I'm sorry

I wanted to do it all the right way. Wait till marriage, finish college, and never have unrealistic expectations. I should have just stuck with the plan.


1. Error

I scream STOP and I start breaking down and I sink to the floor and I say I can't do this anymore. So let me start from the beginning it all started when I was taking a test in class, sounds pretty stupid I know, all I ever wanted was to be a teacher I actually wanted to do something with my life prove to my family you can do it. So I was taking my test and the professor slams her book down and says Miss. Diller and I am writing an answer down and she walks over to me and says Miss. Diller and I look up at her and I say m-me and she says yes you and people quietly laugh and she says plagiarism is a serious offense in the literary world young lady and I say what and she says Miss. Vandycke what did you tell me. Alright pause for a second let me tell you a little something about this bitch Miss. Vandycke she is the popular girl ya know the one that even the teachers believe the shit pouring out of their mouth her boyfriend is also all star football player Niall Horan which he is only in school for football he is not really an academic but anyways. She stands up and says only the truth and the professor says which is what and she says while I was helping Niall with his essay Paige copied my essay which was sitting on the printer and turned it in as her own and I say no I I didn't I swear I would never. Celine says Mrs I would never lie and I sit there and she says Paige is a liar you know what her family comes from and the professor takes my test and I say ma'am and she says you are out of my class for the next forty eight hours and you are writing your own essay go and I get up and Celine says I hope you find the error in your ways and I turn around in the doorway and I say I hope you found out who gave you herpes and Niall looks up at her and Jake sinks down and the professor yells GO.


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