A Hug, A Plane, A Death (on hold)

Calloused fingers, plane chairs, suicidal thoughts. All because he loved the girl with the green hair (Short story)


4. Kiss a boy on Amsterdam Bridge

She was crying in his arms when they found them, a long list of paper on the floor. 
    1.    "Kiss someone on Amsterdam bridge…
    2.    Carve a shape in a wheat field…"
It went on and on all the way up to 100.
   99. "Hug all members of 5 seconds of summer until they see my face.
   100. 1, 2, 3, jump"

That was the last one on the list that wasn't completed; all other 99 actions held a tick next to them.
Michael grabbed a pen and began to write.

"101: Fall in love
102: Go on a date
103: Be mine"
At the sight of number 103 she turned to face him, shock written all over her face.
He looked at the ground with embarrassment written all over his face. Hands stroking his cheeks, she looked at him expectantly.
He sighed, staring her straight in the eyes.
"I don't even know your name, but I do know that I'm in love with you, the girl with the green hair, and I want you to be mine,"
But as he began to lean in, she stood and ran, leaving Michael stranded on the floor next to her piece if paper. 
4 boys emerged from the trees, one of them running after the girl.
"NAOMI!" he screamed, calling after her. She stopped for a second, not turning to face the voice that bounced against the bark.
"Leave me alone Dan," she stated simply, before running back into the darkness.

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