Shutter || Harry Styles AU

Elle Acerman is one of very few female paparazzi’s in L.A. Harry Styles is a world famous musician. When she sets her sights on him, she can’t help but develop a massive crush on him. He’s tall, dark and handsome, and a genuinely nice guy. When Elle’s agent pressures her into getting a story out of Harry Styles or leaving him alone for good, Elle works up the nerve to ask him what everyone in the world wants to know – is he gay? Not long after, the two begin a secret affair, but nothing in Hollywood stays secret for long. When some racy photos of them leak to the media, Harry and Elle are left questioning each other. How well do they really know one another? In the end, will they be able to survive a sex scandal?


8. 08

“Oh my god,” Elle gasped, her eyes widening.

“That one is just… wow. You’re incredible,” Harry breathed, his eyes wide as well – though, less from shock and more from admiration.

“I can’t believe I let you take these pictures,” she said, holding her hand over her face as it turned ten shades of red.

“I’m so glad you did,” Harry said with a huge pleasing smirk on his face as he continued to click through the pictures on her laptop from his erotic playtime not even an hour before.

“Oh, that one’s cute!” Elle cooed, as a picture of her leaning back against him with him kissing her shoulder blade came onto the screen. What she liked most about it was her naked body wasn’t in frame. It was just the two of them from her collarbones up.

“I like it too.” He smiled at her, but continued through the images.

“Aww!” Elle swooned as one filled the screen of the two of them kissing, her neck craned back to meet her lips with his.

Harry smirked but continued on before chuckling darkly to himself as the pictures of his hand buried deep between her legs came across the screen.

“So sexy.” He smirked over at her.

“Oh my god,” Elle groaned. She still couldn’t believe she let him take pictures like that.

“You are gorgeous and such a perfect subject,” he cooed, smiling at her, leaning over to leave a kiss on her lips.

“You’ve always been my perfect subject,” she said, smiling back at him. He gave her a wide smile in response and kissed her again.

“Stalker,” he snickered under his breath before he looked back at her laptop that was propped up on his lap in front of them. They were still naked and still perfect.

“Uh, not a stalker,” Elle chuckled, shaking her head.

“Stalker,” he laughed again, giving her a knowing look.

“Okay, whatever. I’m a stalker. But it’s my job. Would you rather it be me taking your picture or someone like, let’s say… that jerk Lorenzo?” Elle asked, making an unpleasant face.

“I never said I didn’t like you stalking me,” he told her with a devious smile on his face.

“Well then, good,” she said, smiling pleasingly at him as he went back to reviewing the pictures he just took.

“These are going in my private collection,” Harry said, grabbing his iPhone and the cord lying on her nightstand for her own iPhone.

“No, Harry. Oh my god,” Elle groaned, feeling incredibly embarrassed.

“Oh yes, Elle,” he said, hooking his phone up to her computer with the cord.

“Oh my god,” she groaned, putting her hand over her face as he went about transferring the pictures onto his phone.

“Mmm. Now I’ll have something to look at when I’m in boring meetings or on long trips,” he said, smirking at the screen of his phone where a naked picture of her was displayed across it.

“No. Oh my god. You can’t… what if someone sees them? What if you lose your phone!? Oh my god, Harry,” Elle protested, almost having a panic attack.

“I’ve never lost my phone. And I’m not about to now.” He smirked at her.

“Knock on wood right now,” she laughed, pointing at her nightstand. He laughed out loud, but knocked his knuckle against the top of the nightstand for good measure.

“If my naked ass is plastered all over the internet, I am coming after you,” she chided, pointing her finger at him in an accusatory manner.

“Oh, Ace. It won’t be your ass.” He smirked looking at a picture of his hand pressed against her womanhood that took up the whole screen of his iPhone.

“Oh my god,” she groaned.


“So, why didn’t you come out last night?” Charlie asked Elle with a smirk on his face.

“Uh, reasons…” She smirked back, trying to keep herself from blushing, to no avail.

“I thought Kate was up your ass about getting something substantial,” he reminded her.

“She is. Just… something came up,” Elle said, smirking slightly as she tried to shrug as nonchalantly as possible.

“And that something wouldn’t happen to be a famous actor that you just so happened to be sleeping with?” Charlie eyed her with a hint of a smirk on his lips.

“Well, I mean…” She stammered, unable to come up with a good lie.

“I knew it!” He laughed, pointing his finger at her.

“He came over with Thai take-out. I just… I hadn’t seen him in days, okay. It just… it just seemed like a better way to spend my night.” Elle shrugged unapologetically.

“I’ll try not to take that offensively,” he chuckled.

“No, Charlie. No. I mean, I love your company…” Elle started to explain.

“I’m kidding, Elle. Calm down. Nothing really was going on last night anyway. Although I did get some sweet candids of Diddy leaving the Hyde Lounge,” he said with a hint of sarcasm at the end.

At the mentioning of the Hyde Lounge her mind went back to the night Harry found her at said bar, proceeded to feel her up on the jam-packed dance floor and then went home with her in her cab after being bombarded by countless pap pictures taken by Lorenzo. It was the first night she and Harry ever slept together and it was the true beginning of whatever they seemed to have started with one another.

“Yo, Elle,” she heard Charlie say as he snapped his fingers in front of her face.

“Hmm? What?” She asked, focusing on him once again.

“Where did you just go?” He chuckled.

“What are you talking about?” Elle asked, knitting her eyebrows in confusion.

“I mean, you were here, but you were a million miles away.” He smirked at her.

“I uh… I don’t know. I just…” She stammered, not having a real explanation for him.

“You’ve got it bad,” he laughed.

“Shut up,” she snapped, trying hard to keep the smirk off of her face.

“When’s the wedding?” He laughed, thinking he was so funny.

“Fuck off. I wasn’t even thinking about him, okay,” she lied, shoving his shoulder playfully.

“Right. And my name isn’t Charles Wayne Richter the third,” he laughed.

“Oh, it isn’t?” She asked him sarcastically.

“Ha. Ha,” he laughed back just as sarcastically. Elle smirked to herself as she looked down, fidgeting with her camera lens.

“Hey uh, don’t look now, but your boyfriend’s at three o’clock,” Elle heard Charlie say. And of course, her head shot up to her right searching for Harry’s face.

“You’re such a dick,” Elle said, smacking Charlie’s arm when she didn’t see Harry anywhere.

“No, I’m serious. He’s right there,” Charlie said, pointing his finger across her view. She followed his finger to find Harry sitting outside a small café with a big blonde guy she’d never seen him with before.

From what she could see, he hadn’t been spotted by any paparazzi, which was nice for them. She almost felt guilty having her camera in his hands, but then she thought about what Harry used her camera for and it made her insides all warm in the most pleasing way possible.

“So, are you going to go talk to him or are you just going to stand here grinning like a fool?” Charlie asked her. She didn’t realize she was even smiling until he pointed it out.

“I uh… he’s eating,” she said, making up an excuse.

“So,” Charlie said evenly.

“He’s with a friend,” she said, giving him another excuse.

“Like I said… so,” Charlie edged her on.

“I mean, I don’t want to interrupt him,” Elle said, shrugging her shoulders, feeling her face grow hotter.

“You’re a paparazzi, Elle. It’s what you do,” Charlie pointed out.

Elle kept her eye on Harry, watching as he laughed and carried on an animated conversation with the man he was sitting with. Her cheeks blushed when she remembered her very first conversation with him, even though she knew first hand he wasn’t gay.

“Do you have any comments on the new rumor that’s been popping up on the internet?”

“And what’s that?”

“That you started batting for the other team.”


“That you’re gay.”

Still to this day, she couldn’t believe she actually asked it. But if she didn’t, she and Harry wouldn’t be where they were now.

Without even thinking, she pulled her camera up to her eye and adjusted the lens so Harry was perfectly in frame, in perfect focus before she snapped a few pictures of him from afar.

Really, Elle?” She heard Charlie’s sarcastic voice.

“What?” She asked, turning back to him with a slight flush in her cheeks.

“Go talk to him,” Charlie nudged.

Elle scoffed with as much annoyance as she could at him, but looked both ways down the street anyway and found herself walking toward Harry. Her heart beat wildly in her chest as she closed in on the two men casually chatting with each other as they sat at a small café table together.

“Can I get a smile, Harry?” Elle said in her best schmoozy paparazzi voice.

She could only be seen by his friend, who looked up at her immediately, his eyes widened slightly as he stared at her. Harry turned back to see her, one of his eyebrows heightened with a look of intrigue on his face.

“Anything for you, beautiful.” He smiled and Elle snapped a quick picture.

“Well, if I knew it was that easy…” She giggled lightly, scolding herself for sounding so enthralled by him.

Harry stood up immediately, holding his arms out for a quick hug. She obliged – he smelled amazing. But she found herself quickly looking around for any nearby paps, who could just so happen to get unwanted candids of the two of them together.

“Would you like to join us? I mean, we’re almost done, but we could pull up a seat for you,” Harry offered. Elle looked around again nervously and Harry caught on.

“I haven’t seen any around,” he told her lowly.

“We’re sneaky, you know,” she said, eyeing him.

“And I’ve been around long enough to know where to look,” Harry countered almost immediately.

“I just…” Elle stammered, looking down at her feet.

“I’ve gotta get going anyway.” Harry’s friend stood up.

“You sure, mate?” Harry looked over to him and asked.

“Yeah, man. I’ve gotta get home,” he said, throwing down some money from his wallet to pay for his food.

“Hey, look. Elle, this is my friend Henry. Henry, this is my friend Elle,” Harry said, sending her a small smirk as he introduced them.

Elle wasn’t sure what to make of the way Harry introduced them. On one hand, technically she was just a friend. They had no titles or affiliations to one another. But on the other hand, what they were doing with each other and what they did with each other was more than just friendly. He had nudes of her on the iPhone that sat perfectly perched in the front pocket of his oh so tight jeans, for crying out loud.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Henry said, smiling genuinely at her as he shook her hand.

“You as well,” she said, nodding politely.

Elle watched as Harry and Henry did sort of a bro-handshake slash half hug, signifying their goodbyes before Henry went on his way, leaving Elle and Harry standing together on the sidewalk outside of the small café.

“So, do you wanna hang out… in the daylight for once?” Harry smirked at her as he waved his hand through the air to signify the sun’s placement in the sky. Elle smirked, realizing they had yet to really hang out like this before. But there was a reason for that.

“I don’t know,” she said, eyeing him with her eyebrows heightened in question.

“You don’t know? Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?” He asked, giving her one of his mega-watt, knee-weakening, killer smiles.

“Well, we could be photographed together, thus silently confirming with solid proof, might I add, that the two of us have a thing going on, thus throwing us both into a huge scandal where we will be hounded by the paparazzi non-stop all because we can’t seem to stay away from each other,” Elle explained, being a little more dramatic than necessary. Harry laughed out loud from her response.

“All of that, huh?” He smirked at her.

“Yes.” She nodded, smiling back at him.

“Well, I mean, huge scandal or not, I just can’t seem to find a reason to stay away from a pretty girl like you,” he said and beamed another breathtaking smile at her. Elle’s cheeks immediately flushed and her smile could not be helped.

“Come on. I’ll take you back to my place this time. There’s someone I’d like you to meet,” he said, pulling out money from his wallet to pay for his half of the café bill

“You don’t like, live with your mom do you?” Elle smirked.

“No. I don’t live with my mum,” he chuckled as he started walking down the sidewalk. Elle smirked as she fell into step with him.

Harry didn’t live far from the café, but Elle kept a constant eye out for any flash photography. She didn’t want or need anyone to catch on to the fact that she and Harry were intimate with one another. Well, more than Lorenzo already posted. There didn’t need to be anymore confirming proof.

Harry led her into a large building with a sterile, modern feel to it. The lobby had a smattering of furniture with sort of a waiting area type look to it. But they bypassed it and headed straight to the elevator. Once they were standing in the small space and the doors closed, locking them in there together, Harry turned and smirked at her.

“What?” Elle smiled at him.

“Can I kiss you now?” He asked, cocking one of his eyebrows.

Elle giggled and blushed, looking down at the floor. His hand came up to capture the side of her face, forcing her to look back at him.

“Can I kiss you now?” He asked again, his voice sounding more sultry and seductive than before.

“Yes,” she said in almost a whisper as her face fell completely serious.

 Harry leaned in and placed a perfect peck on her lips before he pulled away as the elevator came to a halt on the sixth floor, dinging before the doors opened for them. He smiled and grabbed her hand, leading her out of the elevator and she couldn’t even beginning to help the wide smile that formed on her lips because of him.

“Here we are. Home sweet home,” he said, pulling out a small grouping of keys from his pocket to unlock the door.

“Home sweet home,” she repeated quietly after him as he pushed open the heavy black door.

To Elle’s surprise, Harry rented a small studio apartment, just like she did. Yet, his was on the higher end of the spectrum than hers was. His had a beautiful industrial feel to it with large floor to ceiling windows taking up most of the walls in the living room. He had a large spacious kitchen. And there was actually room to stretch in the space where his bed lay. In her apartment, if you turned any which direction, you were literally standing in another “room” in the apartment.

“Here. This is who I want you to meet,” Harry said, moving toward the small walk-in closet to their left.

Elle heard the clinking of a kennel door and the rustling of a dog’s collar and immediately found herself smiling. A stout brown and white English bulldog came barreling out of the small room directly at her.

“Oh, baby,” Elle said, placing her camera down on his kitchen island counter before bending down to greet the hyper pup.

“This is Hemingway, my dog,” Harry said proudly.

“Hi, Hemingway. Oh, baby. You are so cute. Yes, you are,” Elle cooed, immediately starting to talk to the dog in baby-talk as she ruffled the fur on top of his head.

“He likes you,” Harry said, smiling down at them.

“Well, I like him. Yes, I do, you adorable thing,” Elle chuckled as Hemingway jumped up trying to kiss her face.

“Hemingway, no! Get down,” Harry scolded him, grabbing onto his collar.

“It’s okay. Huh, Hemmy. You’re just excited,” Elle said, still talking to the dog. Harry laughed a short laugh, looking astonished but amused at her.

“What?” She smiled up at him.

“Oh, nothing. It’s just that I call him ‘Hemmy’ sometimes too,” Harry beamed at her.

“Oh. Ha. Yeah. I like to give nicknames sometimes.” Elle smiled, blushing slightly as she stood up.

“I’m gonna take him out quickly. Make yourself at home. There’s beer or whatever in the fridge,” Harry said, clipping a leash onto Hemingway’s collar as they made their way to the front door.

As the door closed with their exit, Elle couldn’t help but think of how trusting Harry was to leave a known paparazzi in his apartment – even though he was right to trust her. She would never ever betray his trust like her agent seemed to want her to do. Harry meant way more to her than a silly paycheck she could get elsewhere.

Elle’s eyes scanned over his eccentric decorations and knick-knacks that adorned the top of his upright black piano. She could tell just by looking at his possessions that he was a fun person – he had a full wall in his living room dedicated to superheroes. She found herself wanting to get to know him even better than she already did. She wanted to know everything there was to know about him for her own personal pleasure, rather than sharing it with the world like any other pap would do. She wanted to know Harry on a level that most people didn’t. And she realized she did know him so much better than almost everyone on the planet. She shared her bed with this man on many occasions. She saw him naked time and time again. The intimacy level they were on with one another was a level that most girls could only dream about. The thought of that made her smile smugly to herself as her eyes skimmed over the hanging display of vinyl records he had on another one of his wall.

 The apartment door opened back up moments later as Hemingway ran back in with Harry following shortly behind.

“Hey.” Harry smiled at her.

“Hi.” She smiled back at him, but let her eyes fall back to the well decorated wall.

“You have an interesting collection of memorabilia here,” Elle said, smirking at him.

“I have random taste in things.” He shrugged, giving her an I-don’t-give-a-fuck smirk.

“Like your random taste in women?” She cocked her eyebrow at him.

“I know an attractive female when I see one,” he said, moving closer so they were almost touching.

His hands reached out, gripping onto her hips, pulling her flush against his body. There was only a second or two of hesitation before he pressed his lips hard against hers. Her arms instinctively snaked around his neck, as the kiss deepened, their tongues dancing with one another’s.

“Mmm,” he moaned against her mouth and it made all the desire she was feeling for him pool between her legs. She wanted him to take her right then and there. On the kitchen counter, on the couch, his bed – hell, she’d even let him fuck her against his piano. She just needed him to do it.

But he must have been on a different page as her because as soon as she was ready to rip both of their clothes off and make the first move, he pulled back, breaking the kiss. She looked up into his eyes, her mouth gapping, unable to hide her disappointment from his sudden abandonment.

“I didn’t bring you here for this,” he said quietly, looking almost guilty.

“Oh,” she said just as quiet, which caused him to perk up slightly. Her lips turned up into a bashful smile and he gave her a wry smile in response.

“Does it make me a bad person that the thought of not having you right now kind of makes me feel like I am going to explode?” She asked him, feeling her cheeks flush hot at her personal admission. He laughed out loud as his smile grew even wider.

“We wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we?” He said, his voice sounding husky and so hot.

“No, we wouldn’t,” she said, shaking her head slightly. He groaned, wrapping his hand around the back of her neck as his lips slammed into hers once again.

His other hand wrapped around her waist as he began walking her back toward his bed. Her hands immediately began pushing up his shirt with the heels of her palms as she tried hard to concentrate on the rapid movement of their tongues and lips. Only a half an hour earlier, she was standing on a street corner with Charlie debating with him on where they should go to scout out celebrities. Now she was in the grips of Harry Styles’ arms, completely enthralled by his bedroom bewitchment, ready to be taken by him right on his bed in his upscale apartment.

Harry dropped his hands down gripping onto the hem of Elle’s tank top before he ripped it up over her head and threw it to the ground, barely taking his lips off of hers in the process. Without missing a beat, she snaked her hands back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall forward against them. When he stepped back, her bra fell off of her arms and to the floor in the same moment he pulled his own shirt off his body.

His hands came out and gripped her hips once again, pulling her against him and this time she could feel the hardness that was pressing against her and knew he was more than ready for what was about to go down. It only fueled her fire. And when he dropped her back against the mattress, she needed no time to recover before she was pushing her jeans down her hips.

Harry smirked down at her as he quickly undid his own pants and pushed them to the floor, kicking out of his shoes in the same process. As he walked around to his nightstand to grab a condom, Elle took the opportunity to relieve herself from the rest of her clothing. Moments later, he was back in front of her suiting himself up, looking down at her with lust-filled hooded eyes. God, he was so sexy. Elle almost couldn’t handle the feelings that were coursing through her.

She watched as he licked his lips and stepped forward toward her. Gripping onto her hips again, he pulled her toward him so her ass was right at the edge of his mattress.

“I have never gotten as turned on in all of my life as I did from what you just said to me,” Harry said, smirking down at him.

A low giggled worked its way through her as she looked up at him, practically salivating at the thought of him being turned on by something she said.

“You are something else, Ace,” he said, licking his lips again. Her cheeks blushed from the nickname as she giggled bashfully.

Harry pressed his body against hers, leaning down to kiss her lips. His hardness pressed against her in the most agonizing, hottest way possible and she thought she might pass out from all the hormones and desire that were running amok through her body.

“Everything about you is just so… mmm,” Harry said, pulling himself back up as he ran his hands slowly down her naked body.

“Remember how I said I was going to explode?” Elle asked him.

“Mm-hmm.” He smiled up at her.

“My fuse is almost up,” she told him, hurrying him along. His smile grew wider as he licked his lips again.

“Music to my ears,” he breathed, gripping onto himself as he pressed forward.

Just the slightest touch against her and Elle thought she might pass out. You’d swear she was an under-sexed eighteen year old boy who hadn’t been touched by a woman before. That’s how she was acting anyway. She was wrecked over this man and he knew it. He pressed the tip of his penis in just slightly, smirking down at her. Her breathing shuddered from the contact and his smile grew wider. When he retracted out of her in a playful motion, Elle let out an involuntary groan, her eyes snapping open to find his. He chuckled lightly and pressed in, but only the tip again. And seconds later retracted it. He did this a couple more times, really toying with her hormones and emotions and just everything. She was a ticking time-bomb.

“Harry Edward Styles!” Elle snapped, which caused him to laugh out loud.

“I fucking hate you,” she said, glaring playfully up at him.

“Except you don’t.” He smirked and slammed fully into her in one quick motion.

Elle’s head tipped back into the mattress as she let out a deep satisfying moan. He pulled back out, almost completely before slamming into her again.

“Ohh!” Elle groaned involuntarily.

When she looked back up at him, he had a smug smirk on his face as he began a pleasing rhythm in and out of her. That fucker knew what he was doing to her. He knew she needed it – that she was practically begging for it. She bit her lip to stifle the smirk that wanted to break through. He did a fantastic job of giving her exactly what she wanted, but on his own terms. Well played, Mr. Styles.

It wasn’t long before she was moaning loudly through a very pleasing orgasm. Harry knew her body well enough now to get her there quickly and he did a fantastic job, leaving her clawing at the sheets by the time her orgasm rippled through her to its end. Harry wasn’t far behind, giving two or three last deep thrusts before spilling himself into her with a low groan.

After pulling out, he collapsed half on top of her and half on top of the bed as their ragged breathing filled the stillness of the room. Elle snaked her arm around his waist and cuddled up to his side, wrapping her leg around his like a vine. No matter how close she was to him, she always wanted to be closer. She couldn’t help herself around him. He was perfect and he was perfect for her.

“Mmm. You are an ace, Ace.” He smirked over at her, his expression full of exhaustion.

“That was all you, I promise,” Elle cooed as she nuzzled her nose against his upper arm.

“I’m starting to realize I can’t live without this – without you,” he said as he turned his body toward hers, pulling her fully into his arms.

Elle’s whole stomach clenched up with his words. He said them so nonchalantly and didn’t seem fazed by the severity of what they meant. He couldn’t live without her? She didn’t realize the depths of his feelings. Hell, she didn’t even contemplate him having feelings for her at all, let alone those kinds of feelings. Everything exploded within her and she was left with a giddy feeling wanting to shoot out of her like fireworks.

In that moment, Elle knew she had completely fallen for him. She was in love with him and it could not be helped.

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