A Hug, A Plane, A Death (on hold)

Calloused fingers, plane chairs, suicidal thoughts. All because he loved the girl with the green hair (Short story)


3. 1,2,3 Jump

Pushing the door open with everything she had, the girl with the green hair stepped into the room late. Faces, many faces, turned to look at her, pure hatred in all eyes but 8.
4 pairs of eyes looked in wonder at the beautiful girl whose face they could now see. It wasn't planned, it was an accident, and one she could never take back. They had seen her face. Her mission had failed. She could never, ever return.
The time had come.
Turning round is one fast movement, she ran from the building back the way she had come, along the curb and down the pavement, into the woods.
She knew exactly where to go yet she found herself lost.
A twig snapped behind her. Who was that? Nobody knew this part of the woods. It was hers.
Brushing it off as a rabbit, she walked onto the bridge and climbing on the ledge. Just like before, she spread her arms wide, but this time she had no intention of keeping balance.
"1,2,3, jump," she whispered under her breath. "1,2,3, jump."

1st Person Pov~
A sharp intake of breath followed this statement, but it was not from my mouth. I flinched at the sound, but I wouldn't turn back.
"1,2,3, jump" 
I inched forwards. The end is near. The end is beginning.
I closed my eyes.
One more step
I leaned forwards.
A hand wrapped around my wrist.
"What are you doing?"
I turned to find myself in the company of…
Michael Clifford?

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