A Hug, A Plane, A Death (on hold)

Calloused fingers, plane chairs, suicidal thoughts. All because he loved the girl with the green hair (Short story)


5. To just stand there and watch is the worst thing of all

She was selfish and she knew it. In comparison to many lives, hers was far better than the suffering in Africa, and the poor in South America.
Then again, the citizens surrounding her in her city of Osaka seemed to have a better chance of happiness than her. If she could turn back time and change her past, she would do it without a further hesistation. But sadly that wasn't as easy as speech.
She told few of her story, many too traumatized to consume the words that left her mouth. She herself was still not over the terror that jad reigned in her childhood.
And no, it wasn't the usual stories you heard in "fan fiction" with an abbusive father, or a dead sister who was suicidal. Yes, self harm may have been typed on that keyboard but that wasn't the phrase highlighted.
Mentally unstable. Severely mentally unstable, her brother was. He couldn't controll himself. He didn't even realise that it was him that gave her the black eye until it had gone yellow. 
She knew it wasn't him who had killed her mother, it was someone else who had taken ahold of his brain and manipulated him into completing the action.
Still, she blamed herself for not being there to stop it.
She blamed her sister for running away before their brother could be cured.
She blamed her father for standing there and watching.
But she never blamed him, no matter how many time he hurt her.

Dan knew that when she told him to leave, he could not stay.

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