Shutter || Harry Styles AU

Elle Acerman is one of very few female paparazzi’s in L.A. Harry Styles is a world famous musician. When she sets her sights on him, she can’t help but develop a massive crush on him. He’s tall, dark and handsome, and a genuinely nice guy. When Elle’s agent pressures her into getting a story out of Harry Styles or leaving him alone for good, Elle works up the nerve to ask him what everyone in the world wants to know – is he gay? Not long after, the two begin a secret affair, but nothing in Hollywood stays secret for long. When some racy photos of them leak to the media, Harry and Elle are left questioning each other. How well do they really know one another? In the end, will they be able to survive a sex scandal?


3. 03

Elle weaved her way through the bodies of people dancing in the club, heading straight back to where she knew Bonnie was, hoping Harry wasn’t following her.

“Bon, I’m gonna go,” Elle said, setting her vodka cranberry drink Harry bought her onto the bar top in front of Bonnie.

“What? Why?” She asked, breaking her attention away from the guy she was with.

“I just… I’m gonna go. I had fun,” Elle told her, sending a smile her way as she squeezed her arm.

“Elle, why?” Bonnie asked as Elle moved around her toward the direction of the exit.

“Just… call me tomorrow,” Elle offered her as she moved toward the door of the club, wanting more than anything to just get some fresh air.

Her whole head was a mess. She went temporarily mad underneath his touch, his kiss. Dear God. Did that really happen?

When Elle finally broke out of the building, she took a deep breath, dragging precious air into her lungs, hoping it would help clear up the fog in her mind. But it didn’t help. Especially when she felt a firm hand grab onto her arm.

“Elle,” she heard his voice and cringed as he spun her toward him.

“Where are you going?” Harry asked, his intense eyes washing up and down her face.

“I’ve… I’ve gotta go home,” she said, trying her best to not look into his eyes, but focusing on his mouth was equally as hypnotizing.

“W-why?” He asked, knitting his eyebrows together.

Her whole body stiffened when she saw the familiar flashes of a camera on Harry’s face as he looked at her.

“Shit,” Elle sighed.

Harry’s eyes shot up to whomever it was taking their picture, and she knew they were caught, and it wasn’t going to look good on her part.

“Elle, are you dating the British pop star now?” She heard a menacing chuckle, as Harry dropped her arm from his grasp.

Elle turned to find a guy named Lorenzo, who was a diehard paparazzo, a guy that was practically the leader of the paps calling her out for getting special treatment in the field because she was a woman. The guy was a serious asshole and she always found it unpleasant to work around him. He was the type of paparazzo to start a fight with a celebrity just to be able to sue them when the celebrity lost their shit on him and broke his camera or punched him in the face. He called it a “bonus” when something like that happened.

Elle scoffed at Lorenzo and trudged down the sidewalk away from both men.

“Elle!” Harry called out again.         

What the hell did this guy think he was doing? Did he really want to be associated with someone like her?

“Elle, stop,” she heard Harry as he trailed right behind her. She also saw the flash of Lorenzo’s stupid camera as he followed them down the sidewalk.

“Taxi!” She called, holding her hand out, looking down the road for a yellow cab. All she really wanted to do was get the hell out of there.

“Come on, Elle,” Harry said, grasping onto her arm again.

“What are you doing?” She hissed in a low voice, turning to look him straight in the eye. He was absolutely crazy, she was certain.

“I just want to get to know you,” he breathed lowly, as Lorenzo barely gave them any privacy while he snapped an overabundance of unnecessary pictures of the two of them.

Elle’s cheeks blushed as she turned away from Harry, still trying to hail a cab. It was the first time she was on the other side of the lens, besides the night of the infamous gay questioning, and it pissed the hell out of her. It put her in the shoes of every single one of her subjects she photographed since she became a pap. She was Justin Bieber. She was Selena Gomez. She was Harry. Her stomach knotted tightly as a lump formed in her throat.

“TAXI!” Harry’s voice bellowed as he threw his hand up to hail a cab. And for some outrageous reason, out of nowhere, one appeared, pulling up to the curb in front of them.

“Thanks,” Elle said quietly, looking up at him.

He nodded, smiling at her as he opened the back door of the vehicle for her. She quietly slid in, just wanting to be away from everything associated with that night. She was glad Harry was just going to let it be, that he was just going to let her go.

As she told the cab driver her address, Harry slid in next to her in the cab, shutting the door after him.

“What are you doing?” She choked out as Lorenzo went even crazier with snapping pictures of them from outside of the cab.

“Drive,” Harry told the cabby.

“Harry, what are you doing!?” She asked him again, her voice straining slightly.

“Making sure you get home alright,” he told her as the driver merged into traffic, moving away from the club.

“I’m twenty-four years old. I think I can make it home by myself,” she scoffed incredulously.

“I want to be sure,” he told her with the slightest of grins.

“This is… oh my god. They’re gonna… oh my god,” Elle groaned, holding her hands over her face, slightly freaking out.

“What?” He chuckled, looking over at her with a cocked eyebrow.

“You and I are dating now. That’s what everyone in the fucking free world is going to think by the morning,” Elle told him incredulously. He just chuckled, finding humor in her worst nightmare.

“I know how these stories blow out of proportion, Harry. I have a hand in blowing these god damn stories out of proportion. And that guy – that fucking guy that was just taking our pictures is a ruthless asshole,” she explained to him, freaking out completely.

“It’s not that big a deal.” Harry shrugged passively.

“Not that big a deal!?” Elle choked out, eyes widened at him.

“People think what they want either way,” Harry told her calmly.

“There’s fucking proof,” she pointed out.

“There’s no proof,” he said evenly, shaking his head.

“What the hell do think those pictures are?” She asked him, not even able to comprehend the delusion he was living in.

“So, they’ll be printed tomorrow. And by the end of the week, nobody will give a shit,” he said with a shrug, causing her to grumble under her breath.

“It’s not like anyone got footage of what happened on the dance floor,” he said, smirking suggestively at her, cocking his eyebrow seductively.

Elle’s stomach turned violently with his words. She squeezed her legs shut tightly, trying to stop the sensations that shot through her as the memories of his lips on her earlobe, on her neck, on her lips infiltrated her brain.

“That… that was irresponsible,” she said, her eyes shying away from him.

“It was something,” he said suggestively.

“Just stop,” she said, shaking her head.

“What are you so afraid of?” He chuckled, finding pleasure in her pain.

“What are you… like, what? You… I—ughhh,” Elle stammered, letting out a growl of frustration. Harry only chuckled at her outburst.

“This is serious,” she snapped at him.

“It’s not that serious,” he countered evenly.

“Oh my god,” she growled, letting out a large sigh.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t find it to be that big a deal,” Harry chuckled, watching her from across the cab. She huffed out a breath, rolling her eyes.

“So tell me…” Harry said, trying to get her attention by cocking his head.

Elle’s eyes flicked up at him tentatively through the darkness of the vehicle – his face illuminated by each street lamp that passed. He was so beautiful, it made her sick. He shouldn’t have been allotted that much beauty. It just wasn’t fair to the others around him who couldn’t breathe in his presence because he was just so attractive.

“What do you find so wrong about all of this?” He asked curiously.

“About what exactly?” She asked for clarification.

“About me pursuing you,” he told her.

Pursuing me?” She choked out, feeling her esophagus closing up with the words.

“Yeah.” He nodded as his eyes sparkled in the light of another street lamp.

“Uh…” Elle looked at him wide-eyed with her mouth partially agape.

He chuckled, before his tongue darted out to wet his lips. Her eyes immediately caught the action, and between that and the words he spoke, she was certain she was done for. One more lick of his lips and she just might pass out.

His motions were quick, catching her completely off guard. He leaned in grabbing the back of her neck, pressing his lips hard against hers. She was so flustered at first that she just froze in shock. But as his lips moved against hers, her lips became pliable against his and she was kissing him back. She was so desperate for this man, she found herself pawing at his shirt, grabbing it in fistfuls, trying to pull him closer to her as his tongue tangled with her own. His fingertips dug into the side of her neck, holding her steady as his other hand came up, grasping unapologetically at her breast.

Ahem,” they heard the cab driver clear his throat, trying to get their attention.

Elle was not aware of time in those fleeting moments. She was just kissing him, and trying desperately not to faint from loss of oxygen – or just from Harry in general. Her cheeks tinged with pink when she realized they were caught, and what they were doing was highly inappropriate with another person in their presence. She pressed her hands against Harry’s chest, breaking their lock on each other as her head snapped in the direction of the man in the front seat. He was looking back at them through the rear-view mirror with a smirk on his face.

“Your destination, Miss,” he told her in an even tone, thankfully not condemning them for their momentary loss of self-control.

“Oh,” she said, bringing her fingers up to her lips as she looked out the window to see her apartment building.

“Here,” Harry said as he pulled out his wallet, filing through the bills before he handed some to the man.

“Have a great evening,” the man chuckled, sending them off with a salute of his hand, and Elle could do nothing but giggle at the gesture.

Harry pushed open the cab door and grabbed her hand to help her out. Once she was on her feet, he pulled her against his body, looking into her eyes. She looked back into his, wondering just what in the hell they were doing. How did this happen? Thankfully the cab was already tail lights down the road.

“I used to look at you… like, try to watch you. You were so intriguing,” Harry began to speak, causing Elle’s mouth to go completely dry.

“What?” She choked out, feeling her cheeks burn with blush.

“You’d be watching me, but I’d try to watch you back. And I swear I always felt something when I’d catch your eye. I’d see the same emotion come from you that I was feeling,” he spoke low and steady. Elle swallowed hard, listening to every word of his confession.

“That night—the night of the video, when you got my attention, I was so excited that we were conversing, I didn’t even care that you were asking about my personal life. And then you asked me if I was gay…” He said, letting out a laugh. Elle chuckled uncomfortably, still feeling like an asshole for asking something so personal.

“I didn’t want to. I really didn’t,” she said and shook her head lightly as she dropped her gaze from his, feeling so incredibly embarrassed with herself.

“I could tell how uncomfortable you were,” he said, reassuring her with his words.

“I felt sick over it,” she told him truthfully.

“I’m sorry I made you feel that way,” he joked, bringing humor into the conversation.

“You always make me feel that way,” she confessed, realizing how ridiculous it sounded, even though it was entirely true.

“Oh, jeez. I don’t even know how to respond to that,” he laughed, taking a step back, but still held onto her.

“No, no. Not in a bad way.” She smiled, swatting lightly at his chest.

“Well, as long as I don’t make you physically ill in a bad way,” he said sarcastically.

“Shut up.” She smiled timidly up at him.

“I really make you sick?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow at her.

“Just shut up,” she scoffed through a smile. He laughed, leaning down to kiss her and she let him.

“Did that make you sick?” He asked quietly, in that seductive tone he liked to lead with.

“Slightly,” she breathed, smirking at him.

“Wow. You’ll have to explain that to me some time,” he laughed blithely.

“It’s… hard to explain,” she said quietly, looking away from him again.

“Hmm,” he hummed as his fingers dug into her hips, pulling her closer.

“What is this, Harry?” She asked him apprehensively.

“What is what?” He asked smoothly.

This,” she said, gripping onto his t-shirt as he held her against his body.

“I don’t know. When I saw you tonight, leaning against the bar, I swear… I swear I was seeing things. First of all, I’ve never seen you like that – dressed like this. You’re… you’re always in your jeans and Converse’s. Always with a camera. But you were there – in front of me – breathtaking, and I just knew… I knew that was it, that it was time for me to really break the ice,” Harry explained sincerely, making her really believe him.

Every word he confessed pulled at her heart and shot overwhelming sensations throughout her body. She thought she might explode or pass out or something. She just knew she had to have him. Now was the time. Without another moment wasted, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, kissing him like he kissed her in the cab – hungered and frenzied. They were standing on the deserted sidewalk outside her building and she knew where she wanted to take him. She knew where they would end up. She slowly began walking him backwards to the door of her building as they kissed, and he went along with it.

Elle broke the kiss once they approached the door, only to reach into her bra and pull out her house keys.

“Clever.” He smirked at her, and she bobbed her eyebrows at him as she unlocked the main door.

“Come on,” Elle said, grabbing his hand, leading him to the staircase.

He followed right behind her until they reached the fourth floor landing. She unlocked her apartment door quickly, flipping on the lights and throwing her keys on the small table by the entrance, before also pulling her cell phone and some cash out of her bra as well, setting them next to her keys.

“What else do you have in there?” Harry smirked at her.

“Just me.” She smirked back flirtatiously, and she watched as his eyebrow slightly cocked from her words.

Elle took a few steps into her tiny studio apartment and turned to look at him.

“It’s not much, but there’s a bed,” she said suggestively.

“There is a bed. I see that.” He smirked as he walked slowly toward her, his bedroom-eyes prominent.

“Do you want something to drink, or…” She asked, wrapping her arms loosely around his neck.

“Or?” He breathed, cocking his eyebrow as he held onto her hips.

“Or me?” She smiled as innocently as possible at him.

“I’ll take the latter,” he said, smiling widely before his lips molded against hers.

Their kisses took on a life of their own and her fingers desperately clawed at his clothing, wanting more than anything for him to be naked, sprawled out so perfectly for her. She couldn’t deny how promiscuous the alcohol was making her. She wanted to touch his entire body. She wanted to kiss and taste every inch of his flesh. Her mind took her there many times before, but this was the first time her little fantasies ever had the chance to see the light of day – or the dark of night.

Elle frantically pushed up his shirt with the heels of her palms before she let her left hand trail back down the smooth expanse of his abdomen. She groaned against his mouth as he tugged at her bottom lip with his teeth. Holy hell. Her body was about to start shaking with need for him.

He pulled back enough so she could rip his t-shirt over his head. When she looked in his eyes, they were nearly black, swirling with unadulterated lust and she was certain hers mirrored his in every single way. She moaned against his lips before bending slightly to kiss her way down his chest and stomach. His fingers tangled in her hair as she could hear the soft moans escape from his lips.

Her kisses stopped once she reached his belt buckle. And she was certain her fingers never moved so fast in their existence. She had his belt and pants undone in record time and she was kissing her way down his deep sex lines, right to the top of the waistband of his Calvin Klein’s. Her fingertips dug into the flesh of his hips, before she thrust her hands in the back of his jeans, pushing his pants down his legs.

Oh, Elle,” she heard him grown as she continued to kiss his flesh.

She kissed her way back up his body, up his neck, across his jaw until their mouths met again. As they kissed, Harry leaned down, grabbing the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her head in one sweeping motion, leaving her in her bra and panties. His free hand grazed over her chest as his other hand discarded the dress onto the floor. There was something undeniably sexy about standing in front of him in only her under garments and knee high black boots.

Harry’s mouth came down kissing the tops of her breasts as his hands cupped under each one of them. Elle reached back unclasping her bra and let it fall against his hands. He smiled up at her appreciatively, before he peeled the fabric away, looking down to see his prize. His mouth came down to her breasts almost immediately, thoroughly teasing and tasting them. And she was certain she could have come right then and there from his torturous hot mouth on her sensitive flesh, but she dug her fingers into his shoulder blades and held herself together. When his mouth drug up her collarbone, she collected what mindful thoughts she had left and pushed him back onto her bed. He chuckled as he bounced backwards onto the mattress, and she couldn’t help but giggle as she watched him.

She leaned down, pulling off both of his shoes and socks before she discarded his pants altogether. Her hands rubbed against his thighs as he reached up, grabbing onto her hips to pull her down on top of him. Their bare chests met seconds before their mouths did as Harry’s hands grasped firmly onto her ass, digging her lower half straight into his hardness. She gasped against his mouth and knew that kissing his lips was not what she truly wanted right then. She pulled up, smirking at him as she rolled her body off of him. A slight whimper escaped from his lips and it only fueled her further.

“Move up,” she told him before she unzipped both of her boots and kicked them off.

Harry did what was asked and shimmied himself up her mattress. Elle got to her feet in front of the bed and hooked her fingertips around the waistband of his boxer briefs and slowly, torturously pulled them off of his body. Her eyes, her body, her entire being was so thoroughly satisfied seeing him laid out on her bed completely naked just for her. He was a fucking killer. The absolute most beautifully crafted specimen of a man she’d ever seen. She groaned as she dug her fingernails into the flesh of his thighs, unable to control herself any longer. One by one, she pressed her knees onto the bed, between his spread legs. Sitting down on her calves, she reached out, touching him for the first time. He let out a hankered groan, leaning his head back against the pillow.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned lowly as her hand began to pump him slowly.

“Oh god, that’s good,” he groaned, letting his mouth drop open, which was almost too sexy for words.

Licking her lips, Elle leaned down, wrapping her mouth around the head of his penis and he let out another groan from deep within him. As she worked her mouth around him, his fingers came down his body to tangle in her hair. His satisfied moans and groans were killing her. And when he swiped her hair out of her face, she looked up into his glazed eyes and he gave her one of the best smiles she’d ever seen. She lifted her head up, licking him one last time before she pulled herself up completely.

Fuck, Elle,” Harry breathed out exasperated, as he ran his hands over his face.

Elle moved her way up his body, kissing a trail all the way up, dragging her lips over his stubble-filled jaw-line before their mouths connected once again.

“You are so unbelievable,” he breathed against her mouth.

Elle giggled as she pulled up again, his hands grasping at her breasts as she leaned toward her nightstand. When her fingers finally grasped onto the tiny square package, she pulled up, already ripping it open. He smirked at her as she tossed away the wrapper, her body scooting down his. She rolled the condom down his shaft rather skillfully compared to how little she’d actually ever done it, before she sat up on her knees, ready to push her panties down her hips.

“Allow me,” Harry said with a smirk, sitting up as he wedged his hands underneath hers. Elle let go with a smile on her face and let him have his way.

His smooth hands rubbed over the front of her stomach, dipping down the curve between her legs. She moaned as she bit her lip. The fact that he was touching her fulfilled so many god damn fantasies, it wasn’t even funny.

“You’re perfect,” he breathed lowly, kissing the patch of skin right above her panty line.

“Oh god, please,” she groaned, letting her head fall back, eyes closed.

Elle felt his dull fingernails scrap down her hipbones, pulling the fabric down her legs and she did what she could to speed up the process, kicking them off as soon as she could. She let her body rest against his as their mouths met again, slowly bucking herself against his hardness.

Fuck,” he sighed pleasurably and Elle knew she couldn’t keep it up, because she was teasing both of them unnecessarily. They were right fucking there – on the cusp with each other. She was entirely ready.

She left a hardened kiss on his mouth before she pulled herself onto her knees again, gripping his shaft to press herself down on it slowly. Her body enveloped him perfectly, and the sighs that came out of both of their mouths were of complete satisfaction. Elle took a few moments to steady herself above him, pressing her palms against his chest as she bit her lip from the pleasing sensations that overcame her.

“Oh god, Elizabeth,” he sighed.

There was something so intimate about the way he said her full name. Sure, it was the name her parents gave her at birth, but she never told Harry that. He figured it out on his own and it made her heart flourish for him.

She pulled her head forward, opening her eyes to look straight into his.

“This is… oh god…” Elle groaned, unsure of what she could say to really cement the moment the way she wanted to, to rationalize her feelings for him, because in all honesty, her feelings for him were completely irrational.

“Mm-hmm,” Harry hummed agreeably, running his hands up and down her legs. He didn’t need rationalization though, because his eyes showed her he felt exactly the same way.

“Oh, god,” Elle sighed as she pulled up and came back down on him, beginning the pleasing act itself.

As her rhythm sped up, so did their breathing. Her gasps were coming out high-pitched and Harry’s grunts were coming out low. It was a perfect representation from both ends of the spectrum. When the pleasure became so intense that she thought she might pass out, her nails dug into his chest as she spilled herself all around him. When she could do nothing but ride it out, Harry grabbed her in his arms, pressing her down onto her back on the bed. He knelt in front of her, gripping onto her legs as he continued to drive himself in and out of her. Elle was gasping, and Harry’s grunts were ragged and savage sounding as he too lost himself. His hands came down on either side of her head, holding himself up as he panted hard, trying to regain his breath.

Holy—” Elle sighed, running her hand through her dampened hair.

Mmm,” he replied wordlessly as he roll onto his back next to her on the mattress.

Their heavy breathing was all that could be heard for some time as they relished in the feelings coursing through them. As soon as she could breathe again, she turned her body toward his and curled up against him.

“Here,” he offered, lifting his arm up so she could rest her head on it. He pulled her tightly against him and she let her eyes flutter closed.


“Elle… Elizabethhh,” she heard a soft voice cooing her name.

Elle squinted her eyes before she even opened them, knowing full well that the sun was blasting through her apartment windows. She slowly opened one of her eyes and Harry’s face was the focal point, hovering above hers. She hadn’t taken out her contacts from the night before, so his features were perfectly in focus the second she opened her eyes.

“Hey.” He smiled down at her.

“Hey,” Elle croaked out.

“I’ve uh… I’ve got to go,” he told her, looking slightly disappointed.

“What?” She asked as she slowly sat up. Harry pulled back, sitting on the edge of her bed, fully clothed, whereas she was still completely naked.

“I’ve uh… I’ve got a meeting with my agent today,” he said, looking at her apprehensively.

“Oh, okay,” she said quietly, nodding her head as she looked down at her hands.

“But, hey…” He began, catching her eye again.

“Hmm?” She hummed, feeling increasingly awkward.

“We can get together again soon, I promise. And maybe next time I won’t have to leave you like this,” he said with a smirk, and she couldn’t help but smile bashfully at him.

“You are so perfect, Elle,” he said, leaning in to kiss her.

“Not like you,” she breathed against his lips. He chuckled, kissing her again. They kissed for a few long moments before he had to pull away.

“Can I get your number?” He smirked at her, looking slightly ashamed that they did what they did without actually really knowing each other.

“Yeah. For sure,” she told him as he pulled out his phone.

She rattled off her ten digits and he quickly entered them in, his thumbs sliding smoothly over the face of his phone. Everything he did caught her attention, from the way his tongue peeked out on the edge of his lips, to the way he ran his fingers casually through his already tousled hair. She wasn’t sure why he walked on water in her mind, but he did.

“I’ll text you so you have my number too,” he said as his fingers continued to type frantically.

Moments later, her phone buzzed loudly on the table by the front door.

Voilà.” He smirked at her wide-eyed and pleased with himself. Elle giggled as she pressed in for another kiss.

“I’ll call you,” he assured her, leaving one last kiss on her lips before be pulled himself up from the bed.

She watched him walk to the door, wanting nothing more than to pull him back in bed with her and discard all of his offensive clothing once again.

“Bye, Elle.” He smiled back at her as he pulled open the front door.

“Bye, Harry,” she said and watched as he gave her one last smile and shut the door behind him leaving her all alone to relive all the events of the previous night in her head.

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