moan and realized she did it again. Her mind was going off on these tangents and she was missing everything.

“Is this okay?” Harry breathed against her mouth.

“Y-yes. Yes,” she stammered, swallowing hard as she leaned up and kissed him again.

The rest of their undergarments were removed in a haze of too many endorphins. When Harry pressed inside, Maya’s whole brain exploded with fireworks. It was so long since she had a sexual partner that she almost forgot what it felt like. But after Harry, she knew she’d never forget again.

Maya’s fingertips dug deeply into the Harry’s arms, turning them a bloodless white. She didn’t have very much experience at sex and only a couple partners to compare to, but she couldn’t stop thinking about how Harry seemed to know what he was doing from the start. She felt pleasure in parts of her body she’d never felt before.

He was absolutely captivating. He looked deeply into her eyes, he kissed her at all of the right moments and his stamina was unprecedented. Both of their breathing was heightened and with ever huff or moan from Harry’s lips it sent tiny little prickles of pleasure through her body.

As her breathing became more ragged, her body hummed with electricity. She knew she was close. Her skin was on fire, like she was going to miraculously spontaneously combust or something. But Harry kept on, his rhythm never faltering. And just like that, the rest of the world fell away, and it was just the two of them in that moment – heartbeat to heartbeat. Maya’s whole body erupted like an exploding star. She knew she let out a too-loud groan as she did and hoped like hell that her parents didn’t hear her.

When Harry’s face dropped into the nape of her neck, letting out a guttural moan, his whole body frozen like a statue, she knew he found his end too.

Harry look just as wrecked as she felt when he finally rolled off of her. She still couldn’t believe it happened – that Harry just fucked her into orgasm. She never actually had an orgasm during sex before. If he wasn’t careful, she was sure to fall in love with him.

“Did you…?” Harry asked breathlessly.

“Surprisingly, yes,” Maya said contently.

“Surprisingly!?” Harry asked incredulously, leaning up to look at her.

“No, no. I mean, I’ve never gotten off during sex before,” Maya laughed, realizing she might have offended him.

“Never?” He asked, his eyebrows marred together.

“Nope,” she said, feeling her cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

“They were doing it wrong then,” Harry snickered. Maya let out a quiet laugh, hoping her parents were still sound asleep.

“I’ve never done it with the lights on either,” Maye smirked over at him.

“Really?” He asked curiously.

“Really,” she said, looking away from him, hoping she wasn’t revealing too much of herself.

“Hmm,” Harry hummed, lying back down against the mattress next to her.

Things got weird for Maya in an instance. She didn’t know what else to say to him. She didn’t want him to go, but she didn’t know how they’d pass the time if he were to stay.

“Do people ask you about your tattoos a lot?” Maya asked as she stared up at the ceiling.

“Occasionally,” he said, turning his body to face her.

For the next hour the two of them carried on a conversation about tattoos and bad choices and places they wanted to go and things they wanted to do and so on.

When Harry finally snuck back out her window to meet his awaiting cab, she couldn’t help but watch him as he walked away with an all new appreciation for him. She learned more about him in the last hour than she did in the whole six months she knew him. And the thing that really didn’t surprise her in the least is that she wanted to know more. She wanted to learn everything there was to know about Harry Styles.

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