A Hug, A Plane, A Death (on hold)

Calloused fingers, plane chairs, suicidal thoughts. All because he loved the girl with the green hair (Short story)


2. The Girl With The Green Hair

She walked along the curb, keeping her arms spread wide in order to keep balance. If she fell one way, she'd be in the safety of the pavement. If she fell the other, she'd be in deaths hands as the machines wizzed round the corner. Alone. But never, silent.

He sat on the side of the stage, microphone in hand in order to speak to his beloved fans. If he fell back, he'd fall onto the safety of the speaker. If he fell forwards, he'd fall into the danger of their reaching hands. Silent. But never, alone.
He was always thinking of her: the green hair that hung by her shoulders; the light tapping of her feet on the ground-however fast she ran, she seemed as though she was light as a feather- as she sprinted away; the cold hands that reached around his back. He could never seem to get her out of his mind- she was the only thing that broke the silence.
6 months, it had been since he had saw her. Waiting for her appearance, they were in Osaka now. Late, she was very late. And this had never happened before.
The door swung open. She stepped into the light. She revealed her face screaming: "Michael! It's me!"
Then he snapped back into reality.
"Have you ever been in love?" the fan asked him, staring expectantly in his direction.
His mouth opened then closed, hesistating for the slightest second, before the final answef left his lips.
"Yes, and I'm still in love with her."
The hall was so silent you could hear the sound of Luke's guitar string break in shock. Everyone took a sharp intake of breath. This was not the answer they thought they would hear.
"Who? Who is it?" Calum asked persistently.
I paused, looking as my calloused fingers that held the cool, metal microphone. I nodded my head as I spoke.
"The girl with the green hair,"

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