Naughty & Nice || Niall & Harry AU

She is sleeping with both of them so she can be both halves of who she really is – Naughty & Nice. “Tell me to leave you alone. Tell me that you don’t want this,” Harry breathed against her lips. She inhaled sharply, but couldn’t find her voice. Her eyes stared relentlessly into his. She should have been pushing him away. She should have known better. Niall’s face should have been in her mind in that moment, but it wasn’t. It was just Harry. She couldn’t see passed the man standing in front of her, coaxing her to let her guard down – to let her naughty side come out and play.


4. Four.

Later that day as Savannah was cowering in Niall’s bed, dreading his arrival, she couldn’t help but play the memories of Harry fucking her on the center island counter over and over again in her head. She was feeling extremely guilty over it, but she couldn’t help but relish over the fact that she’d never been so sexually pleased in her entire existence. She could still feel him pounding into her. She could still hear the slapping of their skin as it met over and over. She could still feel the pleasure raking through her body as she came twice for him. She tried to displace the memories of their little tryst. She honestly tried, but once a person gets a taste from someone it’s nearly impossible to shake away that hunger. 

Savannah heard the bedroom door open and then close as her heart constricted in her chest. It was do or die time. Niall was home and she was paralyzed.

“Savannah?” She heard Niall’s soothing Irish voice.

“Uh-huh,” she groaned, hiding in his big white fluffy comforter.

“Are you okay?” He asked, concern in his tone.

“Uh-huh,” she said again, her head still buried in his plush pillows.

“I’ve got something for you,” he said sweetly.

Oh, God. She did not deserve anything from this loving man. She looked up to see Mr. Perfect carrying a vase with a dozen red roses in it. Her heart dropped. Her entire cardiovascular system dropped. She was exceedingly disgusted with herself.

“I don’t deserve you,” she breathed out. That statement could not have been any closer to the truth.

“I just wanted to brighten your day. I know I’ve been gone a lot lately at the studio and I just wanted to make it up to you,” he said, sitting down next to her on the bed, placing the vase on the night stand.

“They’re… they’re beautiful,” she said, looking at the flowers.

“You’re beautiful,” Niall cooed as he kissed her forehead. Her heart was heavy as he showed her the affection she no longer deserved from him. 

Niall proceeded to crawl into bed next to her. The warmth resonated off of him, in turn warming her.

“I’ve missed you,” Niall breathed against her neck before trailing warm kisses down it. She was slowly but surely relaxing in his arms. She knew where his foreplay was headed. She knew where it was headed when he first crawled into the bed. The way he was turning her on, was pushing all other memories and thoughts out of her brain. It was just her and Niall.

Niall’s slow, methodical love-making was therapeutic. Her tensed muscles relaxed underneath him. She knew it was what she needed – for the rest of her life, she needed Niall next to her to calm her and center her world. She knew what happened between her and Harry was a colossal mistake and she would never let it happen again. 

She didn’t tell Niall about it. She didn’t have the nerve or the decency to come clean about it. It would only hurt him. After all, it was only a one-time thing – a mistake

That night Harry didn’t bring home a random girl to fornicate with. All was quiet on his side of the condo. It was gratifying to Savannah. As much as she tried to deny it, it pleased her to no end that she was satisfaction enough for him not to go and hump some hussy like he did so many other nights. Then she realized it made her the hussy. 

Nothing else happened between Savannah Harry the rest of the week. She liked to tell herself she was exercising her self-control, but she knew she significantly lacked self-control when it came to Harry Styles. What happened between them earlier in the week was the most rock solid proof of that. In the few days that passed after Savannah and Harry’s little tryst, she’d steered clear of any run-ins with him. If she headed to the bathroom, she looked both ways down the hallway and booked it to and from Niall’s room. If she went to the kitchen to get sustenance, she did so with the quickness, darting around like a crazy person.

Harry’s behavior toward Savannah had changed considerably. He was completely apathetic toward her, like he didn’t even need to bother with her anymore. He got his taste and needn’t go out of his way to even acknowledge her anymore. His sexual comments and his come-hither looks had ceased and Savannah was left feeling diminished. Why did he make her feel that way? She felt rejected and taken advantage of. It hurt deep down and she had no idea why she let something Harry Styles did or didn’t do affect her so much. He meant nothing to her. He meant less than nothing to her. 

By the end of the week, Savannah was overjoyed to be moving back into her apartment. One more day left alone at Niall’s place and then he would be home to drive her and her belongings back to her apartment. 

On her last morning there, she knew for a fact that Harry didn’t come home the night before, so she let herself enjoy the morning. She actually cooked herself breakfast instead of grabbing cold cereal. As she was halfway into making herself pancakes, she heard the front door open. 


She knew it wasn’t Niall. It was entirely too early to be him. Savannah winced as she heard footsteps patter toward the kitchen. It took her a second to realize she was holding her breath. Her back was to him and she was just waiting. She had no clue what she was waiting for, but she stood there like a fool, frozen in place. 

“Your pancake is burning,” she heard him say.

“Shit!” She gasped as she looked down at the smoldering breakfast cake in the pan. She flipped it, revealing its blackened underside. God damn it. She silently seethed over the fact that Harry was making a fool out of her.

She threw the burnt pancake into the trashcan and threw the pan in the sink, suddenly feeling too nauseated to eat anything. She could feel his eyes on her and it bothered her, but also engrossed her mind in the most exciting way possible. She needed to know what he was thinking. She needed to know what his eyes were saying. She slowly turned to meet his gaze. His eyebrow was cocked in a peculiar fashion. He was amused by her hasty behavior.

“What?” She shot at him, feeling out of control with her emotions.

She hated feeling out of control. She was a persnickety person and rarely let herself get carried away with anything. And with Harry, she let herself get carried away all too easy 

“Nothing,” he replied, a smirk dancing across his lips. She’d only known him for a little over a week, but she knew he wasn’t one to hold his tongue. She felt like she was in the twilight zone. His behavior resembled one of a bipolar person’s. Night and day. Up and down. 

She scoffed and moved to clean up the rest of the mess she made with the pancake batter. 

“I was kind of hoping for some pancakes,” she heard his voice reverberate from behind her.

“Then make them yourself,” she barked, tossing the bowl of batter indignantly on the counter, before walking out of the kitchen without another glance in his direction. She went back to Niall’s room so she could catch her breath. She hated the way Harry made her feel. 

Savannah spent the rest of the day packing up all her belongings into suitcases so that once Niall arrived home, he would be able to take her straight back to her place, away from his evil step-brother and his unsettling glances. But as the day drew into the evening, Niall still hadn’t shown up to bring her home. He must have let his work engross him so thoroughly that he lost all track of time. She tried calling him but it went straight to voicemail. He often turned his phone off so not to be distracted when recording. It must have been one of those times.

Savannah brought her bags to the front door, eager to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. She sat down on the couch in the living room tapping her foot nervously, waiting for her ride. The second Niall walked through the door she was going to insist they leave.



“Savannah,” she heard as she was brought back to consciousness. She must have fallen asleep on the couch waiting for Niall to come home.

“Niall?” She asked before her vision could come into focus.

“No,” she heard. Her eyes were met with Harry’s as he towered over her, his hand still on her arm.

“Wha-what is going on?” She asked, sitting up, shrugging his hand off of her.

“Niall called me and asked me to drive you home. He said he tried to call you, but didn’t get an answer,” Harry informed her.

“What?” She asked, fondling her pockets for her phone. Where the hell was her phone? 

She stood up, walking over to the door where her things were and dug in her purse. She pulled out her iPhone to check it. Niall indeed called and she missed it. Damn it.

“So, do you need a ride?” He asked. She looked up at him and then back at her luggage. She really did not want to stay another night.

“Don’t you have better things to do… or should I say better people to do?” She jeered at him.

“The night is young,” he replied smugly. She rolled her eyes at him. Grotesque. 

She wouldn’t let Harry help her bring her things to his Range Rover. She did it herself. Who needed Harry Styles anyway?

The ride to her apartment was silent, except for the occasional direction she would have to communicate. She stared out the passenger window otherwise, as to not meet his gaze at any point during the drive. Harry got out once they arrived, but again, she did not let him help her with her bags.

“Are you sure you don’t need any help? I could just come up with you…” He started.

“Don’t even think about it,” she scoffed at him, sending a glare his way.

“Just thought I’d be nice,” he said, holding his hands up in protest.

“Since when have you ever been nice?” She shot at him, her words full of malice.

“You don’t know anything about me, sweet cheeks,” he shot back, eyeing her.

“You’re right, I don’t. And I don’t plan on ever knowing you,” she said before she turned her back on him and walked away.



Two weeks. Savannah two uninterrupted weeks without Harry Styles. She was finally feeling level-headed and in control of her emotions again. She hadn’t been back to Niall’s house since she left, insisting he come to her apartment if he wanted to spend the night with her. 

She’d just gotten home from having an early dinner with her parents and she was ready for a peaceful night of relaxation. Niall was mixing in the studio that night, so she knew he would be preoccupied for the night. She planned on opening a bottle of wine and perhaps watching a thing or two on television. Exciting. Right as she popped the cork on the bottle of chardonnay, her phone buzzed urgently on the counter top. One new text message

It was from a number she didn’t recognize. She opened the text, curiously. It’s not the same around here without u parading around in ur panties, it read. After reading it, she knew exactly who it was, but she pretended like she didn’t.



Who is this?


Cmon, swt chx. Don’t act like u don’t know.


She rolled her eyes at his awful texting grammar.



What do you want?


On my way over.


What the fuck? Was he serious?



What? No. Absolutely not.


She didn’t receive a response back. She felt nauseated and elated at the same time. She was not his god damn booty call, but on the other hand, it excited her that he wanted her to be. Fuck. It didn’t take long before she heard a rap on her door. She opened it a smidge to see Harry standing in front of her.

“Go away,” she told him.

“Not happening,” he said confidently.

“Goodbye, Harry,” she said, trying to shut the door, but he pushed his way in. She groaned as he pushed passed her into the apartment.

“You’re not welcome, Harry,” she told him.

“Don’t play coy with me, sweet cheeks. I know you’ve been waiting,” he said and she scoffed loudly.

“For what?” She snickered.

“For this,” he said, pushing her up against the wall, kissing her forcefully.

She was ashamed at how easily her body melted into his. He was right, she was waiting, whether she consciously knew it or not. His hands were greedy while exploring her body. She moaned when his mouth ravished the nape of her neck. 

“Let me hear you,” he said as his hand grasped fervently over her throat. She felt the dominance in everything he was doing and couldn’t help but fawn over it.

“Van, let me hear you,” he growled. He called her ‘Van’. Her younger sister was the only person that ever called her Van, because when she was little she wasn’t able to call her by her full name.

His hands forcefully pushed up her shirt and wedged them inside of her bra onto her breasts as his mouth held her neck hostage. He groped hungrily. Her head dropped back against the wall, savoring the feeling of his hands and mouth on her. She let out a loud guttural cry in response to Harry’s request.

“Just the way I like it,” Harry grunted as he thrust himself against her center. She let out another moan and he chuckled.

“I can give you what you need, baby,” he warranted as he pulled her shirt over her head. 

As he worked on unbuttoning her skinny jeans, she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. He pushed her jeans down her hips before she kicked out of them. She grabbed at the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it off in one fell swoop. He looked at her with manic, lust filled eyes and Savannah couldn’t help but bask in the moment before his lips greedily took hers once again. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he pulled her to him. There was no fighting the captivation he had over her.

Harry pulled her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, walking her toward the living room where he laid her down on the oversized ottoman in front of her couch. He looked down at her almost naked body and moaned inwardly. Savannah sat up on her elbows eyeing him as his gaze danced over her body. She sat up fully and grasped his belt buckle in her hands before she began unfastening it. As soon as his pants and boxers were at his ankles, she took his shaft in her hands and began pumping it gently. His head fell back as he groaned in pleasure.

Savannah was pleased to see that Mr. Styles was well-endowed indeed. She should have known by the way he filled her up so tightly the time before. As she pumped his appendage, she felt the pre-cum seep onto her hand. Instinctively, she bent forward and lapped it up with her tongue. Another groan escaped his lips at the feel of her tongue on the head. She looked up at him as she let his penis enter her mouth. He was looking down at her with a devious look on his face, which made her absolutely ache for him. She sucked and teased and stroked his shaft as he moaned and groaned and jerked in response. His hand was on the back of her head guiding her mouth up and down his manhood at his discretion. And when he wanted her to stop, he gripped her hair in his fist. 

“I’m gonna fuck you,” he breathed, meeting her gaze again. She smirked and laid back on the ottoman, ready for him.

“Turn over,” he commanded.

She quirked an eyebrow at him before obediently turning over. He grabbed her by the hips, positioning her on all fours before forcefully entering her. She gasped at the feeling of him filling her up greedily. He moaned as he began pumping in and out of her. Savannah bit her lip to suppress her groan as he pushed and pulled inside of her. He held onto her hips roughly, thundering himself inside her. 

“Let me hear you, Van,” he ordered and she let out a boisterous moan.

“Perfect,” he cooed as his hand left her hip and snaked is way down to cup her breast.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you,” he demanded.

“Fuck me. Just fuck me, Harry,” she moaned loudly.

“Good girl,” he said as both his hands gripped tightly onto her hips again. 

After a great deal of thunderous thrusts into her depths, her cell phone started ringing from the couch.

“H-hold on,” she said, stabilizing herself. Harry’s movements halted, but he growled under his breath in disapproval. Savannah pulled away from him and he slid out of her.

“H-hello,” she answered without even looking at the caller ID.

“Savannah?” She heard Niall’s unmistakable voice from the other end.

“Niall!” She yelped, her eyes wide. She heard Harry chuckle lightly before she glared at him. He didn’t like that and grabbed her hips pulling her toward him. She was on her back now on the ottoman.

“Why are you breathing so heavily?” Niall asked curiously.

“I’m… I’m working out,” she lied and Harry smirked as he positioned himself over her opening. She swatted at his hand on her hip for him to stop, but he executed his intention. He slid back into her with ease.

“Oh, okay. Well, I was thinking I would come over. I miss you,” Niall told her. Her eyes nearly bugged out of her head from his words. His step-brother was currently fucking her in her living room and he wanted to come over?

“Uh, when?” She gasped. Her voice came out about an octave higher than its normal pitch.

“I’m wrapping up things here, so I’ll probably be there in a half an hour or so,” Niall told her. Half an hour? She could manage that.

“Oh. That sounds good,” she said breathy and discordant. Harry was pumping in and out of her at record speed and the pleasure that was raking over her body was excruciating at the moment.

“Good. Do you need anything?” He asked. Only your forgiveness.

“No, no. I’m good,” her voice quivered because of Harry’s relentless battering. Harry smirked deviously above her. Mother fucker.

“Okay. I’ll see you in a few,” Niall told her.

“Okay. B-bye,” she said, hanging up without another word. Harry chuckled under his breath as he continued his assault on her.

“OH, FUCK!” She screamed as she threw her head back in pleasure.

“You like?” He questioned animatedly.

“You are an asshole!” She yelled. Seconds later her orgasm ripped through her.

“God damn it! Ohhhh,” she screamed loudly. 

Harry was still going at it once her body stopped shaking. She had no idea how he had anything left in him after the way he was pounding into her. Just then, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he let out a loud groan, releasing himself into her. His movements ceased and he collapsed on top of her. 

“You are a fucking asshole, you know that?” She said, smacking his arm. He chuckled again as he rolled off of her.

“What the fuck do you think you were doing? Do you want Niall to know you’re fucking his girlfriend?” She asked as the anger rippled through her.

“You just need to know that when you’re with me, you’re with me,” he said as his eyes narrowed.

“What is that supposed to mean?” She shot at him.

“When I am fucking you, you’re mine. Nothing else takes priority,” he dictated. She knew it wasn’t a request. Harry was calling the shots. It was his show. Savannah found herself obediently nodding.

“Say it,” he ordered.

“Nothing else takes priority,” she said, folding at his demand.

“Good girl,” he said before he crashed his lips into her. What did she just get herself into? When they pulled apart, he sat back on his elbows on the ottoman, his cock resting against his stomach.

“What are you doing? You need to leave!” Savannah said, snapping out of her make-shift Stockholm Syndrome. He chuckled at her, his eyes jovial.

“Harry! I’m serious! Your brother is going to be here any minute!” She said, standing up, frantically gathering up his clothes before throwing them at him. He laughed again.

“HARRY!” She growled. Bastard. Ugh. She loathed him when he wasn’t fucking her senseless.

“I’m going, I’m going,” he laughed as he redressed himself. 

Harry was only gone ten minutes when Niall showed up at her door. She was a nervous wreck until she saw her boyfriend’s adoring face. He kissed her breathlessly, sweeping her off her feet. Literally. She was in his arms and he was carrying her to the bedroom. Oh, Lord. She didn’t know if she had it in her to have sex with her boyfriend after just being worked over by his brother less than fifteen minutes before. Niall’s entrancing, delicate rhythm proved to be easily accommodating, though. Savannah was still sore and it took some getting used to, but she handled it well, with a smile on her face. It was easy to adapt for Niall. 

It was also easy to adapt for Harry. And with him, she made a deal with the devil.

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