A Hug, A Plane, A Death (on hold)

Calloused fingers, plane chairs, suicidal thoughts. All because he loved the girl with the green hair (Short story)


1. Preview

A Hug, A Plane, A Death

They came to Osaka twice a year, and every meet and greet she was there.
She never said anything. She never showed her face. She would just hug one, and only one member of 5 seconds of summer, before she ran away.
It was always the same pattern, so at the start of 2016 the boys knew who was getting that hug. Last yeat it had been Calum and Ashton. So Luke would be the first this year, then Michael the second. It was just the way things worked.
So when they reached Osaka for the first time in 2016, Luke prepared himself for the best hug he'll ever get. Dramatic, he knows.
And just like they thought, the dense, green hair whipped round the corner, her arms wrapping around him. She buried her head in his chest and stayed there for around 5 seconds, before taking off again. Nobody chased after her, they just let her be and continued meeting fans.
But when the second time in Osaka came around, Michael felt different. He had to find out who this girl is and why she was always there hugging them.
So this time he followed her, right out of the building, through a forest, over a bridge, down a long winding road until he found himself lost.
She would never be caught, she would never be found. But if they don't let go, they have nothing to look for.

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