I'm sorry

I wanted to do it all the right way. Wait till marriage, finish college, and never have unrealistic expectations. I should have just stuck with the plan.


4. Learning

​Paige POV: We get to his room and we go in and half of it is a total mess and the other half is clean like no one even lives on that side he walks to the clean side and says sorry I should probably check and see if Zayn is even alive anymore I haven't seen him in like two weeks. I say the prompt and he says right and he goes through his stuff and says do you want to go out to eat and I say no I'm okay and he says I'm just really hungry but I want to work on this paper and I say yeah I don't really go out to eat and he says what why then what do you eat and I say I go to my moms house and he says oh and I say don't you go to your moms house sometimes just for a break and he says my parents live in Ireland and I say oh. He gives me the paper and I start reading over it and I say how old are you and he says I'm twenty two kind of got a late start had to work more to pay it off and I say I heard you had a football scholarship and he says no I had one but I didn't want to go to school and I say oh and he says Liam is twenty two and I nod and I say I know he is dating Megan who is my roommate step sister and best friend and he says oh and I say but he is almost doesn't he and he nods and I say why are you in my classes and he says I don't even know what I'm going for and I look at him and I say uh you are going for child psychology and psychiatry and he says oh. I say anyways and he says do you want to go and I say to my dorm yes and he says no out and I say no I'm sorry and he sighs and I take a breath and I say I can make an outline for you but you have to fill in everything else and he nods and I say okay and I say actually study please and he nods and I leave with some of his stuff.

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