Be My Escape

This is for the Heartbreak competition, uhm, this is my first actual book and competition. >.< HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!! 0.0
This is a story about a girl, that is heartbroken in many ways. She can relate to a lot of people. She doesn't have the best life or even a happy life...She gets bullied among other things. THIS WON'T be your cliche kind of book where it's Prep meets shy girl, or prep and emo girl, prep and something girl. Or anything. It's a deep story for me and I hope you can see the emotion and see that the character is just like you and me in a way.

(sorry for the bad description >.<)


5. ~Chapter 4 Stand In The Rain~






When I got up from my bed and slipped silently out of my bedroom into the hallway. Which is something that comes naturally to Jace and I. If we'd get caught...who knows what they'd do. I gently knocked on his bedroom door, "Jace, may I come in?" I could hear muffled sniffling behind the door, and I immediately knew that he was crying into his pillow. Him, the strong one; crying into his fucking pillow. That's when I knew something terrible had happened that I don't know about....YET. I walked over to the side of his bed, and whispered, "Hey...I'm here Jace." I started rubbing his back gently. Like a mother would and should do when their child is crying; but of course my mother probably went back out to wherever she normally goes at 11 o' clock on a monday night. The bar maybe? A boyfriends? A lover? She'd never cheat on dad though. He'd flip mega shit if she would ever cheat on him. But then'd make sense on why she's never here and why they are constantly fighting more then usual all of the sudden. 

Jace, brought Skylar out of her thoughts and asked for a tissue. She handed him one and asked,"What's wrong?" 

"Well, I don't know..." He trailed off as he blew his nose.

"Are you sure?"


"Do you want to talk about it?"

"I-I d-don't know...."

She's never seen Jase stutter before. Well, not when talking to her anyway.

"Honey, what's wrong?" 

" don't know..." 

"'s okay. I'm here. I'll protect you. We'll survive this together. You and me."

"R-really?" He asked in between sniffles.

"Of course really. We are a team and as cliche' as it sounds, teams do have to stick together." 

He chuckled a little, and hiccuped.  

"You, hiccup are ri-hiccup ight. That i-hiccupi is cliche'." After holding his breath for a long time; Jase and I fell asleep together. Me holding him because I was still surprisingly taller then him but not by a lot anymore. 

I am still curious as to what he was so sad about...hmmm......





Jase and I woke up to his alarm that was flashing 4:30 am. I got up and turned it off, and set it for 6am; I had to get up and "make my bed", shower and change, make my parents lunches because they're too lazy to make their own. 




"Hey slut!" Veronica Williams said as she slammed me into the lockers. How did no one see this?! I already have too much shit going on already!!



Author's note thingy`

Okay, so I know you guys want the backstory on her family life, and parents and what is wrong with her family. How are they so mean? Why are they so rude? What happened to Jace? Is it physical abuse? Verbal? 


Whale! To get you interested in the story; think about this.

Is there really something going on in this house?

Is it all in her head? I mean what if it's like Luke's stories where the craziness is all in their heads.

Are they physically abusive? 

Are they ACTUALLY abusive, or just rude?

Is their mother really cheating? Or is THERE GONNA BE A BIG PLOT TWIST???

What happened to Jace?

Does Skylar self harm? Because I'm getting a self harmy vibe.

Is this going to be another cliche' book?


Is Skylar crazy? Honestly, she could be one of those girls that lie about being abused and all.



Do you like the story?

What are your thoughts?



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