I'm sorry

I wanted to do it all the right way. Wait till marriage, finish college, and never have unrealistic expectations. I should have just stuck with the plan.


8. Disaster in the dark

We are sitting at the counter two hours later and I say sorry about the generator and he says no its fine and I say sorry we don't have real dishes and he laughs and says Paige its really okay and I nod and we are eating cereal. He says so why didn't you stay doesn't your mom live in England and I shrug and I say I guess she moved back to Ohio I don't know no one really tells me anything and he says Ohio and I nod and I say that's where I am from and he says then why are you here and I say my dad moved here when he and my mom got divorced (sorry by the way Niall is twenty three not twenty two I messed up and Paige is nineteen) and when Hilary became president that's why he lives in a house with no fans no AC no heat time limits on water and electricity curfew and a generator I think he went to get solar panels and he nods. I say so what did you want to go to school for and he says I don't really know to be honest aren't you going to go to school here and I shake my head and the generator goes out and it gets dark and I take a breath and he says are you alright and I say I'm just afraid of the dark and he says oh and I slowly walk over to the generator and I kick it and it makes a weird noise and I sigh and say guess that means its time for bed and I put my bowl in the sink and he says um Paige and I am heading up the stairs and I say you sleep in my room and he follows me.

Niall POV: we go up to her room and I say what is your phone plugged into and she says my speakers and I say is it plugged in and she shakes her head and says no its batteries why and I say I was just wondering and I say Paige and she says yeah and she is getting stuff out of her closet and I walk over to her and she is facing away from me and says just so you know I have never and I say do you want to and she looks at me and slowly nods. There is a knock downstairs right when I go to kiss her and she says hold on okay and I nod and she goes downstairs. *twenty minutes goes by* and she comes back upstairs and she says someone got this letter of mine and I say whats for and she starts opening it and she says its from my grand-and she is reading and it stops and I say what. She looks at me and sits on her bed and she says its its a check and I look at her and she says from my grandmas accountant and I say what and she says for two million dollars and I say what. She says my my grandma died and I say oh and she says and she she sent me why.

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