My Story

Tough life decisions, childhood flashbacks and haunting memories. What more? :D


2. Buddy

My school life was a nightmare. I wasn’t the cleverest of people. No, not me! I was constantly picked on and teased about my looks and my dyslexia. To be fair, I can see why I was an easy target; I was a stout short kid who had ripped jeans and a Winnie the pooh bag. That itself was bad enough, but it got worse. My mum everyday would walk me to school herself. The shame! I know now that she just wanted to protect me and see me in safe, but at the time, walking to school with her was torture. I remember so vividly, the cat calls and the jeering as I walked into school every morning. But my classmates were sneaky, they used to make sure they were near me most and not my mum so she had no clue what was going on. Now I look back and think ‘Why didn’t I just tell my mum?’ Honestly, I don’t know!

Wait… I think I might have an old diary somewhere which my mum forced me to write so I could remember everything that happened. Ah! Here it is! Hidden away at the back of my cupboard. I used to love that diary so much! It kept me company through the cold winter months when the snow fell fast and there was no chance of me going out. I wrote all my thoughts and feelings in there! All my fears and everything that happened at school.I kept writing in it every day until my older brother stole it and read everything! I stopped writing after that.

But I found this again to put in this book a snippet which gives you an insight on my life as a child. It sounds all good coming from me, but with my old age I do not remember all the little details. So, here it is…

14th April 1937

It’s my birthday today! I’m going to be 10! Finally into two digit numbers at last. This morning my mummy bought me a puppy! The sweetest little thing. He has brown fur and a little white spot around his eye, I’ve named him Buddy. I went downstairs this morning very slowly in my pajamas and bunny slippers, resisting the urge to leap and bound and skip and wake everyone up. I went into the kitchen to see my presents and found… There was none? But then I heard a little whimper from under the kitchen table. I gasped in shock! I bent down to pick up the little ball of fluff but he backed away further under the table. I crouched down onto the floor and lay there for a second letting him get used to me. He glanced at me with his massive blue eyes and cautiously wobbled towards me. He came over and sniffed me on the face and then gave my hand a big lick! I wrapped my arms around him carefully to pick him up and this time he stood still with a calm look on his face. I picked him up ever so slowly and snuggled him into my chest. He let out a contempt sigh and burrowed deeper into my arms and fell asleep there and then.I looked in admiration at him and breathed in his beautiful scent.

“Surprise!’ Shouted my parents at the doorway.

The poor pup got spooked and jumped right out of my arms back under the kitchen table. I moaned that they were too loud and had scared the puppy and I got sent up to my room for insolence. Great! I will report to you later how my birthday went as I need to go to school now.



Good old days! But as far as I can remember, at school, Buddy did not bring up my popularity points!


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