Naughty & Nice || Niall & Harry AU

She is sleeping with both of them so she can be both halves of who she really is – Naughty & Nice. “Tell me to leave you alone. Tell me that you don’t want this,” Harry breathed against her lips. She inhaled sharply, but couldn’t find her voice. Her eyes stared relentlessly into his. She should have been pushing him away. She should have known better. Niall’s face should have been in her mind in that moment, but it wasn’t. It was just Harry. She couldn’t see passed the man standing in front of her, coaxing her to let her guard down – to let her naughty side come out and play.


1. One.

Savannah Blake was nineteen years old when she first met Niall Horan. He was a few years older and had way more life experience. She appreciated more than anything the stability she had with him and she was completely certain she found the man she would marry. He was probably the most perfect man she’d ever met – famous musician, philanthropist, loving boyfriend. He brought her flowers just because and texted her messages like you’re beautiful just to make her smile.

The moment she first saw him, she was hooked. She wasn’t sure what it was that attracted her to him so completely. Maybe it was his good-looks, maybe his charm, or it could have been the fact that he was exotic with an amazing Irish accent? No matter, she looked passed it all and found the perfect man hidden beneath all the superficial things that a person is initially attracted to. Niall was genuine and she valued that completely.

They met at a benefit for under-privileged children. Her family had always been a big supporter for the charity for as long as she could remember. Niall, being famous, was one of the speakers at the event. Savannah remembered thinking as he was speaking, that he had the power to captivate an audience, to own each and every soul in the room. He was powerful whether he knew it or not.

Her fifteen year old sister, Ginny, coaxed her to go talk to him during the event. She felt silly trying to get passed his bodyguard to talk to him, thinking he probably thought she was just another one of his adoring fans. Maybe she was, but it wasn’t because of One Direction.

She couldn’t even begin to describe how he made her feel as they talked with one another. By the end of the benefit, Niall asked for her number and she couldn’t help but feel superior in that moment. There were many, many girls fighting for his attention and she was the one to get it – even if it was just for a night.

Niall didn’t call her for a week. He was busy with work, apparently. Savanna didn’t care either way because the boy actually called. They hit it off almost immediately and began a friendship through digital communication before he asked her on a date. After their first date, it was pretty much determined they were thoroughly enamored with each other, so they began casually dating. After a month or so, Niall asked her to be his girlfriend and it made her the happiest girl on earth.

Their relationship was like a fairytale come true – for six months at least. For six months, Niall meant everything to her. That was until she met Harry. He was Niall’s bandmate and younger step-brother. Through their band, Harry’s father met Niall’s recently divorced mother and they hit it off. They got married when Harry was seventeen and Niall was eighteen.

Niall would tell Savannah stories of Harry’s exploits with women on and off tour. He was a chronic playboy and womanizer. Being a liberated woman of sound mind, Savannah found men of Harry Styles’ nature repulsive.

Savannah was staying at Niall’s Los Angeles condo for a week while her apartment was getting new flooring installed. What Niall failed to mention was that Harry would inhabit the guest bedroom at his place during that same week. It came as a great shock to her to be snuck up upon by Harry as she was rifling through Niall’s refrigerator that first morning, clad in only a tank top and panties.

Damn, woman,” she heard a deep, manly voice cat-call from behind her, causing her to smack her head on the fridge as she shot up because of the vocal disturbance. She thought she was home alone.

“Holy shit!” She screeched, spinning on her feet, holding her hand over her chest as her heart raced from the startle.

Standing in front of her was a tall, dark and dangerously handsome man wearing only a pair of navy blue pajama pants – his well-defined chest and abdomen, full of tattoos, caught her eye almost immediately.

“I’ve got to say, Nialler has got great taste in women,” he said, his British accent thick as he spoke. His eyes panned up and down her half-naked body in the most degrading way possible.

“Excuse me?” She scoffed, completely offended by the dude in front of her. She had no idea who he was and felt extremely offended by his perverted sneer in her direction.

“I said, you’re fine, woman,” he told her as his eyes continued to rake over her exposed skin.

“That is the second time in less than a minute you have called me ‘woman’. I have a name, you know?” She shot at him, along with the dirtiest glare she could muster.

“You’re American…” he said, smiling widely.

“We’re in America…” she snapped back at him.

“Well, forgive me, sweet cheeks. We haven’t been properly introduced,” he replied, smiling slyly as he moved toward her. Was he for real?

“I’m Harry. Niall’s bandmate and step-brother,” he said, grabbing her hand, placing a light kiss on the back of it. She ripped her hand out of his, feeling disgusted by his sleazy move.

In the back of her mind, she always thought that maybe Niall was exaggerating a little bit when he talked about his step-brother’s conquests and dirty behavior. But it seemed as if everything Niall told her about Harry was entirely true.

“Savannah, Niall’s girlfriend,” she said, eyeing him skeptically.

Savannah,” he repeated, quirking his eyebrow at her. He was making her skin crawl just by being in her presence.

“Nice to meet you, Savannah,” Harry said, smiling a mega-watt smile which she was sure made weaker woman cream in their panties, but she was not fazed.

She had to admit, Harry Styles was definitely attractive. He was actually extremely good looking, but his slimy personality turned her off even before she was put through this awkward first meeting. His charm would not work on her. Not in the slightest.

“If you don’t mind, I am going to go put some clothes on,” she told him as she shut the fridge door.

“I wouldn’t mind if you paraded around like that all day long, love,” Harry said, gesturing his hand at her lack of clothing. She scoffed at him before heading across the kitchen to make her way to Niall’s bedroom to get dressed.

“Stop staring at my ass!” She called to Harry as she walked away.

“Oh, now you know I can’t help something like that, sweet cheeks,” he chuckled, making Savannah shutter as she dashed down the hallway to her boyfriend’s room.

If she knew anything about first impressions, she knew if her instincts told her she was going to find difficulty with a person, it was probably true and she should probably run far, far away.

She had no idea how true it was – except she had nowhere to run.

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