Be My Escape

This is for the Heartbreak competition, uhm, this is my first actual book and competition. >.< HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!! 0.0
This is a story about a girl, that is heartbroken in many ways. She can relate to a lot of people. She doesn't have the best life or even a happy life...She gets bullied among other things. THIS WON'T be your cliche kind of book where it's Prep meets shy girl, or prep and emo girl, prep and something girl. Or anything. It's a deep story for me and I hope you can see the emotion and see that the character is just like you and me in a way.

(sorry for the bad description >.<)


2. ~Chapter 2~ A Trophy Father's Trophy Son (Daughter in this case)






When Skylar got to class, after the bell rang, it was 6th period. She was relieved that they only had 7 periods for the  whole school day. As she was walking, a freshmen bumped into her. "Sorry!!" She just kept walking to her class, which was World History, with Mr. Geller. As she walked in, she felt like everyone was watching her, and not just because of the way she looked. With her black tank top and black shorts. She knew that they weren't looking at her the way they did with Aleah Sharp. 

Aleah Sharp, was the cliche popular girl. With the all the money, boys and loyal groupie, or so called minions.She gets good grades because she is actually smart. She plays on almost all of the sports teams, and she sings of course. A











Today was as boring as usual. I got home and Jason was sitting on my bed looking scared. Which is really weird and it scared me because Jason's not one to be afraid of anything. And he's only 10. But then again, with our family's dysfunctional-ism.....Anyway, Taylor, when I asked him what was wrong, he just told me that it was dad. That dad was the cause of why he was so scared. He didn't give me an explanation, as to what he means, but I figured that it'd be better to not ask and to not know, then to actually find out. Jase will probably tell me when he's ready, we're the closest ones in our family. Even though my parents are the way they are, it's surprising that they're still together and that they don't get along. Since they're both physiologically messed up. I can't say too much just in case one or both of them decides that it'd be fun to go through my stuff. I'm going to buy a flash drive and I'm going to type all of this out and write it. Just so that I know that I have a spare.


In soon to be 2 years, I'll be 18 and I'll have enough money to buy and have enough money to move Jason and me out of this hell hole. I am sick and tired of living here. It's driving me insane, and that is not being cliche. I'm tired of the fighting. I'm tired of the sadness. I'm tired of the anger. I'm tired of the treatment here. I'm tired of being paranoid and trying to look for the hidden meanings of their words. I'm tired of being scared.I'm tired of having Jason witness things he shouldn't even see or hear or anything. At 10 fucking years old! I can't stand it anymore sometimes!

I'm sorry, I need a moment to calm down......


Skylar Anderson 2016


Skylar went to walk laps around her house, since she couldn't and wouldn't ever leace Jason alone. Not with her parents soon coming home from work. She did laps around the house as something to clear her head and to get in the right mind set. So that her mind would be "fresh" for whatever was going to happen tonight. Things of course didn't use to be this bad. They were bad, but now they're worse and it wasn't because Jason was born. He wasn't even an accident because my parents were planning to have another child anyway. Skylar never understood why, since in some ways they don't pay attention to him. In other ways they paid too much attention to him. But it was the same for them both so it's not like he was the "promise child" or favorite one.


Just as Skylar was on her 5th lap around the house. She heard a car pull into the drive way. She quickly went inside and started preparing spaghetti. As she was putting the noodles in the a bowl over the stove. She heard her father come in. "Hello, Skylar." 

She tried not tense up. "Hello. how was your day?" 

Skylar had to be the mom and the sister and the role model in this family. The mom for Jason and the sister and role model for him too. She was basically the wife too. Since she did all the cooking, cleaning and questioning about everybody's day. 

"It was fine. Where's your whore of a mother? Shouldn't she be home? Cooking."

"I think she has to work late tonight." 

What was funny was that Skylar's mother works as a social worker. As in Child Protection Services. And yet, her mother cannot see that her own family is fucked up.

"That slut is probably with her boyfriend of hers." 

Now Skylar knew to not say anything, because what could she say? What good would it do to defend her mother? Even though they all knew that she wasn't cheating on their father. The last time she tried to defend her mother, they both came at her. Her mother, scorning her for, "Being so stupid. To think that her father would even believe her. Even though she's not even cheating." And her father calling her a liar and giving her a black eye. You'd think that her mother would've at least cleaned Skylar up, but she didn't. She just stood there and shook her head in disapointment and disgust. She could only rely on her brother, but she didn't tell him that of course. She never even hinted that she relies on him for her strength. That if anything would ever happen to him. She doesn't know what she would do or how much damage it'd cause.


The sound of her mother's voice brought her back from her daze. She was glad that she knew how to make spaghetti without having to concentrate, or she'd be in BIG trouble. 





Sorry that the chapter is so short >.< I had half writer's block. 

I also never got a reply on what kind of vivid you mean. So please tell me what you want, so that I can make this story better for you!!!





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