mon bien-aimé

Avianna is the sister of Harry Potter. She grew up with a pure-blooded family who were best friends with her mother. What happens when she goes to Hogwarts in 5th Year and doesn't connect with her brother. When the world shes known crashes around her and she's left holding onto the one person she loves........ Draco


1. Chapter One

"AVIANA POTTER! YOU GET DOWN THESE STAIRS RIGHT NOW!" My foster mother screamed. She loved me very much..... except when I was making trouble. I froze in my spot. Being only 15 and climbing through a window at 5am just before you start a new school isn't the best idea.  I walked slowly down the stairs and there stood my 'mother' and 'father'.

  "Young lady, we have been so worried. You could of been killed, you have heard the rumors about you-know-who. What if they are true!" My mother worried. 

Ah yes! I have some explaining to do. You see when my birth parents were murdered I was sat next to my twin brother Harry. When they passed away Harry was taken god knows where and I was brought here....... to Mr and Mrs Rosier. Two lovely pure-blooded wizards. They have taught me many things to do with magic throughout my life but recently decided I would be safer at Hogwarts. I have lived my life in secret and it's time to announce myself to the world. No more hiding. 

"I'm sorry mother, I won't do it again. It's just the lake looked so beautiful in the nightlight. I couldn't help but go for a swim." I lied my butt off. I was not tempted by the water of the grand lake of Rosier but tempted by the fire whiskey Draco Malfoy had in the woods.

Yes me and Mr Malfoy became secret friends over the years. He has always known me as Aviana Rosier like everybody else. He thinks I am a high class pure-blood who's family is neutral during the war. 

I want to keep it like this, but I don't want to hide who I am. When I go to Hogwarts and Draco finds out who I really am he will hate me. He has told me all about his and Harry's hate for each other.  I never stick up for Harry, I mean I don't know him at all. He might be exactly how Draco describes. Yet U have to wait and find out. I went back up to my room after being excused by my mum. I counted the Rosier's as my parents as I did not know my own. This is my family. I love it.  I looked at my packed trunk and sighed. To late to go to sleep now.  I rarely sleep anymore, due to the nightmares.  Screams of the innocent. My past is messy, unclean. 

--------------------------------- (platform 9 3/4)

"Bye mother, I promise to write" I smiled embracing my mum. She was a beautiful women, young and gorgeous.  "Bye daddy, take care of mum." I smiled. I was a daddy's girl. es I know he's not my real father but so what.  "I will darling, I hope you have a safe trip. Remember, you might be a Potter but you are one hell of a Rosier. I am proud to call you my daughter Miss Aviana Rosier-Potter." He smiled at me. The most kindhearted man I knew. I kissed his forehead and boarded the train, my little kitten Onx in his carry case.  I searched through the compartments until I found Draco. Always fashionably early.  "Hello D." I smiled greeting my friend.  "Hello Av, my the bags under your eyes are horrible. Did you sleep last night?" He asked kindly.  "Coming from you Mister. No I didn't. Thanks for last night. It helped." I smiled gratefully. He was the only one who knew about the nightmares. He often meets me late at night and we drink fire whiskey and laugh. I don't think I have slept in days.  We sat across from each other making small talk, and often laughing about stupid things.  I prayed that he would not be angry when he found out I was a Potter.  I loved this boy. He was my best friend. Soon we arrived at the lovely Hogsmede station. We were quick off the train, being sat next to the doors, and made our way to the carriages. I was on the look out for my brother, yet he had yet to show his face.  I didn't know what he looked like yet but I had a feeling I would know when I saw him.


Isn't the sorting something people look forward too. Well I think I'm going to throw up. Maybe it's the fire whiskey from last night that hasn't managed to leave my system. If I am in Gryffindor I will be able to get closer to Harry, Slytherin I will be closer to Draco, but Harry might hate me.  I waited for my name to be called. I was the only 5th year getting sorted so being surrounded by tiny first years made me stick out like a sore thumb. I was not enjoying it. Finally the last student was sorted into Ravenclaw and I knew it was my turn.  "This year we have a new student joining fifth year. Aviana Potter-Rosier" Professor McGonagall called my name. I heard muttering from throughout the hall. Everyone was told that Harry's twin died and only harry survived.

I stepped up and turned to face everyone,  "Not dead!" I smiled weakly. I caught the face of Draco and he looked shocked, not angry. Thank god. I walked over the the stool and the professor kindly put the hat on my head.

  'clever, very clever. you are full of courage, perfect gryffindor. yet your heart longs to prove yourself. you are devious i see. gryffindor will do benefit you, no. it will have to be .... SLYTHERIN!" The hat cheered.

I smiled widely and ran to the table my best friend was at. I failed to notice the sad green eyes following me to my seat.  I sat down after the cheering stopped and turned to Draco. Some ministry lady in all pink was speaking and paying attention meant effort. 

"You never told me you were Potter's sister." He whispered sounding kind of sad.

 "I wasn't allowed. I wanted to. Yet I had to live my life in secret, or death eaters may come after me. I'm sorry Draco. I don't even know my twin. You're my best friend, forgive me?" I smiled, pleading. 

"Of course I forgive you Av you are my right hand women, you aren't going anywhere. Even when Potter and you become close. No matter what." He smiled.

  "You're mon bien-aimé" I whispered. He smiled slightly and started to dig into all the food on the table." I caught the stare of a certain green eyed boy. Harry. He was looking very broken and ragged. I presume he saw me and Draco talking. I know he doesn't like him but he has to deal with it.  I smiled at him and he returned it before returning his focus to the curl haired girl. 

maybe Hogwarts will be okay after all.




so i have published 4 chapters of this book on quotev and it may take me some time before i publish those on here. 

I am thinking of releasing this book on the 1st of October.

So this is basically a taster. 

Please tell e if you like it or not as I need to know. 

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