The Penguin And His Lady

This will become sexual and intimate . I dont want to rush the story either so yes therr is a slow start .
You have just moved to Gotham and you have heard the stories and the rumours . You want a quiet life but end up with a notorious villain and start having very strong feelings .


5. Through A A Mother's Eyes

I looked up at the stage as a lady walked out and stood in front of the microphone. She was dressed in a very vintage green colour dress. She wore beads upon beads around her neck. Her hands full of rings and jewels. She had mousy blonde hair that was long and messy , it was clipped in to a bun at the top of her head. She smiled as she looked out to her audience. There were a few others dotted around but Oswald and I were right at the front. She flashed a smile towards Oswald as the music began to play slowly. She began to sing out of tune while looking at Oswald. But her smile remained and he was beaming at her.

"Isn't she darling" He said turning to me. Did he need his ears checked?

"Uh, Yes she is really good" I lied. She is awful. I can't listen to this all night. I took another few gulps of my Amaretto.

"I am glad you think so. She is my mother. If you had said no I might have had to have you killed" My eyes opened widely. Glad I chose the right answer!  His mother walked around the stage holding the microphone singing off keys for "Somewhere over the  rainbow" in a very distinctive accent. When her piece had finished. Oswald stood up and clapped enthusiastically. He seemed to be the only one encouraging her. I stayed seated and clapped also. I was afraid if I didn't then Butch would come behind me at any moment and slice my neck and put my head on a pike.

"Bravo Mother! Truly enchanting" He shouted. She curtsies and slowly exits the stage beaming from ear to ear.  For a cold hearted killer he sure had a warm heart for his mother. I smiled a bit as I remembered my mother. Her long hair and beautiful white smile. I longed to hold her again. Heaven took her to early. There is nothing like my mothers hug to make the world stop and the hurt go away. After she had gone. I wasn't a huggy and lovable person. I didn't want to be touched. I didn't want to be molly coddled. I still don't. I like my peace and my space.

"Come! "Oswald snapped and offered his hand to me.  I didn't say anything as I took his hand and he helped me up from my seat. He took my arm and linked it with his as he used his cane with his left. He didn't seem to limp as much with my support. 

"We have business to discuss. We will go in to the office at the back for some privacy. You never know if there are any eavesdroppers here" He said looking around the room . Staring at each individual carefully. My heart raced. Business? What could he possibly want from me? I eat takeaways at any chance I get. So I cant run, unless it was for chocolate then we may be able to compromise. I can't sing. And god forbid if he asks me to. Have you heard a distressed cat? Then that is what I sound like. And kill? I couldn't kill a spider that was in the apartment let alone a living human.

"Take a seat" Oswald said and pointed to a small chair that was opposite a very large pine desk with a rather large black leather chair. I sat down without saying a word. Millions of thoughts going through my  head. What did he want. He must have had a plan right from the beginning. He sat opposite me and once again interlocked his fingers on the top of the desk as if to assure me that he did not have any weapons on him.

"Sorry if I have frightened you Miss (Y/S). But I want to conduct business with you" He started as I nodded.

"You said you work for the GCPD. I need a favour from you and in return you can have a favour from me, granted that you do as I ask and do it quickly. I am a busy man and I do not like to be kept waiting". I knew it. If it gets him off my back then fine. Yes. Whatever. I just want to go home. I could feel myself slowly getting tired. Must of been the strong Amaretto's.

"And what is it you would like me to do" I asked. He pointed at me.

"Now I like how quickly you accepted." He sat up straight in his chair. 

"There are files in the GCPD that I want. I don't want photocopies, I don't want emails I want them in black and white. Ill give you the names tomorrow when you are working and I want to you bring them to me without any hesitation and without anyone seeing you. Now, if you need any help, an old friend of mine works with you. His name is Edward Nygma. I am sure he can vouch for you. He is very good at his work."  Great. Stealing paperwork on my second day and being involved with the weirdo guy in the lab coat. What am I getting myself in to. I rolled my eyes

"Done" I answered. He smiled and chuckled slightly. 

"Settled then. And can I ask what you wanted in return?". 

"We can talk about it when we go down that route Mr Cobblepot" I said.

"I like your way of thinking. Your car home is waiting for you outside. Ill have Butch forward me your address and number so I can alert you of what you need to do." He said as he stood up and outstretched his hand. I copied and took his hand in mine. 

"Nice to meet you Oswald" I said as we shook hands.

"Likewise" He answered. Butch walked through the door in to the office.

"Ready?" He asked. I quickly followed him out of the door and to a black car parked right outside the club.Butch opened the door for me as I got in. 

Once at the apartment I gave Butch my details and left in a hurry.I got in to my apartment and I dived on the bed. A million thoughts buzzing through my mind. Will I die if I don't do this? What if I get caught? What if I loose my job? 

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