All Aboard the Crews

I love WWE an here's one for ya!
CJ Crews is the sister to Apollo Crews an she's the newest female superstar coming from NXT. Tyler Breeze has been up in the main roster for a while, both him an CJ like each other but will Apollo or the rest of her family not let them be together.


2. Chapter One

I was racing down the hall to the gorilla. I have a match against Carmella, since she was leaving to the main roster. I wished I was going to the Main Roster I came at the same time as my brother but Matt Bloom says I need more time in the ring. Everyone might think Carmella has to win cause then she has a win under her belt to the big roster. But tonight they said for us to put on a good show an whoever wins it won't upset the crowd alright maybe some but that won't let me feel down I have a belt to win in the horzon. 

"CJ!" I heard my brother yell my name, he was already in the main roster but his down here to see me win this match so I would be alright for lead this with Bayley and Asuka. 

"Sorry Apollo I don't have time to talk, got to do to the gorilla." I could see his face probably smiling and shaking his head at what a sister he has done so far.

During the match I did a British Bulldog and set up for my finisher a Single leg Boston but I call it SC (Sugar Crews). Daddy use to call me that growing up so I named a move after that. Carmella was screaming to get away but she finally tapped out. I let go and my Theme came on. 

(Theme: Here's to never growing up-Avril Lavigne) I always loved that song and when I got the call that I was going to be apart of the NXT roster that song aired so I thought hey might as while. After talking and taking pictures with fans I went to the back, 

"Hey lil sista!" Apollo said I smiled at my big brother even thou we are the same age his older by two months. I was about to go an change out of my gear when I heard a very familiar Irish voice, "Hey don't forget about my hug, lil lass!" I turned and saw Fergal aka Finn Balor with his arm open. I gave him a hug, he then turned around an I jumped onto his back. 

"You know I'll miss this Devitt." I said while he was walking me to my dressing room, he chuckled. "I know I'll miss you too lil lass." I giggled at my nickname, since I was Apollo's sister and my brother calls me lil sista his friends call me different names with lil in front of it.

Camella- lil fab

Bayley-lil hugger

Enzo- lil cuppa (I always loved when he said cuppa haters so he says this)

Cass- lil footer (Since his the 7 footer and I'm like twice his size)

Becky- same as Finn lil lass

Sasha-lil buck

Sami- lil fire cracker (he likes that I'm sweet one minute but if you mess with me I get pissed off the next)

Kevin- lil fighter

I always love my friends even thou they are going away. 

"CJ you have a note from a guy!" Brittany said, she's one of the new make-up artist here in NXT. I smiled and took the note and we walked in my dressing room. 

"CJ can you read that later, mom and dad is back at the hotel waiting for us." I sighed and looked at note. 

"Alright I'm going to get changed and then we can go." He nodded and began to talk to Finn.

Later that night!!!

After getting done with a late supper with mama and dad, I was in my room. Apollo and I shared an apartment. Soon it will be just me, alone but that's fine. 

"Alright Cassandra I'm going to bed. See you in the morning, get ready for one of my work outs!" I smiled at my brother an gave him a hug. 

"Night bro!" he closed my door an I was just about to hit the hay when I remembered the note Brittany gave me, so I grabbed my bag got the note out and it read.

Hello Beautiful,

I have been thinking of what to tell you and how to tell you how I feel, but nothing is right for me. So I will write it out and tell you this.

You're generous, beautiful, gorgeous smile and love your personality. You're just the girl for me, I hope I'm the one for you.

So you can think of who I am here's a hit. I feuded with your brother in NXT and I almost made him tap. Hope you have a good night sleep or a good day.


After rereading this note I couldn't think of anyone that wrote this to me. My brother had many feuds in NXT. So I put away the note and went to bed and thought I would ask Bayley since she's my best friend.

After waking up an getting to the center to train with Apollo. Bayley came in with her polka dotted cup from starbucks probably has coffee or hot tea today, she changes it all the time.

"Hey Bayley!" I said from inside one of the rings. 

"Hey CJ! You're here early as usual." I smirked an nodded toward my brother, she giggled an went to the locker room. 

"Hey Apollo could we take five. I have to ask Bayley sometime!" he nodded an I crawled out of the ring.

"So what do you think. Do you have an idea of who wrote this!" she was smiling from ear to ear. 

"Yeah I definitely know who this is." I was wanting her to tell me but she handed me back my letter and started going through her duffle. 

"Bay, who wrote this to me. Atleast tell me a guess or something." She gave me a look. She looked like Tyler Breeze. 

"Dude what's up with that face. You look like Prince Pretty." She started jumping up and down. 

"NO WAY!!! He wrote this, you're lying." I knew she wasn't lying but I just wanted to know. 

"Nope I'm not CJ. He told me to keep it a secret til he did something so I just did." I rolled my eyes and walked out the locker room. 

"CJ please stop!" she yelled I just kept on walking, out the door and got into Apollo's SUV. Lucky Apollo knew I was pissed an he followed with me and started the car. I didn't know why I was pissed off I just was, I liked Tyler but I guess I was afraid of what Apollo would do. So I was pissed of what he would do and say.


Hope you like the first chapter of this story. School manly Math is kicking me in the butt so please bear with me when updating. 

Have a nice an gorgeous day!!!!

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